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Better than it gets credit for., 17 July 2011

This movie gets no respect even from it's own writers and actors! That's OK. I really like this movie. And listen, I watch movies that movie snobs/nerds would really go for: from Big Lebowski to Cool Hand Luke, back around to Chinatown, Vertigo or Superman 2. I have Netflix, people! NETFLIX!

I own the DVD and have actually watched it over and over. It's very short. It's good for parties. It's super silly in a way that you would expect from Louis C.K., Chris Rock, Dave Atell and David Cross. It's just some weird, stupid take on a Blaxploitation movie. I'll admit: it MAY not be your thing, and that's AOK. But I really like this movie.

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Great for fans of crazy!, 3 February 2011

I really liked this movie. It's not National Treasure or some Nick Cage summer blockbuster. I know Nicholas Cage can polarize people, but this movie definitely works for both kinds of people. It's also great for fans of crazy. At times I wasn't sure if he was acting or not. If you like The Soup with Joel McHale, this show could fill an episode with weird clips, for sure.

The title says a lot, he's a bad cop. He does drugs, he's somewhat depraved. OK, he's a lot depraved, poor scruples. He would not pass the Billy Madison "Business Ethics" test, but he is somehow still KIND OF a good guy, trying to help people.

It's a nutty movie. It's got some iguanas and a soul that dances, so enjoy it for that at least.

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Hilarious Nonsense!, 28 October 2009

Either you like it or you don't. I think this movie is hilarious. I also think it's stupid. It's profane, juvenile and idiotic the whole way through. It's not just stupid people in a normal world - like Adam Sandler going back to high school. There's a twinge of stupid in everything. It's got an annoying acapella family, parents who let their 40-year-old sons live in the house and a ridiculous helicopter-leasing brother. So yeah, even their world is a caricature... really, the "Catalina Wine Mixer"? There almost is no "straight man" in the comedy.

I COULD find criticisms, "Will Ferrell and John C. Reily's characters seemed too smart at times..." but to find fault in things like that is to completely miss the point.

This movie cracks me up, out loud, almost the whole way through. Do not watch it with your kids or with your mom.

Grindhouse (2007)
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The Graceland of Movies, 8 April 2007

Let me explain that. Elvis' Graceland mansion is a clear example of white trash striking it rich. Grindhouse is 70s B-Movie Fanboys strike it rich and get to do all the "over the top" effects they've always wanted. OK, and before we go on, if I never hear "cheezy" "B-Movie" "over the top" or "gratutious" again, I might be happy. These words are appropriate here but they're as overdone as the greaser guys hanging out at rockabilly clubs. It's also strange to do a tribute to that "genre" since the words used to describe super gory, "over the top" Grindhouse type movies have long been excuses for bad writing or a half-assed idea. Just add more explosions! Kind of like a comic who adds f-bombs and n-words.

The movies themselves are fun; Planet Terror being the better of the two. Death Proof is just a lot of talking with some car chases. It feels like what a Quentin Tarantino fan would make in film school. Unlike Pulp Fiction, which threw out tasty nuggets of trivia and strange conversation, Death Proof is just people taking a long time to say something.

No real new ideas here or super-clever humor. Just a rehashing of old movies with a wink so you know they're in on the joke too...which ironically makes these movies sincere tributes. If you are a film school nerd or are like Quentin Tarantino and sat in your basement pleasing yourself to crappy movies in the 70s OR you missed all of that but really like explosions and naked chicks and car chases, hey, this movie is for you. It's gaudy. It's a rehash but unique to current movies, which makes the movie ironic at it's core. And Rose McGowan has a gun for a leg, so that's neat. It's not bad.

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Does Sexual Orientation Affect Sense of Humor?, 7 April 2007

You would think, with the voice talent in this movie, that it would be at least a little funny. 90% of this cast has made me laugh out loud at least once. Maybe, MAYBE it's funnier if you're gay but I like to think that gay people have better sense of humor than this. It's full of silly puns, old messages and tired stereotype jokes. South Park has done more credit to people who are homosexual.

