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A Superb Movie in Every Respect, 22 September 2010

This excellent movie has not received the credit that it justly deserves. Sammy is a hilarious Woody Allen Character, but this is not a Woody Allen movie. The writing is brilliant and absolutely hilarious. Ricardo Darin's (Sammy) and Angela Cepeda (Mary) both play their parts superbly. Darin's voice, gestures and mannerisms brilliantly portray Sammy who has inherited his pessimism from his late father who within the first 2 minutes of the film lays the foundation for Sammy's adult character, the poster boy of Low Self Esteem. If you have seen Ricardo Darin in other films you will see a totally different person, which is always the sign of a talented actor. Angela Cepeda is perfect as the bubbly, optimistic, breathtakingly lovely young woman who recognizes Sammy's talent and leads him, fighting tooth and nail, to unexpected success with his very own television show. She is not only beautiful but also very smart, honest and fair minded. Unlike most of the other characters, such as Sammy's family or his so called "girl friend Esther, Mary appreciates his talent and comes to truly care for him. All of the supporting actors are excellent, along with the musical score.

In keeping with the acting , the writing and directing is excellent. I've watched this movie many times and find it even more funny and brilliant each time I see it.

You have to watch the very end and pay attention so that you don't miss the fact that this love story will have a happy ending. Don't miss this movie, it's first rate!

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Fantastic Comedy with blackest of Black Humor, 22 October 2006

From the very beginning when some poor worker falls into the churning funnel of a vat of chocolate, this delightful, brilliant comedy is ready to have you falling out of your chair. Once you accept to suspend disbelief, you can't help but enjoy the wonderful wacky characters that inhabit this film.

Vanessa Redgrave gives a brilliant and memorable performance as the passion filled widow who takes the meek protagonist in hand and knocks his socks off. She is absolutely hilarious.

I can't believe the poor average rating that this film has garnered so far, and I can only guess that the people who rated this film lack the capacity to understand black humor.

Any fans of Monty Python, Mr. Bean, or Tracy Ullman will probably "get" the humor of this quiet, under-appreciated masterpiece.

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A Real Gem, 25 June 2006

If I Never See You Again is a true GEM, for anyone who likes movies foreign films, unusual characters, and humor. All of the actors give a first class performance, the directing is first class, and the music is first rate.

You can't help but root for all the old guys who want to get away from the retirement home and play music in public. In between the humor, and the zany situations, is the inevitable truth we all must face one day.

If you enjoyed "Central Station", "The King of Masks", "Children of Heaven", or "Chocolat", you will certainly also enjoy this movie.

Highly recommended -a real GEM.

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Overlooked Masterpiece, 7 May 2005

There are a number of excellent movies that get undeserved average ratings because the number of voters are small and a few people who lack sensitivity just don't get it and give a superb movie like this an abysmal rating.

First of all, having read the book by Isaac Bashevis Singer, this movie has succeeded, in my opinion, in capturing the essence of the book. This is a rare achievement, most movies fail to do justice to the books they are based on. This is not to say that the film has not had to make changes to the story, but that this movie has successfully translated the story into the cinematic realm.

The movie has at least one scene that is even more powerful than the way it is depicted in the book. I don't think I'll ever forget the emotional impact this scene made on me (I don't want to spoil it for anyone who has not yet seen this movie).

Second, this is such a great movie that it stands on its own. You need not have read the book beforehand. I saw the movie before I read the book and I firmly believe both are masterful. It is one of the finest movies I have been lucky enough to have seen in a movie theater (I just hope that the DVD version has not been cut too much).

Finally as some other reviewers have pointed out, Alan Arkin and all of the entire cast have done a superb job in bringing their roles to life. The directing, costumes, music, are all realized with masterful skill and elegance.

Forget about the philistine reviews and see this hard to find movie -chances are you will not be sorry.

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Terrific Documentary of A Real Life Entertainer, 18 March 2004

In total contrast to the opinion of, Igetheheat, who might be more appropriately named, Philistine, this is a gem of a documentary, that works well on many levels, as you can clearly see from the scores that other viewers have given this film.

First of all it is an interesting story of international romance and history, thoroughly engaging to anyone with a sense of wonder. The film has great charm which is enhanced by the incredible animation of characters in old still photos, as well as some wonderful, delightfully original animation.

Second, the story unfolds, from the point of view of the great granddaughter (Ann Marie Fleming, the filmmaker)as she tracks down the story of the great Long Tack Sam. He is an incredible person, courageous (to runaway to join the Circus and leave his home), ambitious, and obviously very talented (acrobat, and magician).

