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Almost perfect, 6 March 2003

This is a great documentary with some amazing footage of wild animals. My only complaint is that they showed humans, that ruined it for me. They showed about 5 minutes of africans in the serengeti and how they live, also they showed a little bit of visitors in hot air baloons. IMO, I would have rathered that they kept it only about the wild animals, we see humans every day and it's too bad that they included some here. So without this, I would have given it a 10/10. But since there are humans, I give it 8/10. But a big two thumbs up to IMAZ, this is great stuff!

The Mummy (1999)
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Extremely entertaining and fun, 4 January 2003

This is one of my favorite movies, I wish Hollywood would do more movies like this with incredible settings, great visuals, everything about it is simply breathtaking. I've seen it several times now and it's always entertaining, it's just a great adventure.

It's hard to put the movie into words, it's just a great combination of breathtaking settings, great special effects, great action & comedy, very likable characters, great story. It's a very balanced movie, it can sometimes be very funny but also sometimes scary and dark, it's just pure FUN. :)

Anyways if you like adventures like for example the Jurassic Park or the Indiana Jones movies then this one is definitely for you. It just saddens me that they don't make many similar movies because these types of fun adventures (that are actually good) are very rare. I've seen the sequel and although it is a good effort, it simply can't compare to this original movie. With the sequel I thought they focused more on the special effects, but this one has a lot of heart.

Anyways I recommend The Mummy to everybody who likes a perfect adventure pop corn movie. :)

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Astonishing, truly the greatest, 3 January 2003

First I'd like to tell you all that the video "Live in Concert" that I'm currently reviewing is actually the same concert of Welcome Home Heroes, it's just that they refer to it as 2 different names. In the beginning they referred to it as "Welcome Home Heroes" (it was a concert that was made for the returning US soldiers from the gulf war and their families), but later on it was sold minus the patriotic songs and referred to as "Live In Concert".

First of all, Whitney is my favorite singer, however I'm able to be objective. I'm honest, it's not as if I would always rate her good just because she's my favorite, in the last few years even though she's still better then 90% of singers out there she has struggled vocally (compared to her peak) and I can admit that. However in her peak 1985-1994 she was untouchable and this concert is one of the best I've seen from her, and it is truly amazing. I would even say that it's the best concert any female singer has ever done.

The tracklisting is 1) I Wanna Dance With Somebody, 2) Saving All My Love For You, 3) How Will I Know, 4) Medley: Didn't We Almost Have It All/A House Is Not A Home/Where Do Broken Hearts Go, 5) All The Man That I Need, 6) My Name Is Not Susan, 7) Anymore, 8) A Song For You, 9) Revelation, 10) Who Do You Love, 11) I'm Your Baby Tonight, 12) Greatest Love of All. There were 2 other tracks that were performed in the concert (The Star Spangled Banner and Battle Hymn of the Republic) but they are not available on the Live In Concert DVD that I have, maybe you can still find the original Welcome Home Heroes VHS that still includes them. I guess that they took them off so that it becomes less patriotic and more of a general audience concert especially for people outside the US.

The concert itself is amazing. Whitney was full with energy, she was flirting with the soldiers, making jokes. Vocally she was perfect, every note she sang was perfect, it's incredible what she can do with her voice. Tracks 4 and 5 are personally my favorites, she brought down the house and the croud was on its feet. It's hard to put it in words, I always thought that the studio versions of her songs do not do her justice because when she sings live she has so much more emotion and soul, she sings them very differently and soars even higher then on the record. I guess it's because she doesn't have to limit herself in order for the songs to be "pop" and played on the radio. When Whitney sings live, she lets everything go. She probably is the singer who has gotten the most standing ovations from her peers.

Other highlights from the concert are Anymore where she's dancing like crazy while singing live at the same time a very tough song, everything seemed effortless. Also on the gospel song Revelation the audience was so into it at the end, she truly brought down the house! Her final performance Greatest Love of All is so cute because a kid walked on stage and then you'll see how funny Whitney is as she kept him during the full performance with many funny things happening.

