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Great survivalist movie, 21 March 2000

A group of explorers struggle through the winter to find the Missouri River to sell treasured beaver pelts down south. Zachary Bass runs into trouble as a bear mauls him, and shipmates leave him for dead by a stream, he struggles to stay alive trapping rabbits and eating crawfish. True story, the ship these men used in the 1820's was the actual ship Lewis and Clark explored with. It was carried on top of a wagon, to portage around until it found the Missouri River. Excellent movie!!

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Where did this classic go!!!, 21 December 1999

Watching this show was an after school ritual for me. I still remember the episode where the kids were stranded in the middle of Death Valley and spelled out HELP in rocks, hoping for a plane to fly past them. Do you remember the bizzare episodes of the Bloodhound Gang? The science they taught everyone who watched it still haunts me to this day. Do you remember the pinhole camera in the back of the van when they got kidnapped by the art thieves, or the ladder the fat lady broke going up to the attic to get her mothball infested dress?? Am I the only one who remembers this stuff??