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True Lies (1994)
All the elements you could ask for!, 26 February 2006

True Lies is an excellent title for this film.It has all of the elements of any very entertaining movie. Adventure, romance, comedy, mild erotic scene with (Jamie Lee Curtis & Arnold Schwarzenegger), a little violence, great action, mild language, drama and good special effects without going overboard as most films do these days.

The direction was good,the plot was great and easy to follow, the cast did very well,(including Tom Arnold & Bill Paxton),and the camera work was not like a lot of film and television with a lot of quick pans or fast close ups or fancy camera movements. It holds your attention and gives you a good laugh at times and you don't want it to end so soon, although you wonder how it will end. The ending was just what endings should be, but I won't tell you what it is! This is what going to the movies are all about, and should be. I recommend it highly and give it a big 10.

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Not for adults!, 5 August 2005

This movie is not one that would interest the average adult. I would recommend it for kids, especially boys. The dialog is a little confusing, especially for younger children. There is way too many special effects for adult enjoyment and the 3D glasses makes the screen darker and sometimes difficult to see around the shadows.

A good adventure for kids.The character's terms used in the dialog may be difficult for younger children to understand. The sound was a little too loud, at least in the theater we attended. The storyline was silly but kids will probably not pay attention to it. So take the kids to see this movie but expect boredom (For the adults) after awhile.