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Wrestling (1892)
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Classic footage, 25 December 2003

Back when it was "real". Back when the title really mattered. Back before Hogan, Flair, Hart, Austin and the NWO. Back before even Karl Gotch. These were men of steel. Men of determination. Witness the first ever Hell In A Cell match between "Dapper" Don Danielson and Crush Mein Skull. The first ever TLC match between "Flying" Pedro Felipez and "Jumping" Johnny Reeves. Classic stuff.

"Rose Red" (2002)
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Very, very scary., 8 May 2003

I don't see why anyone said this mini was too long. I think it kept up a good pace all the way through. Some wonderful special effects for a tv movie. Some very creepy ghosts. Good acting all around. This has got to be one of the best Haunted House flicks I've ever seen. I saw it again a few days ago, and I'm still a little nervous about walking down a dark hallway at night. It was that good.

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The only part I really liked, 9 April 2003

The only part of this movie I really liked was Pacino's speech at the end. Aside from that, the film was downright boring. Dull story. Dull cast. I'm glad Al won the Academy Award, but I wish he had won it for a better film. Why not The Godfather or Carlito's Way. In both of those films he stood out among wonderful actors. Considering his co-stars for those films were people like Marlon Brando, Sean Penn, Robert Duvall, and James Cann; that says a lot for the man's skills.

Eerie, yet brilliant., 19 February 2003

Well, what an I say. This is a slow, methodical, intelligent film. Robin Williams is superb! Somewhat disturbing in certain spots, but overall very good. This film is a ballsy, unflinching look at society. The lesson is that we need to be careful about what we take for granted.

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Classic, 22 January 2003

This movie is nearly twenty years old. However, when I saw it on Sci-Fi last weekend, it still moved me. This is one of the greatest fantasy movies ever made. It has a simple message that still applies to today's world. Don't give up on your dreams.

Angus (1995)
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Why is this movie not on DVD?, 25 December 2002

This is a great flick! Funny, touching, well acted. A nice little dramedy. It's a shame how something this good can't get onto DVD, and a piece of crap Britney Spears flick can! What a sad society we live in!

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Two Words: Judd Nelson, 25 December 2002

Great Movie, even after seeing it a few hundred times. Either on video or TBS. Of course, the best performance in here is Judd Nelson's misunderstood punk character. Great from the opening shot of the quote from David Bowie's "Changes: to the final scene where Judd stick a triumphant fist in the air.

The Star Wars of this generation, 19 December 2002

Wow! A superb part 2 in what is so far an incredible trilogy. You often hear about movies that "have it all". This is one of those. The character introductions are complete from Fellowship and now it's time for action! I can't wait for part 3!

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Even better on DVD, 6 November 2002

If you liked the movie, the DVD has some wonderful features you'll love. Like the character profiles that add even more depth to the characters. And the vehicle scale comparison is really cool. It compares the vehicles in the movie to real-life autos. Also, watch the movie with the score-only track playing. It makes a cool silent film.

Isn't it enough for the movie to be scary?, 3 November 2002

After reading a review that wasted time pointing out plot holes and the fact that he found only one character he could relate to, I have to pose that question. This movie was very scary. The make-up work was very good. The action scenes worked very well. It was some good, hardcore horror. Besides, what did you expect from a movie based on a video game?

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