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Milena (1991)
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Beautiful picture, but not without flaws, 18 December 1999

If you are looking for a beautiful period movie, here it is. Milena is a headstrong woman who goes against her fathers wishes and marries a Jewish music critic. Costumes and scenery are fabulous, but one wonders why half the actors have thick accents and the other half don't. Milena's accent is so strong at times you can hardly understand her, yet her father's is as American as apple pie. The intricities are hard to understand, who everyone is and what their relationships are to each other and when a new character is introduced it takes a while before you fully understand who they are and why they are here. If you are a fan of Peter Gallagher (as we all should be) you will find him as dashing as ever, wonderfully handsome and gallant and terribly wicked as well. A very sexy scene in the first hour has him speaking French in the rain. You should not miss this one, as the movie is just too pretty not to, but don't expect to walk away fulfilled. Just try not to pay too much attention to it or your head will spin.

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Good character study, 12 December 1999

I was nicely surprised by Skag, having purchaced it off eBay because of my love of Peter Gallagher (blush) but it really is a nice, moving story about a man and his family. Karl Malden is fabulous as Skag, very moving and the best acting I've seen him in. Peter, while good, was pretty much absent most of the time.

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Pretty boring, 12 December 1999

I watched this movie strictly for Peter Gallagher, who is marvelous, and was pretty saddened by the whole experience. I just could not get the attraction Mary Stuart Masterson had for her leaving her rich family to work with the underpriviledged. Especially bringing presents to one at the drop of a hat when she is really nasty to her. Very boring, but if you want to see Peter Gallagher acting kinda creapy, worth a look.