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Hawaii (2004)
CSI & NYPD Blue Combined
15 September 2004
I gotta tell you that this is CSI and NYPD Blue combined. I liked both series and this ones warming up to do the same. I look forward to see how the rest of the season goes. THUMBS UP and stay away from that plug. Your on the right track and remember.... The trophy is always worth the chase. G R E A T so far ...... If if were writing the script ? you might want to throw in a cute ME to get that love/romance thing a kick. I can see from the first show you got one started but, GIRLS need COMPETITION from other girls. Lets get it on.... No Charlies angels please but a cute M.E. will do. Cops gotta have a romantic side too (besides there job) and a medical examiner on a island that has so much crime ? Hey Yeah....
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Captain Ron (1992)
Can't Say Enough About It
7 April 2004
What is there NOT to love about this movie ? You couldn't get this kind of family therapy anywhere ! ! ! Take a good long hard look at this movie.........It's AWESOME....No Sex..No Drugs...No Killings... Just Americans Proud To Still Be Americans... Against odds.....come on here swab.... everybody's got it in them to be........this movie takes you from a mishap to mishap and all the way around the bend. You can watch it over and over and still pick up little things that'll tickle ya just so. It is one i'll have in my collection forever. and my Family and I will watch it faithfully every well as Uncle Buck (John Candy) bless his soul.....
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Captain Ron (1992)
All Time Family Movie
7 January 2001
This is one movie that the "Family" loves to watch over and over again. It rates right up there with "Uncle Buck". It's all together to familiar about how our children grow in different ways (and there lives are more right then ours) and how we pull it all back together with just a twist of fate. You will laugh till your sides ache with this movie. It's a great summer time movie as is "Christmas Vacation" for the winter vacation time for you and your family. Enjoy as I have and will continue........
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