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"Scandal" (2012)
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Liked at first, but disliking it more each new episode, 22 November 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I am another viewer wondering what happened to this show? It started off interestingly enough, but started to go down hill for me after several things happened: Olivia and Fitz broke up,(the first time) the black male team member was killed off, Quinn was kidnapped/went rogue and she and Huck got it on, to name a few.

I loved Joe Morton and Tony Goldwyn going at it, I think it was last season, but after that the next season just went from bad to worse. I frankly considered not watching it anymore, mainly because Olivia is so wimpy, I want Fitz, I don't want Fitz, I want Jake, I don't want Jake, I want to do my job, I don't want to do my job. Dammit woman! Make a decision and stick with it. Don't whine! Yuck!

I'll probably watch it to the end, but man, please don't torture me with any more of this crappy writing. I can only really recommend seasons 1 and 2. That's it. No show should just be a bunch of scenes thrown together just to get the actors on screen because that's what it's starting to look like with Scandal.

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Ms. Rhimes, You Can Do Better!, 22 November 2014

I loved Grey's Anatomy when it first started, up until season 5. It had ethnic diversity, it was different and it shined as a show, at least until Mr. Washington called one of his co-workers a derogatory name and the lead actress got a serious case of tight mouth.

It seems that on Ms. Rhimes's newest shows, Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder, Black women in power must lose their entire minds over Caucasian males instead of moving on with their lives, therefore making themselves weaker and much less intelligent as lead characters. Why?

As for Viola Davis, she spends so much of her time on screen looking crazy and crying or screaming hysterically that I can barely even watch an episode. I thought the show would be capable of so much more in the beginning and had such promise. I was proved wrong.

I also find there are too many gay and straight sex scenes in both shows to the point where it borders on excess and becomes comical and very unbelievable. (I'm thinking the Huck/Quinn hookup here)

I'm trying to give her new shows a chance and want to see more African American females in a positions of power in entertainment, but like Tyler Perry, I must ask her to please stop with the junk and come with better material!

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Scared the crap out of me!, 1 June 2012

More than the episodes scaring me, the beginning of the show used to. In fact it scared the crap out of me. I think I used to turn it down and wait until the eerie music was over before I'd watch it. I was 22 at the time! This and Tales From The Crypt (which was scarier) were the kind of 80's era kitsch(?) I enjoyed. Not sure which episodes are from which show, but I think this one had the slaves taking over the plantation or mansion something like that? I don't think all of these stories were meant to be taken seriously, but more tongue in cheek. I'm watching "Deliver us from Goodness" right now and it's ridiculous. Anyway it was good fun for the times if you just avoid the really silly or nonsensical episodes.

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Lost me!, 27 April 2012

Oh man, this show had me until I reached this episode. 1. Christian was a complete and utter a**hole to that patient. Who was that? At least before this he had some redeeming qualities, but in "Sal Perri" that person totally disappeared. 2. The whole situation with Julia was totally unbelievable and absurd. As soon as she thought what she thought had happened to her mother I didn't find it believable. Why? Because the writers didn't have the mother even hint that she might take her daughter's suggestion. 3. Matt's newest girlfriend...what is wrong with that boy? He's a disaster on two legs and makes the most insane choices. Rebellion is one thing, total and complete idiocy is another.

I lost all love for the characters mentioned with this episode, the only one who came out of it okay was Dr. Sean. Now I'm waiting to see if the writers come back to their senses beyond this episode or whether it's as I've read, more ridiculousness and out of character behavior. Maybe shows that have been on a while should just let the fans write the episodes in later seasons, they might be more watchable.

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Is Dexter Rewatchable? Hell Yes!!!, 18 May 2011

I am re-watching Dexter after watching all five seasons recently and am now waiting for the sixth to start. I'll even subscribe to Showtime so that I don't have to miss an episode of the new season. I must say that I barely thought of Michael C. Hall as handsome or a better than average actor when I was watching "Six Feet Under," but on this show he is throughly present and I am blissfully aware he's unusually cute/handsome.

