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Ticker (2001)
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WOW!, 1 November 2002

all i can say about this movie is "WOW" ... i'm amazed any of it left the cutting room floor.... this is a trully awfull movie.... bad acting,storyline, dialogue...even the action was a joke... the only reason i think it was made (and this is just a theory of mine) is because Tom Sizemore, Steven Seagal and Dennis Hopper lost a bet... or maybe they had favours called in... either way i've watched games of lawn bowls that are more entertaining.. in closing.. this is now one of my favourite bad movies of all time

Epicenter (2000)
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deja vu?, 21 February 2002

Is it just me, or were some other people experiencing a touch of deja vu during some scenes of this movie.... From what i saw there were atleast 3 scenes used from other movies, the falling elevator (speed), the train flipping in the tunnel (money train) and the street car/car chase scene (metro), and these were not recreated scenes, they were the actual scenes from those 3 movies. Those scenes alone could have saved this movie, if it wasn't for dodgy looking sets,bad acting, a ridiculous plot and horrible dialogue. Gary Daniels martial arts talent is also wasted. The flooding scene in that bar was pretty easy on the eyes but apart from that this movie has no redeeming qualities. Don't get me wrong i don't hate this movie, any movie this bad is good for a laugh and if you can walk away with anything after this movie its a good laugh and the fact that you've practically just watched 4 movies in 1.

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good taste never entered the script, 4 February 2001

The original movie was good, O'barr and Proyas should be proud. The crow city of angels was a painfull experience and i could barely watch 20 minutes of it, and then stairway to heaven comes along (i held very little expectations of this series) .The acting is horrible,the script should have been exorcised by a priest and burnt. When are people going to learn that the crow is dead,that puppy should have been put to sleep along time ago,yet they continue to pump out this incoherent trash (city of angels should have been a wake up call). Dacasos and the rest of the cast tried hard but this series was doomed from the beginning,there was no feeling or power to this series like there was in the cult classic movie, and i am suprised the series ran as long as it did, considering they had nothing to work with. I hope the wings of the crow (hopefully the last crow franchise) will be the end to this sorry saga...maybe now the crow can finally rest in peace

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this is one of those movies that takes you by surprise, 11 January 2001

this was a pretty good movie..i was surfing channels and came across this..relative fear is a real creepy affair..especially the autistic adam that kid creeped the s**t out of me... the plot was good and so were the twists....but creepy adam stole the show ... so if you like thrillers with good twists then relative fear is for you... i give it 8/10 and will never look at 4 year old autistic kids the same again

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good for passing the time, 4 January 2001

after reading the majority of comments about this movie i thought i'd put my 2 cents in.... alot of you seem to have taken this movie way to seriously....don't look at it as the thriller it should have been..but as the comedy it is or even watch it in the sense of a mindless action movie...keaton was funny as hell (maybe not intentionally) but funny none the less....garcia seemed oddly out of place but this added to the if you like shoot em ups with funny one desperate'll still be laughing the next day

Prophet (1999) (V)
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not a bad little movie, 4 January 2001

i would like to see don teamed up with a hong kong movie crew that way we would all see his potential instead of van damn of the late eighties style... the only other thing that struck me about this movie is that it appears to be quite similar to a certain television series. But apart from that not a bad effort...alot better then his previous films *two thumbs up*

Moving Target (2000) (V)
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lets just say that the plot of this movie is oddly similar to an early wilson flick, 28 November 2000

My brother convinced me to sit and watch moving target and in the end i was pleased i did.It wasn't the god awful acting or the laughable dialogue that brought a smile to my face it was the fact that this movie was basically a remake of an earlier film of wilsons.By changing a few names,filming in a new location (uk) and mixing around a few scenarios they tried to pass this one off as a fresh idea.If you have seen bloodfist4-die trying there is no need to waste 90 minutes on this movie because if you've seen die trying your watching the same story...same ending... same man...just on a different continent,the only reason i kept watching was the constant laughter prevented me from being able to reach for the remote