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Funny as a walk in the woods can be, 5 February 2005

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Don't' worry, nothing will go wrong...

Famous last word in this gem of a short, which has a scientist going it alone in the woods in search of the 'creature' who will answer the call of 'Broadcast 23'. But he was in for more than he bargained for as the call was not a greeting at all...

I loved the editing, which was sharp, clever, and pointed out what you needed to see in a very comical way. You were never in any doubt as to what was going on the whole time, but it was done in a very straightforward non condescending way and made the movie IMHO.

I enjoyed it so much, I saw it 4 times.

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A Touching Drama, 5 February 2005

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I loved this movie and sobbed my heart out at the end. I'm a sappy kinda gal and it wrenched my heart strings good and proper. I love the fact that the story is based on a short clip the director, Randall Miller made some 15 years ago, which he embellished into a full story about finding your joy again after the loss of a loved one.

All around the performances were superb. I was very taken by Robert Carlyle's grief stricken husband, who happens upon a tragic accident and fulfils the dying person's (John Goodman) last wish to visit the place where he was travelling to - Marilyn Hotchkiss' Ballroom Dancing and Charm School, where he was meant to meet his long lost sweetheart on the 5th day of the 5th month of the 5th year of the Millennium.

The story seems crazy, but it worked for me as Frank Keane (Carlyle) becomes involved with the decorums, courtesies and fancies that the ballroom dancing class has to offer and also finds love in the shape of Meredith Morrison (played delicately by Marisa Tomei).

There's a great supporting cast of zany characters that will have you laughing at their antics as girl tries to snare boy on the ballroom dance floor. The shenanigans are lead by the wondering Mary Steenburgen, who shows such great poise and gentility as Miss Marienne Hotchkiss, carrying on the tradition of her long departed mother Marylyn.

Another outstanding performance was by Donnie Wahlberg, as the overly overprotective step-brother to Meredith, Randall Ipswitch, who has a passion for ballroom dancing and domestic violence. It is his life. Donnie has become a fantastic character actor and deserves much more credit than he gets.

I would have liked a slightly better ending to the John Goodman storyline, but no matter. The movie was great IMHO and touched me to the core.

Go see this movie when it comes out. You'll never be the same again.

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An excellent reflection..., 20 December 2002

I've just seen this film for the first time and I must says, it very good for a TV. There is no schmaltz, no over acting, no oversentimentality.

The movie is based on how a father's drinking problem is affecting his family. They are dysfunctional, but are in denial. The father's losing customers, the mother is popping pills, hoping everything will go away and thing will go back the way they were. The elder son has run off and deals with the problem by airing it in his stand up comedy routine [which is excellent interplayed throughout the movie in a kind of narrative].

The elder daughter still wants daddy's approval and it's causing her marriage to fail. The younger son [played excellently by Keanu Reeves in one of his first feature films] is following in dad's footsteps, but has the willpower to change his ways before he ends up like his dad ~ dead.

The younger daughter, a fine artist and sculptress with a promising future, doesn't make a move unless mom and dad approves.

The plot is frustrating at time, which it's supposed to be. It does it's job in getting you involved and caring about these people's lives, wanting things to heal.

The healing takes place once the father has died. His patriarchal grip binding the family together to the end.

Under the Influence has realism, dealing with a very real issue in a real way. It has a great ensemble cast, a great supporting cast and I was very suprised and pleased with this movie.

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Great first performance by Mr Reeves, 30 November 2002

Young Again is an excellent movie. I enjoy watching it as Keanu Reeves is very fresh [to the movies and to this film] and vibrant and gives a very credible performance.

I am touched by the interactions between Keanu's character [Mike Riley] and Lindsay Wagner's character. When he finally gets her to realise it's really him [a 40 year old in a 17 year old's body] I feel that that scene is among one of Keanu's best performances and it's fantastic because it's so early on in his career.

