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This Child Is Mine (1985) (TV)
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The ending ruined the movie., 3 May 2004

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Lindsay Wagner was as beautiful as she's ever been in this movie. She and Chris Sarandon both played their roles very well. Nancy McKeon played the villain well, too.

It was a beautiful movie right up to the end. You just knew that Lindsay and Chris would get to keep the baby - especially after they'd raised her for two whole years. To have a biased judge throw the verdict to the irresponsible birth mother just ruined everything.

I wondered about a couple of legal points along the way,too. Why was a judge allowed to be so totally biased toward one party without an appeal of the verdict? And why didn't the father file suit, since he never gave up his parental rights?

The whole thing should have been handled better. The good acting deserved a better plot.

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Why was this movie made?, 12 December 2003

This is a story of a mother's willing blindness to her son's sins. Unfortunately, this story is played out daily in real life all over the country by parents who always excuse their children's behavior no matter what. The school officials are out to get their children or the cops are out to get their children or whatever.

It was impossible to develop any empathy for Kate Jackson's character as she excused her son from the beginning right up until she finally broke down on the witness stand and admitted that he was guilty. It was particularly sick that while she proclaimed her son's innocence of the murder throughout the movie both he and she freely admitted that he stole the victim's car, treating this with the same level of seriousness as maybe jaywalking.

Deadly Whispers (1995) (TV)
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Good acting, but a terrible plot., 27 August 2003

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SPOILER ALERT Tony Danza and Pamela Reed both did a great job with their accents, and the police detective was very good also, but I hated the plot. It would have been a MUCH better movie if there really had been a red pickup driven by a murderer.

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A totally pointless movie., 15 November 2002

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This movie was so stupid I can't believe it was ever made. A man who has never gambled and knows nothing about it wins $200,000 in one day and then suddenly loses all his intelligence and starts just throwing money away for no good reason. Insipid!

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This plot is too ridiculous for words., 1 November 2001

If you're going to make a movie about angels, you should consult with someone who knows something about them. Anyone who has studied the Bible even a little bit knows that angels have no free will. A movie about angels with free will is like a movie about falling up a cliff. Balderdash.

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Putrid!, 23 October 2001

This was the most assinine bunch of swill I've ever seen. I gave it a one because IMDB doesn't have a zero rating.

The notion of a father chasing his teenage daughter's best friend is far-fetched to start with, and if it ever did happen it certainly isn't a subject worthy of making a movie about. And chucking his career out the window on a whim? Give me a break!

We won't even get into glorifying the gay couple and making the career military officer into an ignorant dunce. Apparently the purpose of the writer(s) was to bash family values and patriotism.

Texas (1994) (TV)
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It was good history, whether it was good Michener or not., 2 October 2001

It's interesting that none of those who panned this movie were Texans. Whether or not it followed Michener's book closely is not the point; it followed history very well.

The whole reason Americans came to settle in Texas in the first place - as the movie made abundantly clear through Patrick Duffy's Stephen F. Austin - was that Mexico had not and could not properly settle such a vast land. Austin's colony was established at the invitation of Santa Anna.

It was only as Santa Anna systematically denied the Texicans - or Texians, if you prefer - basic rights that any citizen of any nation should reasonably expect from his government that they revolted. As the movie made clear, Austin did everything he could - with Sam Houston's concurrence - to keep his agreement with Santa Anna. The Mexican dictator literally drove him and the Texicans to revolt in order to give him an excuse to invade and slaughter them. His cruelty was best shown by what happened at Goliad - where the Texicans surrendered, only to be lined up and murdered after giving up all their weapons.

This last could have been emphasized a little more to show the bleak reality of trying to deal with this despot, but that's my only quarrel with the entire movie. I gave it an 8 - and wondered how IMDB managed to come up with a weighted average of 4.1 when 55% of the voters gave it a 7 or better.

A Case for Life (1996) (TV)
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Bertinelli at her best - as usual., 6 May 2001

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Valerie Bertinelli has been a favorite of mine ever since "One Day at a Time," in which she was the best actress. Every movie of hers I've seen was excellent. Contains Spoilers Bertinelli is such a good actress she doesn't need any co-stars to help carry a movie. Her own acting is enough - along with the excellent plot lines her movies always have. She's one of the few around who can be depended upon to represent real moral values with her movies.

In this movie both she and her sister, as well as her husband, were raised to cherish life. Somewhere in law school or practice, her sister fell in with those who believe murder is okay as long as the victim hasn't been born yet.

She persuades Bertinelli's husband to go to court seeking an order for Bertinelli to sacrifice her baby's life for her own protection when she comes down with a life-threatening heart condition. As Bertinelli fights to save her baby, even her parents - who instilled her values in her in the first place - begin to tell her she should give up and have the baby killed.

Standing alone - as I can imagine she would do in real life if the occasion demanded - she prevails in court. She makes it to her 27th week before she has to be rushed to the hospital for an emergency C-section and heart surgery. She survives and reconciles with her sister. Unfortunately, the baby dies, which is the only thing that made me give the movie an 8 instead of a 10.

Affliction (1997)
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Well titled - this movie was an affliction!, 6 January 2001

This movie is one of the worst I've ever seen. It ranks down with Hotel New Hampshire and Hot Spot as one of the few I've awarded a score of one on a scale of one to ten.

There were no good guys in the movie. Nor was there a plot. Nick Nolte simply ran around doing inane things which had no point, driving away both his daughter and his girlfriend in the end.

Making movies about such drivel as this is a disservice to the public. Nolte's father was a sorry human being. So what. He needed to get over it and get a life. Glorifying or excusing his behavior just because he had a sorry father is not a worthwhile objective for the entertainment industry to pursue.

The Lost Child (2000) (TV)
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Totally unrealistic!, 5 January 2001

The movie was very interesting for the first half hour or so. I really thought it was going to be good. Unfortunately, it was all downhill from there, becoming totally unrealistic.

This woman wanted to find her twin brother. Anyone who knows anything about twins knows that there is a bond there that goes beyond normal sibling ties. Yet, when she finds her Navajo family, she suddenly loses all interest in finding her twin.

Even more unreal was the notion that these people who had grown up in a civilized world would give up everything to move onto a reservation. I cannot imagine anyone doing that in real life. Visit the family there, yes, but not move there, and certainly not condemn their children to grow up in an atmosphere of poverty and food stamps.

I gave it a four.

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