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Better than I thought!!, 22 July 2017

Having watched the first "Battle Of The Network Stars" in the 1970's-1980's, I did not know what to expect in this version of the show. At first, I was hoping that it would be like the original, but I like this version of teams like "lawyers vs. white house" or "doctors against former child stars". Nice to see some of the stars from previous shows also. I only wish that since there were only 5 actors per team, that they all participated in all the events. I mean, why only have two people competing in the kayak race or the swimming race. The older version of BOTNS had four actors in these races, so why couldn't the newer version. Also, I would have liked to see some of the former challenges, like the tandem bicycle race and the football game. But, I do like this version and plan to watch every episode.

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A very good documentary, 1 February 2014

This is a very entertaining documentary on Turner Classic Movies that deals with the history of the Academy Awards. Quite a few clips of past Oscar telecasts and many interviews with the lucky people who have won the Academy Awards. Angelica Huston narrated this documentary and does a commendable job. I really loved the part where the winners were announced and the audience roars with excitement. I wish that the Academy Awards organization would put the older Oscar shows on DVD. Iwould gladly buy a set without question, but for the time being, the Oscars have a channel on YouTube and have been putting out various clips from Oscars past.

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Where is Howard Cosell when you need him, 14 August 2013

Possibly the worst of the "Battle Of The Network Stars" specials. Many of the sports that were part of the prior installments are missing or totally changed. The absence of Howard Cosell is probably the most glaring problem. Gone is his distinct voice and hosting skills. In this episode, we have Dick Van Dyke and Joan Van Ark. Another glaring problem was moving the venue from Pepperdine University to some place in Mexico. The obstacle course is shortened to a jaunt on a beach. The kayak race was replaced by some race dealing with a lifeboat race on the ocean. Also, for some reason, there is also a boat race, that resembles a rowing competition with a coxswain, on the same ocean. The running relay, instead of taking place on a race track, looks as if it were held in someone's back yard. During the swimming relay, the CBS team had the misfortune of having Mary Frann on the team. I have never seen anyone swim the way this woman did. It seems like she did not want to get her face wet. Pitiful, just pitiful.

This is only good for Shirley Bassey!!, 12 October 2008

Strange Christmas special with Bing Crosby and a slew of British stars of both stage and screen, some of whom I have never heard of--Dave King? Marion Ryan? The Wanderers? Who are these people?? It also has a surprise appearance by Bob Hope, which was nice to see. But, it was Shirley Bassey that made this special stand out. She gets to sing two songs--"Shooting High" and "As I Love You", which was her first number 1 hit. It is still a great song. Basically, the special is all about Bing traveling around England, looking for the history of his family tree. This special is available for sale on DVD and it came with two specials with Bing Crosby and this one even had the actual commercials when it was originally broadcast back on December 11, 1961 on ABC. The DVD cover said that this was Bing's first Christmas special, but other than Shirley Bassey, the surprise appearance of Bob Hope and Bing singing "White Christmas" at the end, it was passable.

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Much classier than the current version!!, 29 January 2008

After watching "The Price Is Right" with Bob Barker for many years, I had read that there was an earlier version back in the 1950's with Bill Cullen as the host and for many years, I waited to see even one episode of this show to compare it with the current version. Luckily, the Game Show Network showed this program and that is when I finally got my chance to view this program. After the initial shock of just how sedate the contestants were, (they did not jump all over the set, scream and run around like a banshee, or make fools of themselves), I found that I really loved this version of the program. The contestants back then dressed up, with women in dresses and men in suits and ties, not like the ....... contestants these days!! Also, this version did not rely upon all the different types of games as the current version does--just four contestants continually bidding on items. I would love to see this back on the Game Show Network schedule and also to see them put out on DVD.

