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Funniest movie since Dangerfield's 'Back to School'!, 9 April 2003

Reading the other review, I just had to post the opposing viewpoint. I am a 58-yr-old well-educated woman, so go figure...I just HOWLED at this movie, I had tears running down my face. Haven't laughed this much and so unexpectedly since Rodney Dangerfield's antics in 'Back to School'. The sight gags were dead on, the whole premise of the loser worshippers of N. Diamond was hysterical and milked to perfection, and the send-up of misogyny was perfectly done. Actually, these three hapless fools were just perfectly pathetic and loveable in their own ways. The acting was wonderful....Amanda Peet was wickedly funny, and all three male stars were equally crass and deliciously low-down. Jack Black as usual was unnervingly disgusting and real. Neal Diamond was a wonderful parody of himself, without being condescending...he fit the spirit of the movie to a 'T'. The ending was great, reminiscent of the 'feel good' ending of 'Back to School'. Whenever I feel blue, I watch this movie and just can't help laughing. Maybe it just wasn't British humor (referring to the previous review), but this is FUNNY stuff.

Spy Game (2001)
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Complex character-driven thriller, old vs. new, 7 June 2002

LOVED this movie! Unexpectedly complex, character-driven spy tale of a wily master spy about to retire after thirty years on the job, and the final challenge of his last day with The Company. Redford and Pitt were fascinating and believable. The cast of supporting characters was perfectly cast, from Larry Bryggman as the older spy-who-came-in-from-the-cold, to the new faceless agents bound to their desks, with no understanding of what it takes to win the game. Really a great story. I don't know why I am always surprised that Brad Pitt is such an affecting actor, but I was particularly blown away by the job he did in this film. Good stuff.

Unexpectedly gripping, watched it twice., 16 November 2000

Before posting this, I read 20 or 30 of the other posts, and wonder if the posters who thought it stunk were paying bills or something equally onerous while watching this terrific sci-fi flick.

What did I like? Vin Diesel was terrific, as was the actress who played the pilot. The creatures were pretty good, if reminiscent of Alien with the wide carapace heads. The different lighting to show the three suns effects was clever. The use of music heightened the nail-biting suspense. I never could foresee who would get it next. I felt the aridness of the landscape and thought the costume department did a great job of dressing people like real people dress.

It was a good escapist movie with a lot of clever and intriguing touches. Don't try to compare it with '2001' and you'll enjoy it just fine. Remember that when Terminator came out, Arnold was just another body builder doing muscle movies with grunts for dialogue. Every body has to start somewhere. I think Vin was terrific. Have also seen him in boiler room, where he also makes a lasting impact. Really enjoyed this movie.

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Belongs in Top 50 Dramas, 15 January 2000

Manchurian Candidate is, quite simply, the best political thriller of all time. I can't think of another that keeps me on the edge of my seat, even on the tenth viewing. The incredible script, Angela Lansbury's Dearest Mommy, the effective use of black & white film for a movie about issues that were anything but black & white--I could go on and on.

I know that most people rave about Ms. Lansbury above all the other cast members, but--for me--Frank Sinatra wins the prize hands down. His disbelief, and then his disillusionment, and then his despair are perfectly portrayed. There were really two Sinatras, the singer AND the great actor.

In watching The Manchurian Candidate again and again, I never cease to be amazed at its prescient theme, the danger of the combination of fanaticism and patriotic fervor. Goldwater's famous quote comes to mind, "Extremism in the defense of virtue is no vice". In my opinion, this film just gets better with age.