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One of the greatest movies ever made, 20 March 2000

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F****** Amal is a movie about experiencing being in love for the first time,only it's a movie with a bit of a difference-as the love story is between two girls. The painfully shy Agnes(Rebecka Liljeberg)has been living in her town for over a year and is still without friends. The rumuors of her being a lesbian are actually true and she happens to be in love with the popular,cool and extremely beautiful Elin(Alexandra Dahlstrom). Elin kisses Agnes at Agnes' 16th birthdayparty as she is dared by her sister Jessica(Erica Carlson),but is shocked later to find she has feelings for Agnes. The girls share their first proper kiss yet afterwards,Elin chooses to ignore Agnes and starts sleeping with Johan(Mathias Rust),the boy who happens to be besotted with her. Agnes' pain is heartbreaking due to the rejection she is forced to endure throughout the duration of the movie but she is not the only one we find time to sympathise with. It is Elin also,who suffers throughout.Her boredom with the town-'F****** Amal' and the boys in the town(who aren't very smart,and spend most of their time comparing cell-phones)is clearly evident and her boredom sometimes makes her joke occasionally that she is considering being a lesbian,yet it takes her sometime to realise that she actually is. Due to her popularity/reputation,it is hard for her to admit to her true feelings,but in the end she risks everything to follow her heart. As a teenager myself,I felt that this movie was the most accurate and moving portrayl of teenage life since the amazing television series,'My So-Called Life'. The movie deals with the pain of alienation,teen-angst and depression with no hint of exaggeration but an incredible amount of realism. The first real kiss between the two girls in the backseat of a car with Foreigners'I Want To Know What Love Is' playing on the soundtrack is without a doubt,one of the movie's greater moments.Agnes asks,'What are we doing?'and Elin responds,'I don't know,but we are so f****** cool'. Firstly this movie should be praised for it's originality and it's incredible genius,due to it's accuracy of teen life which was captured wonderfully by director and screenwriter,Lukas Moodysson. It should appeal to anyone,regardless of sexuality and I already consider it one of the greatest movie's ever made.