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What a bore!!, 27 August 2006

I thought this thing would be more funnier than it was. I mean, I know a film with Mimi Hines, Phil Ford and Charley Weaver (in two roles!!) is not Academy Award winning material, but this thing was disappointing. It is all about how Phil Ford, as Mr. Big, tries to overtake the little town of Apple Valley and turn it into another Las Vegas type place. I had figured that it would be hokey, with some 1960's bad singing, dancing, and cornball comedy all in glorious Technicolor, but it has none of this going for it. In fact, it hasn't got anything going for it. It has been awhile since I fell asleep during a DVD, but this one sure did it to me. It took me two days to get through this snooze-a-thon. Maybe I was expecting low class, but not this low. After the movie, comes a couple of short films, the first one is called "The Enchanted Pot" with Joan Anderson, and it is all about how to cook with Karo Syrup. Catchy little song by the pot and Ms. Anderson. Egads, this was more entertaining than the "Apple Valley" film. The second short film is called "Treat Her With Care" and is some sort of ode to women, and how they are different. Like duhhhhhh!! This one was entertaining also, but not as much as "The Enchanted Pot".

One of the funniest episodes of "Alice", 23 August 2006

This is the episode where Flo's trailer is stolen, so Alice tries to be a good friend and allows Flo to stay with her and Tommy until Flo gets her trailer back. Hilarity ensues as the two women are as different as night and day. Flo likes to stay up late and party around, or talk on the phone until all hours of the night, while Alice tries to get some sleep as she is the one usually working the morning shift. Watching Alice try and get "revenge" on Flo is hilarious, and I bet it was ad-libbed a bit, as Alice turns on the radio full blast, starts the vacuum cleaner and bangs it into the foldaway bed, the night tables, and makes all the noise she can in order to ruin Flo's sleep, but to her surprise, Flo just raises up in bed, boogies to the music on the blaring radio, flips on her side and falls back asleep. You can hear the crew members, along with the audience, bust out laughing, and by the looks of it, Linda Lavin must not have been expecting Polly Holliday to pull that stunt. Hilarious episode!!

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Good "little" film from Allied Artists, 10 August 2006

This is a very good film with some very good B-actors, such as Neville Brand, Arthur Franz, Paul Picerni and Jean Willes. The plot deals with the disappearance of two young boys, Bobby and Mickey and how Bobby's family and Mickey's dad deal with the two missing boys. The boys are actually missing, as they went exploring on a mountainside and lost their footing and slid all the way down the inside of a mountain that, unbeknownst to anyone, is going to be blasted with dynamite in a couple of days. Regardless of its low budget, the film was very thrilling to watch from beginning to end. I found this film on VHS, and only wish that it was on DVD instead.

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So different from the Oscars of today!!, 1 April 2006

Available on DVD, this was a treat to see an entire Oscar ceremony for the old days. The only thing missing was the commercials, which was Oldsmobile. Even the five nominated songs are intact and the best one was Dean Martin who sang "Three Coins In The Fountain". Just for that alone was worth the price of the DVD. He is/was a very good singer!! The only strange part of the ceremony was the part where the presenter (whoever the star may be) appeared on stage and announced the words...."and the winner is (fill in blank)" and then announced the winner without ever mentioning all of the nominees!! So strange, as we have, in all these years, always heard the five nominees in whatever category. All of the winners were present, either in New York or Hollywood. The hosts were Bob Hope in Hollywood and Thelma Ritter in New York.

Capote (2005)
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Clifton Collins Jr. should have been nominated for Best Supporting Actor!!!, 21 March 2006

Just watched "Capote" and found it to be a very good film. I can understand why Phillip Seymour Hoffman won the Oscar, although I still prefer Heath Ledger from "Brokeback Mountain" as the year's best actor. But the real performance in this movie belongs to Clifton Collins, Jr. as Perry Smith. Mr. Collins's performance is what made the movie work for me. He was fantastic!! Too bad that he did not get a nomination for Best Supporting Actor, as he deserved it. They could have nominated him instead of Paul Giamatti or William Hurt. The scenes between Hoffman and Collins are very touching, and the scenes where Capote is seeing Smith for the final time are heartbreaking. You can just tell that Capote wants to tell Smith how he really feels, but with others in the room, he cannot do it. I gave this film a 10 out of 10.

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