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"The Mole" (2000)
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The best reality game-show ever made, 20 May 2001

The Mole leaves other "reality shows" like Survivor or Big Brother for dead.With its highly addictive combination of mystery, excitement, and viewer involvement in trying to figure out who is trying to sabotage all the missions, it's not to be missed.The missions are elaborate and very clever, and it's almost too long to have to wait between each weekly episode!The second last episode, in which the mole was finally revealed, and so was the winner and loser, and the final episode, where all of the mole's sabotage techniques were revealed, were simply brilliant.This really shows what monotonous viewing Survivor and Big Brother are.

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Not exactly thought invoking,but...., 25 February 2001

This film is a perfect target for such accusations as poor acting,poor script and poor directing,but people have to understand that these films aren't made to win academy awards.Do people really imagine that a film about bikini-clad girls on a beach is going to have an in-depth,intelligent script?Films like this are made for an hour and a half of fun,nothing more,nothing less.Melinda Armstrong is fantastic,by the way!

Cyborg (1989)
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One of my favorite'so bad it's good'movies, 12 November 2000

Inane dialogue,hilariously bad acting,cheesy music,bad special effects and Van Damme's over the top facial expressions all combine to create one of the most enjoyable unintentionally funny movies I have ever seen!We get our first unintended chuckle literally five seconds into the film with the opening narration;"First there was the collapse of civilisation,anarchy,genocide,starvation,and then when it seemed things couldn't get any worse we got the plague.The living death,then we heard the rumors that the last scientists were working on a cure that would end the plague and restore the world.Restore it?Why?I like the death!I like the misery!I like this world!!!"Absolutely hilarious!

There should be a law against Hollywood making horror movies., 10 November 2000

If anybody out there knows why the characters in these awful,Hollywood-drenched 'horror' movies are always too stupid to be alive,please let me know.Could anybody possibly be as stupid as the people in these "new age" horror movies?These days,horror movies are never about scares,they only exist to showcase the'latest hit from the charts'and the latest star from the cover of TV Hits;in this case,Sarah Michelle Gellar(gee,she can't act,I wonder why she was cast?)The release of Scream was possibly the worst thing to happen to hollywood since Sam J Jones.

The BEST X rated porno ever made!!!, 7 November 2000

Intense Perversions is a no nonsense X rated porno.It wastes no time with the usual flirting scenes,it's just hardcore action from literally the first minute to the last!And because it's rated X,you see way more than you would with your average R rated porno.A absolute classic...well,I think so anyway!

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Typical Z-grade action pic, 3 November 2000

Horrible acting,badly set-up scenes,laughable situations and clich'es from possibly five hundred other movies all combine to create this turkey.But what do you expect from a film with Sam J Jones(Flash Gordon)as the hero and Linda Blair as co star?

Gets worse with every show, 30 October 2000

This has to be one of the most poorly put together and cheap looking shows on television.Even the titles look cheap.Tim Ferguson tries desperately to liven up the proceedings,usually by saying things like"What you are about to see is the absolute lowest of lows,the bottom of the barrel.Now if I say it is bad and disgusting,that will only make you sit closer to your TV,so I'll just say it's good wholesome entertainment."The clip was of an enema competition.After the clip he just sat there with a blank expression on his face.

Most of the clips he shows are very tired and worn out,and they get worse every show.I advise you watch"Unreal TV-Adults Only".The format is nearly identical,and most of the clips are just as tired and worn out as Unreal Ads,but it is much more risqu'e.

"V.I.P." (1998)
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Lame brained but entertaining, 7 October 2000

V.I.P is quite possibly one of the most poorly made television shows in American history,right up there(or down there)with"Days of our lives",it has dialogue as lame as"Paradise Beach",action scenes that rival"Power Rangers"in their poor quality and storylines that are such obvious setups for gunplay(like a millionaire putting a price on his own head for anyone who can murder him,and then revealing to the team that it was all a setup to find out if they are"worthy adversaries")that are just laughable.And of course,Pamela's acting is just as convincing and believing as always.

However,V.I.P is strangely entertaining in a very dumb way.I just had to sit through the whole episode to see how much more stupid it would get.And it was fun!

All in all,V.I.P is definitely not a show that is intended to be taken seriously and thus does not try to hide its lameness.Its roots are clearly planted in fantasy,nothing more.

Not one of Scorsese's masterpieces, 20 September 2000

I didn't think Taxi Driver was as brilliant as it was made out to be.I had geat expectations of this film,as other teamings of Scorsese and De Niro such as Goodfellas,Raging Bull and Casino had been cinematic masterpieces,so obviously I thought this would be right up there with them.However,it just seemed to be a little empty.The storyline was a clich'e.The old 'Loner gets sick and tired of crime so he decides to clean up the streets'theme is something I would expect of a 'Death Wish' movie but not a Scorsese film.

There are many unanswered questions,like where does Travis go after the end of the picture?Back to life as normal?That is what is indicated,but it seems a little hard to believe after the events midway to the end.And we never really know why Travis decides to turn vigilante.We know he hates the 'scum' on the streets but we never learn why he takes the huge step of devoting his life to killing them.

The music in the film does not live up to its reputation.I have read in film reviews that Bernard Herrmann's score is"chilling" but it is nothing more than saxaphone music that sounds like a love theme from countless other films. The always fantastic De Niro is brilliant in his role,but his character would be more believable if he was more'depressed'.Here we have a guy that is generally a loser.He really doesn't have a life,lives day to day with little change, makes little money,and in the end,finds he has no reason to live.But he isn't totally convincing that he is depressed enough to want to commit suicide.

Taxi Driver does have its brilliant moments,but the film as a whole doesn't qualify as one of Scorsese's masterpieces.

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yaaawn, 2 September 2000

Body Chemistry 2 adds nothing of interest to the series,or rather this entire genre.A totally sleep inducing movie,you will find yourself overusing the fast forward button.The front cover says"Uncut version" and promises it is"even hotter than the original",even though there are no sex scenes whatsoever(no,I'm serious!)This movie contained one good line:"A person's sexiest organ isn't between their legs,it's between their ears!"

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