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The Wraith (1986)
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It's Sherilyn Fenn, for crying out loud!, 31 March 2000

The Wraith is a fairly typical mid-1980s teen movie, with the twist of a revenge-seeking ghost. It's kinda neat seeing the bad guys get their due, and it has a nice happy ending.

But who really cares about any of this...? The movie has Sherilyn Fenn in it - - 'nuff said. She's great (as usual), and Charlie Sheen is alright as well. Highly recommended, but mostly just for Fenn fans.

Score: 7

Spring Awakening (1994) (TV)
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Nice Family Movie, 1 March 2000

I only watched Spring Awakening because I wanted to see another film with Sherilyn Fenn. Ordinarily, I wouldn't have come close to a movie like this. It was a Waltons-like drama about the relationship between a riverboat captain and the daughter of a well-to-do family in late 1800s (?) Nebraska.

It was a Hallmark movie, so it was family fare that the kids could watch without seeing anything bad. The performances were fine, especially those by Fenn and Jamey Sheridan. Things were sewn up nicely at the end.

I'm giving this film a score of 7, but in reality it deserves a 5. Sherilyn gives it a couple extra stars. If you're into The Waltons or a Sherilyn Fenn fan, you should see this movie. Otherwise, missing it won't change your life one bit. One thing I would like to know is why Fenn's chest is so big in this movie. I'm thinking it must have been some sort of costume problem, because she looked as big as Dolly Parton, and she hasn't been that big before or since this movie (at least in anything I've ever seen). Strange......

Just Write (1997)
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Great Movie! (and it's not a chick flick!!!), 29 February 2000

I rented Just Write for Valentine's Day, largely due to the reviews I read on this site (my adoration of Sherilyn Fenn had a little impact, also...). Most people thought it was a great date movie.

You know the basis of the story if you've read the summary, so I won't repeat it here. Jeremy Piven, from TV's short-lived Cupid, plays the bus driver whose favorite actress is Amanda Clark (wonderfully played by Fenn). He brings the same appeal he did to Cupid - - funny and down-to-earth. He really makes you pull for his character.

Sherilyn Fenn has one of the best roles of her career, even though it may not be much of a stretch (an actress playing an actress). She looks absolutely wonderful and, while I don't know what Sherilyn's like personally, gives Amanda such warmth and sincerity that it's hard NOT to fall in love with someone like her.

The two of them have a really nice chemistry together. I wanted to see more of them as a couple. There were some nice supporting characters who added a lot to the story. There was the typical misunderstanding, but it was resolved in a nice way. Some reviews have stated that it was unrealistic for a famous movie star to fall for a guy like this, but I don't view that as a negative. First, all good romantic comedies have similar problems (Pretty Woman, Notting Hill, Sleepless in Seattle - - how realistic are they!?); they all resolve them in an interesting way, just like this movie does. Second, I enjoy putting myself in a movie ("How would I react in this situation?"), and this one allowed me to pretend that I was pursuing Amanda/Sherilyn - - that's what movies are for!

In summary, (guys) don't view this as a chick flick just because it involves a love story. It's every bit as good as those I mentioned above. Rent this movie with someone you love and enjoy the ride. I actually watched it again the next day, and even fast-forwarded through it a third time to watch just the scenes between Piven and Fenn. It's special. My score: 10

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Not bad, and it stars Sherilyn!, 10 February 2000

The Assassination File, starring several familiar faces from TV, was a pretty good political mystery/thriller. I found Sherilyn Fenn believable as a former FBI agent who has to eventually find out who killed a presidential candidate she was responsible for guarding.

The supporting characters did a good job with their roles; I was never sure who was trustworthy, which is a plus with who-done-it movies.

I found myself wanting the story to go on after the conclusion because I really cared about the main characters. I think Sherilyn Fenn (Twin Peaks, Boxing Helena) is probably the most beautiful actress working, so I may be a little prejudiced, but I thought she did a great job in this film. I liked it (and her) enough to rent some more of her older films to see.

Score: 7

Julia Roberts has never been more radiant!, 10 February 2000

Notting Hill is the story of a London bookstore owner (Hugh Grant) and a Hollywood actress (Julia Roberts) crossing paths and the ups and downs in their relationship.

I'm pretty much a sucker for romantic comedies, but this one is special. There are some genuinely funny moments (Grant's zany roommate is the source of most of them), along with some emotionally moving situations.

I've seen a lot of Julia Roberts' work, and she is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful actresses working today. However, I have never seen her as beautiful (radiant!) as she is in this movie. She also does a fine acting job, playing someone who is reluctant to let strangers get too close while also longing to meet Mr. Right.

See Notting Hill with someone you love. It's one of the good ones. Score: 9

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OK, but don't get your hopes up, 10 February 2000

I found the reunited team from Pretty Woman a decent watch, but it just wasn't everything I expected from it. There are some touching and funny moments, but I just didn't care as much about the characters as I did in Notting Hill.

There were some periods where the story lagged. Granted it was pretty late when I watched it, but I had to back up the tape a couple of times due to nodding off.

Overall, a pretty good date movie - - just don't expect Notting Hill or Pretty Woman. Score: 6