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Hey guys Dedee Pfeiffer shows a breast that's the best, 22 December 2002

recommendation I can give this movie.The plot has holes in it big enough to walk an elephant thru.The script ,acting & dialogue forget even the ending is dumb.I will say Carol Alt is fair as the rich murdering doublecrossing you know what and she has a nice body.Still the main recommendation is Dedee"s love scene and showing her breast.Which may be a first or if not she doesn't do it often

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More Sex Than Substance erotic yes sci-fi barely and as a, 22 December 2002

watchable movie not really unless watch most of it in fast forward.The opening erotic lovemaking scene tells you already forget the sci-fi it's just coating for some rather strange actions that the main character played by Grieco does.He is a pretty boy for the women viewers and that's it For the guys you get to see a lot of Maryam D'abo's body[it's nice] and some of Natalie Radfords body[also nice]So i give it two stars just for the nice bodies on the female leads.If you are looking for plot,acting good script etc Stay Away.

A decent little mystery style movie, 16 July 2002

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Contains Spoiler that will you keep you guessing about who is the bad guy and who is the good guy.Not to give away too much but Radha Mitchell is a young woman who runs a small dinner on the coast of Oregon. A quiet drifter enters and says he is being stalked by three guys posing as surfers. From here on the guessing of bad and good begins. the movie will keep your interest till almost the end. That is my major problem with the movie the ending.It just dosen't make a lot of sense plus Radha has been stabbed in the side and it's hard to believe with that wound she could do what she does.Overall it's worth watching and has good acting and decent script.

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Decent little murder thriller with twists & turns., 8 July 2001

those twists and turns should keep you a bit surprised at the end. this is sort of a hybrid movie a mix of slasher horror,mystery & drama.Its the tale of a sexy young coed staying on a farm with her just a friend male college buddy who is a bit strange & immature. later She is held hostage by two brothers one a deaf mute and maybe violent[a bit of Mice & Men]who are looking for a way out of the area. but all three are being stalked by another killer. David Carradine is the drunk cop on & off the case who in a drunk stupor figures it all out. Decent all around performance and a decent plot with a few cheap thrills throw in make this a viewable movie.

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The beauty and innocence of Renne Falconetti[joan] will stay with you and those eyes!, 27 August 2000

Eyes that you will never get out of your mind.This silent classic by Carl Dryer will also stay in your mind its unique camera angles quick cuts,starkness and close ups that will startle you.Based on the true transscripts of her trial the movie is almost an analogy to the trial and crucifixion of Christ.But don"t read about this movie go and see it.You will see a perfomance by an actress that may be the best even. A actress that never made another movie never got awards etc but in this movie it's like the spirit of Joan entered her. A moving perfomance to say the least. And those haunting innocencent eyes.

Nicole (1978)
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Catherine bach shows all her assets but her acting, 15 August 2000

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A cult favorite and big seller at the auctions and all because of catherines nude scene. the movie is about a rich neurotic almost psycho rich widow who likes to own things or people. Its a strange film with fade in fade outs flashbacks and parts that make no sense.Sort of a head movie style.Leslie Caron isn"t bad as the crazed Nicole and her dnacers body is still in good form for a 47 yr old lady. Bach enters the film about midway as the young innocent that Nicole takes under her wing.She dosn"t do much except look pretty.Her little girl high voice almost goes thru you.A bit later she has her famous nude scene and a quickie lesbian shot and is later killed off by Nicole who by now is really starting to lose it. All in all it will keep your interest but by no means is it classic or for that matter good filmmaking. Fair at best

Witchouse (1999) (V)
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Not one of Full Moons better efforts a few good scenes but overall a fair video, 14 April 2000

One of the few Full Moon videos that fails in all areas.Most of their movies have interesting characters good atmoshere, some blood &gore a bit of sex and nudity etc. Witchouse first off looks like a set, not a real place, the characters aren't fleshed out and the scares are no where to be found.The gore is very mild and dosn't come close to looking real. The only interesting scenes are a couple of what looks a view into hell they are weird.

Possession (1981)
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A horror movie that dares the viewer to think, 8 April 2000

A intelligent horror movie is somewhat of an oxymoron, but this is more then a horror movie. It is a movie that plays on many levels and provokes the viewer to think about what is happening.the perfomances are top notch Isabelle Adjanni has such fluid motion, her scene of possession in the subway passage is almost like a ballet.Sam Neill is also excellent as the husband posessed by love for his wife. Heinz Bennet is top notch as the other lover of Anna his perfomance will send shivers up your spine.In a way he reminds me of Hannibal Lecter from Silence of the Lambs. the ending to me was very thought provoking and unexcepted will have you scatching your head in bewildenment. I only saw the cut U.S. version I understand the longer uncut version is much better.

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Interesting movie that gets one to think about belief and faith, 3 April 2000

Fabian gives a good perfomance as a drifter/junkie who with the help of a evangelist preacher/promoter rises to stardorm as a singer of gospel style music.thousands of young kids believe in him, but he has demons of his own to destroy. movie does have some slow spots but over all it will make you think about your beliefs in people. They are not always what they seem. the ending is a surprise. you may have to search for this movie but it you find it pick it up.

Anguish (1987)
Madman shoots movie patrons right out of todays headlines, 7 March 2000

Not as bad of a movie as i was expecting and the theme of a madman being influenced by the movie[which we learn hes seen many times] and goes on a shooting rampage hits very close to home with all the H.S. violence etc and the recent shooting spree in pittsburgh. Not for the weak hearted gross in many spots but the ending is a surprise. a movie ahead of its time considering whats been going on on the the real world.