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yoo hoo i'll make you famous, 24 March 2001

great follow up, after the Lincoln county war Billy The Kid continues to ride in New Mexico and is still the troublemaker we love. but now Billy and his gang is being hunted by new sheriff Pat Garrett. i liked the original Young Guns more but Young Guns 2 is almost as good, the sequel has some fact turned into fiction, i give Young Guns 2 8/10, i liked the way they use Brushy Bill Roberts in the movie making it look like the Kid never was killed by Garrett. and i do believe Brushy Bill Roberts was Billy The Kid

Young Guns (1988)
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amazing, 20 March 2001

i went to see this in the movies when i was 9 years old, i loved this movie so much, when it came on video i got it and watched it almost every day, i now have the dvd and its great seeing it in widescreen. after the murder of John Tunstall Billy The Kid and the rest of the regulaters seek revenge on his killers. after i saw this movie i became obsessed with Billy The Kid, and since have become an expert on him and the regulaters. though Young Guns is not all true it's a little close, if you're too lazy too read or don't wanna search online this is the best movie to learn about the kid, either way see Young Guns i give it 9/10

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classic horror tv, 4 March 2001

Friday The 13th the series i think is the best horror tv show ever. Micki and her cousin Ryan run a store that was left to them by their late uncle Lewis in which all the items he sold are cursed, so with the help of a man named Jack Marshack, Ryan and Micki go and try to get back all the cursed items. the storylines were very original, after the first 2 shows of the third season Ryan left, and Johnny took his place, alot of people don't really like Johnny all too much, when he first guest starred on the show in season 2 he was cool but once he joined the show his character was a bit boring at times, but to be honest i liked him, though the show was not the same after Ryan was gone, but Johnny was cool. Friday The 13th the series airs on Sci-Fi check it out it's a classic show, John d. Lemay who played Ryan was also in Jason Goes To Hell. like i said the show really is classic and Ryan was the best on the show.

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Elvis goes psycho, 18 February 2001

alot of people seem to hate Slumber Party Massacre 2 but i am one of the few who love it, sure it's a bad movie, but that's what makes it so great, Atanas Ilitch who plays the driller killer is so great, i love they way he sings and dances and plays his drill guitar before killing one of the victims, he also had some funny lines, the driller killer has that Elvis look to him, the first Slumber Party Massacre is more of a horror film but not scary at all, but this one is more of a comedy/musical and some horror i guess, if you're into Scream and all that kind of horror stay far away, but if you like 80's horror alot give Slumber Party Massacre 2 a try, it's good for some laughs. i give Slumber Party Massacre 2 6/10, the main reason i give it a 6 is for Atanas Ilitch.

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in it's own way a classic, 14 January 2001

The Slumber Party Massacre is loved by some and hated by others, i thought it was good for the most part. there is a big deal since it's written and directed by women, not to be sexist but most horror films i have seen by women suck, only Debra Hill can do horror, when it comes to acting then i would rather see women, director Holden Jones does a halfway decent job, this is one of the few horror films by women i do like. the story is simple some guy named Russ Thorn killed 5 people in 1969, he is in a mental hospital and one day he breaks out, thats all we find out about him, then we have Trish she is left home alone so she invites a few friends over for a slumber party, Trish wants to invite the nice shy girl Valerie over but her friends don't want her to. well as the movie goes on the driller killer shows up and starts to take out the girls, Valerie who is watching her younger sister Courtney end up getting stalked by driller killer. may not sound to great but if you like 80's horror you should like this one. i have the dvd version the good thing is it's in wide screen the bad thing at times when the characters talk you can not make out what they are saying. oh yeah and some women complain about the nudity in horror films well they can't say anything anymore since there is tons of nudity in this and The Slumber Party Massacre is done by women, i give The Slumber Party Massacre 7/10 worth a check if you like 80's horror like i said in it's own way a classic.

