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Shows off Damons abilities, 8 January 2000

The acting in this movie was amazing. Damon and Williams together especially were great. I had two major problems with this movie though. The character Skylar was not truly needed in the story. Meaning Will did not really need to have a love intrest to make the story better. I also was very turned off by the amount of cursing. That amount was not needed at all. Overall an excellent movie, for newcomers

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Best TV Series, 7 January 2000

The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles was the Best TV series ever. Each episode Indy took you into WW1. You got to see what war was really like through a soilders eyes. Indy's adventure with the French Intelligence were always full of suspense. I was always amazed by the scenery. And could not believe that each episode was filmed on location. By watching this series, it made me enjoy the movies so much more. I am so happy that people who might have missed the series can get a chance to see it again on video.

Loved this movie, 4 December 1999

I saw this movie it's opening weekend. And totally loved it. I tried to go to the City again to see it for the second time but couldn't get there. I thought that this movie was very believible, the characters all were real, I could relate to them. And the acting was amazing. I could feel Eric's pain, when he was so confussed. I can't wait til it comes out on video.

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The best laugh out loud comedy, 29 November 1999

This is the ONLY sitcom on Television today that makes me laugh out loud. I absolutely love this TV show. The chemistry between all four main characters is great. Each character is real. Although most have their faults, (Grace being a bit dizty this season, and Karen the Alcoholic) they are all real and believable. Give this show a try!