I find myself addicted to this show and would really love it if they had him do more shirt off/sex scenes....(I also love that kill shirt he wears) anyway, back to the episode. Wow, the writing's great, the acting's great. I was riveted all the way through. Really loved seeing "Ghosts" Tony Goldwyn in the epi, he did a fantastic job as the psychiatrist.

I really do love anytime Dexter has a breakthrough toward becoming more of an emotional human being and learning to understand and perhaps control his "dark passenger.' For me his humor balances out all the gore and blood. I just hope they can keep the premise from getting monotonous.

Tooth Fairy (2010/I)
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Cute. Funny. Formulaic., 14 August 2010

This is a cute film. I enjoyed it. I think it did what it was supposed to do, it made me laugh and was easy to watch. One of the few bad things I have to say about it is that it's formulaic, a little long and you know what the outcome will be before it gets there. Regardless of that, Dwayne, Julie, Billy and the English fellow do their part to make the film worth while, while Ms. Judd and the child actors make the story come together. There's a fair amount of whimsy and reality which makes it great for children and adults who are children at heart, the little cameo by Seth Macfarlane doesn't hurt either. All it in all it's not the best, but it's not the worst.

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Wonderful show, 29 January 2008

This didn't last long enough if you ask me. This TV show was one of my favorite little shows back when I was 14-15 years old. I was in hella love with David McCallum, particularly after seeing him in The Man from U.N.C.L.E. and that Outer Limits episode where he grows a giant head from attaining so much intelligence. (You know I was glad when he returned to normal!) It seems the show was suffering from special effects and script quality issues which may have bothered adults of the time, but for kids and young teens, this show was fantastic! Maybe they geared it to the wrong demographic.

Whatever the case, I'm happy I was able to experience and enjoy it back then. Lots of TV shows (The Immortal, The Man From Atlantis, The Magician, to name a few) that were great for kids and teens got cancelled too soon and that was really too bad. I remember loving the fact that he was running around unclothed and doing good deeds. Some station should reshow those fourteen episodes. I'd watch them and remember the good old days. We didn't know how good we had it back then.

Pierce doesn't kill Clean Willy!, 12 January 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I've noticed there are a couple of posters/viewers who believe that Pierce was the one who strangled Clean Willy, although we do see Sean Connery's character was seen by Willy and that's why he runs, we don't ever see Pierce actually chasing Willy as he runs through the city streets. I believe it is one of the older henchmen in Pierce's gang who kills Willy. If you stop the frame where the killer is standing outside the building after doing the deed you can clearly see the man is definitely older and shorter than Sean Connery is and he is not dressed as well, he also is not carrying the cane that Connery was holding earlier in the tavern scene. It is more likely that Pierce was the unseen person distracting Willy with the object falling down the stairs. Check it out! Great book! Good movie!

Click (2006)
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Surprisingly good...a little uneven, 27 October 2006

I loved the funny parts of this movie and actually laughed out loud a few times, but I was taken for a gigantic loop when it got extremely sad and dramatic a la "It's A Wonderful Life." Maybe it didn't need the dog humping scenes...I still didn't quite believe Adam when he cried sometimes, but other than that he did a wonderful job, especially the Dad scene and his own scene near the end.

My main problem with the film is that the segueway from comedy to drama could have been better. Perhaps they could have shown trailers that reflected the fact that it was a comedy-drama and not a full fledged comedy or drama. That said I thought the aging makeup by Rick Baker was superb.

Bottom line everyone did a fine job all the way round. I probably wouldn't have gone to see it at the movies, but I definitely rented it!

Something New (2006/I)
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cute movie, 19 May 2006

I thought this was a very cute movie and I never got bored. I personally have had thoughts along the lines of Sanaa's character concerning being with someone of another race, but nothing has happened. Perhaps I should have "let go and flow" a long long time ago.

I enjoyed this film immensely, for a change the woman did the chasing. (although I believe it means more when the man does it) And Sanaa Lathan and Simon Baker (is he a Brit?) had some great chemistry. I truly believed that this cinema couple might really stoke some fires together. Especially loved the "breaking down your door to get to you" scene. Hot, hot hot!!! I recommend it to those who not afraid of men and women getting together in one of the best ways two human beings can. Nice romantic comedy film!

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