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Alot of young, raw, exsplosive talent., 9 December 1999

Mean streets was Scorsese and de Niro's first collaboration together and what a collaboration it is, its very energetic, its very well acted and the direction is raw and smart it would be very easy to see this film when it was released and predict that Scorsese and de Niro had a long and sucsessful career ahead of them both.(Great soundtrack as usual also).

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As perfect as perfect can be., 9 December 1999

Raging bull is my favorite film. Robert de Niro's performance in this film is truly amazing and the direction from Scorsese and the script from Paul Schrader are flawless. The fight scenes are the most brutal that I have ever seen on film even though theres only like 12 minutes of them and the editing is simply brilliant. It should have earned Scorsese a best director oscar but at least they had enough sense to award de Niro the best actor oscar.

I'll come back to this film forever.