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The Crossing (2000) (TV)
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Excellent Start, 15 January 2000

Good movies covering the Revolutionary War are few and I'd be surprised how many of any value are out there. I enjoyed the acting and excellent representation of all the historical figures in "The Crossing".

I'm juxtaposed to the stand that one viewer represents because there is no way to sugarcoat war, pretend that brutality didn't exist, nor disguise any profanity with "oh piffles". All things considered, it wasn't at all anything like the way other wars were portrayed.

Just remember to turn the TV off when little ones are around, or video tape it so you can watch it when they are asleep. To create an historical slice of life and portray it in a whitewashed manner would be an injustice and totally inaccurate. Not to mention the incorrect perception that older youth will get as to what war is all about. That would be the biggest lie of all.