Hardball (2001)
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A Great Movie ~ 5 Stars!!, 5 March 2002

Wow. Keanu Reeves only gets better and better. He gives another great performance as the messed up gambling low life, Conor O'Neill who finds redemption in training a little league baseball team from the projects.

Hardball hits you in all the right places. It's got heart, it's got a great storyline and a great ensemble cast. I was very moved by the performance of the young team of baseball players. You could really feel their struggle to get away from their poverty stricken lives by escaping to play baseball and triumphing against the odds.

This is a feel-good movie. It lets you know there are people out there who care for others welfare and will do all they can to help, which was very evident.

I just wished it had a slightly longer running time, in order to explore the relationship between Conor and Miss Wilkes [played by Diane Lane].

It has a great soundtrack, which I recommend you buy

Sex and the Matrix (2000) (TV)
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FUNNY AS HELL!, 10 January 2002

I hate to see Keanu Reeves as the butt of jokes, but I have to congratulate whoever wrote this parody for taking the right royal mick! It was brilliant!!

Sending up the Matrix, done so many times, but not as cleverly as this!

Putting Carrie from "Sex and the City" into Neo's role and Jimmy Fallon into Trinity's role as Neo was a scream.

I haven't laughed so much in ages. If you can get your hands on a copy of this ~ do so, you won't regret it.

I especially like the non-plussed look on Keanu's face as he was watching it.

Let me remind you ~ Ted 'Theodore' Logan was a character. It isn't how Keanu is in real life. He's a very intelligent, articulate fellow and doesn't deserve this funny as it may be.

Well done!

The Gift (2000)
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Eerily Good, 16 March 2001

Well, The Gift finally came out here after much anticipation on 2nd March 2001.

I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was creepy and made me jump in all the right places.

I especially enjoyed the performances off all the cast.

I was very surprised by Keanu Reeves' role of Donnie Barksdale. He was really convincing as serial lover and wife beater.

I just wished they showed more of Donnie's 'loverboy' side. If he was the best **** in town, then why didn't they show us...LOL. It kinda made his character too one-sided.

I thought Giovanni Ribisi did an outstanding job as the troubled car-mechanic Buddy Cole. He gave the character just the right amount of un-hingedness required for someone who has lead a terrible life of abuse.

Cate Blanchett made a good 'fortune teller' as Annie Wilson. She gave a great humility to the character as if she was scared of her abilities, but used them for good.

Well, that's all I want to write right now.

Also, the soundtrack is very very good. Highly recommended. :)

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What a Hoot!, 10 January 2001

This film is amazing and really showcases the very excellent KEANU REEVES [as 'Shane Falco'] in a great way. This guy is so dedicated to his craft and really makes a realistic 'Quarterback Hunk' in my opinion. He's FALCOTASTIC!!

According to the DVD special features it really was him out there making the plays and getting 'hit' as well. GO FALCO!!

I also love the ensemble cast and they are really great characters and you can tell they had fun making this movie. I especially love ORLANDO JONES as 'Clifford Franklin'. He has a great talent for comedy and mostly improvised.

The DVD of this movie is first rate and highly recommended. The soundtrack is excellent too, so go and buy...


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A brilliant adaptation!, 1 July 2000

Seeing that the whole movie is based on a letter from Neal Cassidy to Jack Kerouac, I reckon Stephen Kay did an excellent job of re-creating the essence that was Cassidy and his neer-do-well existence.

You felt for Neal (played very well by Thomas Jane ). He could almost taste the sweetness of a well balanced life - the honey at home the white picket fence the dog running around in the yard, but circumstance (his likings for the female of the species, penchant for stealing cars and his friendship with good 'ol HARRY [played brilliantly by KEANU REEVES]), just got in the way of true happiness.

The supporting cast give good all round performances, especially Claire Forlani as the girl of Cassidy's 'dreams'.

This movie catches the 'beat' excellently with great visuals and a Class A soundtrack.

Highly recommended.