R.I.P Robin Stille who played Valerie sadly she killed herself a few years back

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very good slasher film, 31 December 2000

another comment said it best a hidden little gem, The House On Sorority Row is a classic horror film, movies like scream and most of all I Know What You Did Last Summer ripped this off, a bunch of Sorority girls pull a prank on the old women who runs the sorority they by accident kill her, and dump her body in a pool that is filthy so they think for the time being the body will be safe there since nobody will swim in the pool, well the body turn up missing and the sorority girls are getting killed one by one. the acting was not that bad at all, and the directing was solid, this is a fav of mine, if you can find it rent it, if not if you have a dvd player buy it, if you're a fan of 80's horror you will love this classic horror film i know i do, i give The House On Sorority Row 8/10

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decent follow up, 27 December 2000

when i first saw the original Jack Frost i hated it, but after seeing a few times late at night on cable i started to like it i think the original is mad funny, Jack Frost 2 Revenge Of The Mutant Killer Snowman what a great title, is nowhere near as good as the first but in its own way pretty good at times, i thought it would be more like the original, Jack Frost looks like it was a t.v movie, if you ever saw any of the Saved By The Bell movies thats what jack 2 looks like, Jack Frost 2 looks like it took less to make then the first i give Jack Frost 2 3/10 it had it's moments but not enough

Maniac Cop (1988)
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cool movie, 25 December 2000

the last time i saw Maniac cop was when i was 9 years old, so today after years i finally got it, it stars the great Bruce Campbell so thats already one good thing about the movie, Matt Cordell who was a cop was sent to jail for murder, other inmates attacked him and killed him or did they? so now Cordell is out for revenge, the first half of Maniac cop is horror but the second half is more like a suspense thriller, and Bruce Campbell has a small role in the first half but becomes the star of the second half, i like this movie a lot, William Lustig did one hell of a job directing, the way he shot the film is unlike most horror films, there are a few low angles which i call the Raimi shot, since he used alot of those in the first Evil Dead, but Lustig has a style of his own, i give Maniac cop 8/10

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it was ok, 25 December 2000

the first Maniac cop was a classic, the third part i have not seen in years so i can't say how it was i don't remember, Maniac cop 2 pops up on cable every few months, i thought it was ok, nothing great, it is fast paced for the most part but it's the same thing has the first part Cordell out for revenge, and what i don't understand is how can you kill off Bruce campbell? thats the main thing i don't like about this movie, Robert Davi is a cool actor but he is no Bruce Campbell, i think it would have been cool if Davi and Campbell teamed up. this is the way it goes both stars of the original Maniac cop are killed off, and Robert Davi's character is alot like Campbell's and Claudia riley is alot like Laurene Londen's character if your gonna make the characters so much alike why kill off the stars from the first most of all Bruce Campbell, like i said Maniac cop 2 is almost the same as the original i give it 6/10 it did have it moments

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evil dead hail to the king rules, 14 December 2000

i am a big fan of The Evil Dead Trilogy and a huge fan of Bruce Campbell so when i heard about this game i was going crazy till it came out today i finally got it and it was worth the wait, Evil Dead Hail To The King is a very fun game it's alot like Resident Evil, Ash has some great lines in the game, but there are a few down sides your energy bar is not big enough one hit and your almost half gone, too many bad guys pop up at once making a bit too hard. and even though you do get alot of health by the time you pick it up another bad guy pops up, if you run they follow then you have to fight 2 guys, and your chainsaw needs gas after a while so you don't wanna waste it. despite all that i love the game, alot of people complain it's too hard and they are right but if you think about it if it was too easy what fun would the game be, but i do feel thq might have gone a bit overboard with making the game so hard, if you are a fan of horror/action/adventure games give Evil Dead Hail To The King a try and if you're a fan of the Evil Dead Trilogy buy this game for sure it rules getting to be Ash, i give Evil Dead Hail To The King 9/10 i would have given it a 10 but it's a bit too complicated at times but like i said this game does rule

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