Whitney Houston is regarded by most people as the greatest singer of all-time, she's the one who set the standards and opened the door commercially and in terms of vocals for people like Mariah, Celine, Christina, Toni, etc. This concert proves why she is the best singer, if you've never witnessed Whitney Houston at her best LIVE, this is your chance.

Great movie. I plan to buy it soon., 3 December 2002

It's rare that I find a movie that I would want to watch several times. Jurassic Park is one of those few movies. I recently rented "the Mask of Zorro" and it was a great movie. It had action, comedy, romance, great acting, simply the whole package. All the actors were great which is the real strength of the movie, there's a lot of chemistry. The action scenes are very well made, and they are not only "sword battles", there's been a lot of work put in the action scenes. The setting is great, it's a very visual movie. I recommend it to everyone, this movie is a rare combination of pop corn entertaining movie & great acting/quality work. Check it out, I know I'll be seeing it again.

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Great blockbuster, 8 August 2002

This movie has grossed over 410 million dollars worldwide at the box office which makes it one of the most successful movies of all-time. If you haven't watched it, then that reason alone should be a good cause to watch it.

Both Whitney Houston & Kevin Costner did a great job. The movie has a lot of great one liners, it's too funny. Of course the music & singing are incredible. Now if they can only release a special edition DVD with some extra features it would be great, the dvd currently available was released in 1997 when DVDs were still debuting. Anyways, this movie is a good combination of thriller, romance & humor. If you haven't watched it then check it out!

decent, 24 April 2002

This was a decent movie, it had funny moments and some good action but it's nothing that we haven't seen before. I thought the Rock did a good job overall (for a first movie), but I was surprised to see that he was very natural when he was simply talking and that his weakness actually happened during some action scenes where he made very weird faces (kind of like his wrestling faces/reactions during a match). I don't know, I think that the Rock fans would be happy with this movie but as for the rest of people they would just find it pointless but still entertaining. So overall I have to say it's average, at least it's not a movie that makes you feel bad at the end, it's just something that would entertain you while your in the theater, nothing more nothing less.

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Great hit movie, 23 April 2002

This was a great movie, it was warm, funny and it was nice to see movies evolving around strong morals and themes like religion, love, family, etc.

I thought all the actors did great, Whitney's singing is incredible as always. If you're in the mood for a family or christmas movie, then you will enjoy it. It's very warm.

Also, to the previous person who said that it did terrible in the BOX OFFICE, you forgot to check your stats because it actually did very well. The Preacher's Wife grossed over 48 million dollars in the USA back in 1996, which today would easily make it over 60 million in adjusted box office. It wasn't a blockbuster but it was definitely a hit.

If you want action then don't see the Preacher's Wife. But if you want to see a warm movie about true values in life and that will make you feel good afterwards, then check it out.

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waste of time, 12 April 2002

Don't waste your time on this old movie. I found it boring and simply outdated. Go see the updated and superior version The Preacher's Wife starring Whitney Houston & Denzel Washington, it's much better in every way.

The Rookie (2002)
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Very boring, 10 April 2002

I found this movie very boring. It got very slow in the middle, all we kept seeing were practice scenes with people throwing balls. What also surprised me is the lack of humor. There were a couple of places where there were some funny moments from the kids, but other then that it was very boring. The movie is EXTREMELY SLOW. To the movie's credit, it did get a little better towards the end but at that point I didn't really care anymore because I was bored the whole time. The actors did a good job despite not having too much of a story to work with. I would give it 3.5/10, I rarely have a bad time in the movie theater but this one simply did nothing for me.

Brilliant!, 2 April 2002

I am not a fan of the TV show, I don't even think that I've seen a complete episode. All I knew about South Park the tv show is that it was not for kids because it had mature subjects and that it was supposed to be funny.

But anyways, I saw the movie and I could not believe it. This has to be THE funniest movie of all-time! After seeing it, I bougth the dvd right away and I have watched so many times. I never get bored of it, even after you see the jokes a hundred times, they are still funny! I have so many favourite moments so it's basically impossible to name them. My only complaint is that I didn't like the parts of satan/sadam hussein as much as the rest. But there are so many good stuff in this movie! If you haven't seen it, you have to, you will not be disappointed. 9/10.

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