I have considered that if someone has a different sexual orientation, maybe they also have a different comic orientation but I don't think this is a case of humor being different, as if written in a language other than my "straight" tongue. I get the jokes, Michael Jackson looks like an old woman, Judy Garland is Queen of the Gays and Cher is just an endless source of fabulous humor. How many Evil Christian Preacher characters have we seen before? I've just heard it all before and it was funnier and better said the first time. I mean, look at the movie "But I'm a Cheerleader" about a girl who goes off to a straight reprogramming camp. Same theme but funny!

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It's a War Movie, not so much a Fairy Tale., 16 January 2007

Most of the blame for being mislead should fall on the poster "key art" designers and trailer editors. It's marketed as a "Grown Up Fairy Tale" but it's mostly a war movie - OK POST-war movie about fascists, guerrillas, the horrors of war and such.

It's not so much a mystical fantasy tale. I'd say that takes up about 12 minutes of the whole movie, which is really unsatisfying if that's what you've come to see.

For what it is though, it's a decent movie. Over the top violent but that seems to be the whole point of a girl trying to escape it all.

There were a couple "WHY DID (or DIDN'T) YOU DO THAT!?" moments while watching. Those are frustrating to me but I think most people can get past them as I came up with a couple justifications.

So, don't go looking for a fantastical, magical tale. Be ready for war and sadness.

Stick It (2006)
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It raises interesting points., 29 April 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

OK, so part of me was waiting to hear Jeff Bridges say "Nobody calls me Lebowski, man. I'm...The Dude. You got the wrong guy." SPOILER ALERT: He never says this! I liked this movie and not for pervy reasons. Sue me. Having seen "Manos: The Hands of Fate" calling this the "worst movie ever" seems like hyperbole. It's got that typical inspiration. It's got some silly "bad girl" moments, like the fact that Haley often wears clichéd Mountain Dew-esquire rebellion in Black Flag and Motorhead t-shirts. The soundtrack will have to be a 4 disc set because it's constant short-attention-span pop/rock soundtrack.

Still, I liked the characters. I liked the Hollywood style feel-good idealism. And I like any movie that's about sticking it to the man. Do I dare say it's "Slapshot" aimed at 12-year-old girls?

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Get traumatized!, 13 March 2006

Often when I see a horror movie I wonder, "Who molested the writer/director?" I don't ask because of specific scenes, though a few could make the case. I ask because the genre in general is depraved and nasty. Even if the good guys win, you figure they'll be traumatized for life. On the other hand, going through hell and surviving would be very empowering. Maybe I'm a pessimist.

That said, the behavior of the hill people was very believable. The movie was certainly scary but for me it was more depressing and lonely. I mean, it's bad enough to go on a family trip in the middle of the desert but to be attacked by inbred nuclear test rejects is even worse!

I'm still not sure why the bad guys have to be so elaborately malicious (other than entertainment value) if they're only trying to survive but whatever.

So, as far as the genre goes, not horrible but not my thing.

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It's funny, 7 March 2006

I really enjoyed this short. It's odd and funny in the way that The Offfice or Arrested Development are. The characters are diverse and interesting. You've got the naive owner's daughter who runs the company despite only having experience as a grade-school teacher. A mousy receptionist who can't get the right birthday. Oh, and I really like the remodeling job they do in the break room. Since it was written as a pilot television show, I'd like to see more episodes. There are also valuable lessons. For example, I learned from this that American Indians are prone to drinking and that black people enjoy "Nehi" and other fruit flavored sodas. You won't learn that in school! I think this even invents a new stereotype involving homosexual men and cake.

Troll 2 (1990)
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Wow! Funny bad, 18 February 2006

I don't know if this has ever been on Mystery Science Theater 3000 but it should. Actually, it might be too stupid. This is one of the worst movies in history, which might be a good reason to go see it. Watch it alone and it's depressing and a waste of time. Watch it with FRIENDS and it's funny. I'm sure there's a drinking game in this movie somewhere. I know everyone has said this, but why does a movie called "Troll" feature goblins? The actors are so bad it's funny. You don't feel empathy for any character because they're so idiotic and unbelievable. I love the way problems are solved in this movie the way the kid gets his family to not eat the evil goblin food.

You just have to see it to believe it.

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