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Fantastic acting and varietive storylines in each episode, 24 February 2001

Emmerdale, shown by the UK viewing figures, is extremely popular, and rightly so. It perfectly creates the right atmosphere existing in country villages to this day (I should know). The highlight of it all is Samantha Giles, who plays the colourful and quite humorous Bernice Thomas, the landlady of the village's boozer, the Woolpack. Where you want humour, a scene springs up with the antics of the Dingle family. Where you want some drama, there are scenes on the Emmerdale Farm and in the nearby Home Farm: It gives a wide special spectrum, entertaining all in the process.

Don't miss it!

Titanic (1996)
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Good story and acting, pity about the crucial effects, 24 February 2001

I saw this film before I saw James Cameron's film 'Titanic' and although I was gripped by the different stories taking place in the film (eg. The Astor maid recognising nanny Alice Cleaver who supposedly murdered her own baby, which was true in real life), the film had a very cheap tinge to it. You have to accept that it was made on a small budget since signs of this crop up everywhere. Main examples are the sets - They are all too claustrophobic and gloomy that they overshadow any pity you have for the actual ship. And the sinking sequence is very disappointing.

However, the acting is perfect. Catherine Zeta Jones is extremely convincing and she and Peter Gallagher go very well together. George C Scott is, as you'd expect, very fitting as Captain Smith, yet it all seems too gloomy, even in scenes where you can tell that the director wants some excitement, and the antics of scoundrel Tim Curry and the stowaway are quite tiring. However, all in all, not too bad.

Annie (1999) (TV)
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Better than the first version in most ways, 23 February 2001

The story is presented well thanks to superb acting, especially from the convincing Alan Cumming as 'Rooster' Hannigan. (You'd never think it seeing him in the film, but he's actually got a strong Scottish accent).

The songs are well-choreographed and the orchestration is marvellous. The ultimate song is one left from the 1982 version: 'N.Y.C.' where all the atmosphere is captured in one shot.

The only real fault is that Kathy Bates isn't very gin-soaked or ahteable even as Miss Hannigan.

This film was made for TV, and yet you wouldn't think it. Granted some of the sets have a studio feel to them, in particular the mansion, you forget about this as the dancing and story sweep away your imagination.

The best advice I can give you on watching this film is to not, as I have done here, continuously compare and contrast this to the 1982 version, as this will deter you from enjoying the full effect of a movie that captures the Broadway atmosphere.

All who value a good musical with fantastic orchestration are gonna like this movie!

Titanic (1996)
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Good acting and 50% brilliant, 28 December 1999

This miniseries features superb acting and a commendable script, and although it is hardly spoken of, the drama is overall well done. However, we are constantly reminded of the small budget the film makers had, as the sets do not show any signs of resemblance to the real Titanic - The Grand Staircase's dome has a 1m radius, the dining room is shabby and a dreary place, and we only see about 4m of the Boat deck. Although the computer graphics may have looked fantastic in the 80s, we cannot help but contrast the film to James Cameron's epic. The final plunge of the liner is disappointing, with synthesizer music accompanying about 2 minutes of pathetic chaos, poor graphics and 2 second flashes of different, inaccurate situations, such as a lit, dry corridor of peasants, which should have been about 10m underwater! Although the above are sheer push factors, the acting is worth watching, with Peter Gallagher and Catherine Zeta Jones making a perfect couple.

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A film you always want to watch again, 7 December 1999

Stepping Out isn't commonly spoken of nowadays, which is a shame as the film is a brilliant combination of Shelley Winters' comedy, Liza Minnelli's stamina and voice and superb performances by the 'Mavis Turner Tappers'. The story is inspiring as a group of amateur tap dancers try to make it to the top, and I watch it whenever I feel depressed - It raises your spirits and confidence.

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A brilliant inspiring programme of reality, 7 December 1999

Holby City has inspired me. 16 years old, I've watched the episodes over and over again and I love the atmosphere. I have now decided to go into medicine, as the lifestyle of the characters in this programme has enthralled me. The acting is brilliant, the effects are wizardry, the atmosphere is memorable and it's a fantastic spin-off from 'Casualty' - Another medical drama set in the same hospital.

Oliver! (1968)
Excellent musical adaptation of a classic novel, 4 December 1999

As each day goes by I hum the melodies of this masterpieces classic songs.

The story has been perfectly simplified to include its musical content, creating a watchable balance of dance and drama. Ron Moody is excellent as Fagin and Shani Wallis plays Nancy with such roughness and cockney humour. Although some of the final scenes may be too violent for very small children, 'Oliver!' is a film to be watched by all. Enjoy and delight in the acting and contagious tunes!

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The best and most watchable soap in television history, 4 December 1999

Made in the largest studios of Britain, Emmerdale is a soap combining the daily lives of colourful characters of all varieties. Now called Emmerdale, the soap has shed its image of a boring drama set on a farm in the Yorkshire Dales. From the vindictive and orally vicious Viv in the shop to the friendly and funny Bernice in the Woolpack, Emmerdale's bar, you'll become addicted and transfixed on the superb acting and memorable storylines.