Third, it brings to focus, an era of vaudeville entertainment, that is no longer with us, so that we can only get a glimpse of what this was like from recreations and documentaries like this. It does this very well with still pictures, animations and interviews with people who remember the past.

You can enjoy this work on many levels because it, for me at least, it succeeds at every level. Bravo!!

PS Added June 2006

For those that enjoyed this movie, you might also enjoy Donna Schatz's documentary "Balancing Acts", which is making the rounds of Public TV in 2006.

Mimic (1997)
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Amazing, Beautiful Film, 18 March 2004

This is a masterpiece, not only as an SF film, but in the context of all films, but as usual this is not for your average viewer, who, unfortunately is unable to appreciate it on a visual artistic level, or an intellectual one. Unlike most SF films, the story is developed very well without the usual glaring gaps in science and technology. Credit goes to using a short story written by a real SF writer, Donald Wollheim, instead of the usual Hollywood hack, who doesn't know a transistor from a donut, as well as the people who adapted it without messing it up.

Much of the scenery, makeup etc. reminds me of some of Fellini's movies, with an atmosphere that is truly frightening, like a nightmare. It is beautiful and haunting and draws you in like any well told story.

It is also refreshing to have the main protagonist a young woman who is both smart and courageous (also very pretty, but that's not unusual). Moreover, she and her husband (both scientists) are not the usual negative stereotypes, but more like the real scientists that I'm acquainted with.

A lot of my friends who are generally not too interested in SF movies really loved this movie for it's beauty.

If you liked Road Warrior, Blade Runner,TimeBandits, Brazil, Fisher Kings, Delicatessen, City of Lost Children (all of which I like very much) you will probably like this movie as well. This is probably the best movie on the subject in the SF, horror genre.

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Total Crap, 2 March 2004

Everything from cheesy sets to the character of the bad wizard, and the gorilla in the red cape is characteristic of terrible design, poor music, shows a lack of talent for making what I consider a worthwhile film.

I can't think of anything good about this film it's a total failure to live up to its promise, in fact it is worse than any in the Conan series, with the blame going to the director I suppose.

This film is one of the poorest in it's genre. Compare this with the excellent Beastmaster and then perhaps you will understand what I mean.

Arnold is muscular, other than that he is slow moving and wooden. I suppose he is incapable of speaking without his German accent-- serious problem for any actor. Perhaps this movie will be up to the expectations of those people who voted for him to be Governor of California. Perhaps he will be better in that role, although I doubt it.

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Do not Miss this Masterpiece, 23 December 2003

If I were to say that this film is one of the best film of its genre, it would not be fair, because it is one of the best movies, period.

A terrific story is masterfully directed and acted, w beautiful cinematography, and music. Everything done with perfection. Here is a film that is Perfect.

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Delightful Original movie, 18 July 2003

My opinion is quite the opposite of a prior viewer Brian Orndorf. He asks rhetorically "Maybe I missed something?" In my opinion he certainly has.

I caught only the last 1/3 of this movie but I was riveted to my seat within 2 minutes of viewing. Here's what I loved about this movie.

1 Beautiful cinematography. I especially liked the visions of dark rainy streets among other things. Every scene has a poetic flow. In short the photography is superb

2 The poetry and songs are lovely and work perfectly with the cinematography, and the individual stories that gradually unfold in time

3 The film conveys the gentleness of the Vietnamese culture as well as the harsh poverty and the widening gulf between the "have's and have nots" a characteristic not unique to this region

I'm certainly looking forward to seeing this wonderful movie in its entirety and recommend it to any sensitive viewers. If you enjoy movies like King of Masks, Central Station, City of Lost Children, Hotel Splendide, Red Lantern, Eat Drink Man Woman, etc. you will probably like this movie. If you don't like this genre then don't waste you time and stick with the usual mass market Hollywood drivel.

La Jetée (1962)
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Unique Masterpiece, 13 May 2003

What a wonderful experience. Haunting,Moody, atmospheric, beautiful bw still photography. Even, with todays incredible video/film techology this short film shows there is no substitute for truly creative, sensitive, intelligent storytelling.

Not for the Blockbuster/Star Wars/ enthusisasts, but for those people who also love Hiroshima Mon Amour, City of Lost Children, Central Station, My Life as a Dog, The Assistant, Last Year at Marienbad and so on. You know what I mean.

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