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A very funny theater work taken to the cinema., 28 August 2000

A movie adaption of the theater tragicomedy written by Pedro Muñoz Seca. An story of honor, traition and vengeance in the Spanish Midage. The film, shot with theatrical appearance, tells the story of Don Mendo (Fernando Fernán Gómez), who is traitioned by his lover Magdalena. She will marry Don Pero (Juanjo Menéndez) and sentences Don Mendo to death so he can´t tell the truth about their relationship. When Mendo sees the light and the traition of Magdalena, he can't talk because he gave her his word of honor of keeping secret all their affair. Then he swears to take vengeance on Magdalena. Helped by his friend Moncada, Mendo escapes putting a dead man in his place starting a new life as a minstrel. Later, in the court of King Alfonso (Antonio Garisa), all the characters of the history get together and the vengeance can take place.

The cast has great actors of the spanish theater an cinema of it's time, and the spirit of the original book is held. Some verses are omited and a few new ones are included to translate the theater to the movie.

The story is very, very funny. Continuosly shows games of words, decontextualizations, and references to the classics of the Spanish theater ("Romancero" and Golden Century) or Shakespeare (Hamlet), with a very well worked script thatr makes this one of the funniest theater works ever written and a funny film.

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The first movie of a promising film maker., 19 January 2000

A man immobile in a wheel-chair at his last moments of life, remembers his glorious days when he was chief detective of the electrodomestic's trade mark "Prim" and a consumed dancer filled with rhythm. He takes back to his memory his best case: The recuperation of the "centrifugator 2000" and why his dancing wasn't the same after this case.

It´s the first movie (short) by Javier Fesser, starred by his fetish actor Luis Ciges. Very funny; technically perfect; with his characteristic color, illumination and frames (that allows to identify Fesser's advertising works). The sound track is another important part with the swing of Louis Amstrong marking "that little rhythm" of Luis Ciges' dancing steps.

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Pure surrealism., 19 January 2000

Many convergent histories to a lost place in the middle of nowhere: A man escaped from a psychiatric, two E.T. lost in the Earth, an E.T. hunter working in the construction, a train, and P. Tinto, a man who ever knew what his life was going to be, frustrated by his fallen attempts to make his own family.

Just Fesser's point of view, his gallery of freaks, and the great presence of Luis Ciges filling the screen.