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Laura (1944)
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One of my top 10 favorites, 6 August 2005

I love everything about this film beginning with the name, the haunting musical theme, and moving on to the actors, the plot, and the settings. This film for me epitomizes 1040's film-making. The musical theme is wonderful and has become a classic, played to this day by dance bands and orchestras. Actress Gene Tierney is beautiful - truly a women to commit murder for. The settings, the stage decor, is marvelous - I often wonder if people really lived in apartments like those depicted in the film. And the acting - although a bit campy by today's standards, it still holds up. Finally, I am attached to the title since Lora is my wife's name - whenever we go to a restaurant with a pianist, I request that they play the theme from 'Laura".

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One of the top 10 movies I have seen, 1 September 2002

I have just now seen the film again on TV and I'm moved the way I have been before - the closing sceen of the 'trial' at the boarding school, the speech by Pacino, is one of the best in cinema in my limited experience. It is no wonder he won an Oscar for his performance.

Not as good as the first two, 4 August 2002

While I am a big Mike Myers fan, as I was leaving the theatre I felt that he had just plain run out of material when writing this film. On the other hand, I needed to watch the first two films at home before I truly began to appreciate Myers' wit. Perhaps I'll like this one better if I see it several times. There was much less of a story line compared to the last films.

I don't know who the targeted audience was, but to me the over abundance of scatological jokes became boring quite quickly. I feel that its a shame that this, his least worthy Austin Powers flick, grossed more the first week than the original film grossed in its entire existence.

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Totally predictable cliche, 16 July 2001

This was boring. I couldn't believe how typecast the characters were. Each scene felt as if it were cut short or compressed into a small time frame so that the story could be told. What a waste of time! The acting was wooden and none of the characters were believable.

Best Sci Fi War Movie...Ever., 22 January 2000

Starship Troopers redefines war. In an ongoing struggle versus the "bugs," Jonny Rico saves the world and his hair does not move the entire movie. It seems to be glued in place . The movie revolves around killin bugs those damn bugs! The movie has many strange features to it like the "super guns" the main characters have, which can mow down rows of the creepy crawlers and the standard issue guns the regular grunts have, which have minimal effect on the insect populace. Our heroes live communist world which resembles a very possible future. They live in South America but they speak perfect English and no Spanish whatsoever. Most of the movie does not make sense or have a "plot," but a movie does not need that to be great. What make this movie great is its amazing amount of violence and occasional sex. The movie is dumb and so stupid its funny, but that is what makes it great. After you see it once you will want to run through your house screaming "C'mon you apes, do ya wanna live forever?!" and "Do you get me soldier?" Read the book, you just may learn something.

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A Great Movie, 17 January 2000

A cult classic. This movie has comedy for the whole family. Some people thought that it was a horrible movie about an over used SNl skit. Some people are fools. The dance scenes are better than the ones from Saturday Night Fever. Buy the movie or your life is not worth living. Also get the great soundtrack.