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Possession (2002)
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Enjoyment is in the Details, 10 March 2003

A grand movie - made me think of the French Lieutenant's Woman - had some of the same artifices with time shifting - and they worked as well now as they did then. I've not read the book so I do not have the need for the movie to live-up to my expectations. Also, I've only seen 2 of Mr. LeBute's previous movies - Nurse Betty, which I thought was okay, and Your Friends and Neighbors, which I did not think was okay - so I was surprised when I was enchanted by this movie. (Perhaps I need to give his other movies another look.) Gwyneth Paltrow and Aaron Eckhart were beautiful to look at and enjoyable to listen to, and made the impossible task of reading letters on screen seem easy - and interesting. And I'd watch anything Jeremy Notham is in at least once, and some I've watched a good many times more than once. But, in the final analysis, the movie belongs to Jennifer Ehle, whom I'd never seen before. An amazing performance in an amazing part. And the scene with her back to the camera and her long red braid hanging down her back is worth the price of admission alone. Ashe was a lucky man indeed.

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A very positive response to a rare viewing experience, 23 January 2000

Rented THE IMPOSTORS for the first time on Friday and by the end of the weekend had watched it 4 times - and yes, I do have a life. Blithe is the only word I can use to describe the experience of watching this video. In a world of multi-screen theaters that show a variation of 3 basic movies - mindless action, gross-out comedy, or big-screen version of the issue of the week - THE IMPOSTERS was a homage to an earlier genre - the silly, almost plotless comedies of Laura & Hardy. Homage - not remake - an important difference. This was definitely a 1990's movie - more quirky than slapstick, with slick production values. A series of vingettes, tied together to make a whole, yet each scene easily stands on its own as a comic gem - the initial credits being my personal favorite. One final word - all this and a great cast! and score. This movie was a rare 10.