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The Border (1982)
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Outstanding portrayal of real events, 19 January 2000

This has got to be one of Jack Nicholson's finest acting jobs. His portrayal of an emotionally unsatisfied Border Patrol agent stuck trying to find peace within himself is riveting to watch. The soundtrack is outstanding also with that simple truth " you can lose more than you hope to gain on the other side of the border".

Resting Place (1986) (TV)
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above average performances for all involved, especially G.D. Spradlin, 13 January 2000

As usual, Hallmark Hall of Fame has done an outstanding job of presenting the factual events of the times. Our world is not always a pleasant place, but as these events show, truth and right generally prevail. I like the fact that this experience was an education for all involved, especially John Lithgow's character.