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Ladybugs (1992)
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Harmless fun!, 20 December 1999

I thought this film was so funny - I can see why some people may not have found it as amusing as I did because some of the jokes were only tasteful if you like that sort of thing, but otherwise, I thought that everything was portrayed as best it could have been and Jonathan Brandis, playing Martha as well as Matthew, was wonderful. Some parents may find this a bit childish, but it's the type of film you can't help but laugh at. I think the best bits are where Matthew/Martha are both confronted with some difficult explaining to do and they have to get each other out of a awkward position. One of the funniest films I've ever had the chance to see!

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How can anyone slate this show?, 20 December 1999

I'm sorry to all those people that didn't enjoy the show, but I think some people didn't like it because they didn't understand it. Because the writers kept changing over, I guess it was a little confusing, but it was something you had to get used to. It was a unique show and the actors/actresses were all excellent in it. I thought that changing the writers and directors each week actually brought new life to it and made it different. People made such a big deal when it came out, and when it wasn't what they thought it would be, they didn't bother to watch anymore. I think if they'd just given it a bit more time they would have discovered how great it was. I think the cast and crew worked as hard as they could for that show, but they weren't appreciated for it - great performances, I'm sorry it had to be taken off the air.

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Although this film is in a trilogy, you don't have to see the other films to appreciate this movie., 20 December 1999

I really enjoyed this film and anyone out there that is an animal lover would as well. It does have some really funny moments and the occasional downer, but at the end, you have to be satisfied with the end result. It's a good movie, and more for family viewing than anything else. I really didn't know if I'd like this movie, but I did - it isn't offensive and it is a reminder of the people we want to be. Don't expect too much of this film though, it's just a laid back sort of movie and the type of one you should watch if you've had a hard day. Personally, I think it's great but it isn't one for the devoted horror fan or anything like that - just a little bit of fun and the strong underlying message that we should think of others first if we want to become happy ourselves.

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A fascinating film that shows a fact based event that takes place in front of our very eyes., 20 December 1999

It does seem like a long time to sit through a movie, but the time just flies by. The character portrayals are excellent and we find them in such great detail - from the dirt covering their faces to the accent they have to disguise their voices with - that it really feels like you are there with them. That is how realistic it is. The director is excellent considering the fact that this is quite an unusual film to take up after you are used to things on the opposite side of the spectrum like he surely must be. The nearest he had so far reached to Ride With The Devil is Sense And Sensibility which is still very far from it. I had no doubts when watching this film that it was going to be brilliant and I was proven right. I loved this film so much that I watched it again. The only disappointment for me was that it received so little at the cinema box-office. It really is a great movie and the best part is where the burning of the town takes place. Very realistic.