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Don't see it, 9 February 2004

This is really one of the worst movies ever made. It's unintentionally funny several times, but not consistently enough to be "so bad it's good." Ashton Kutcher's good looks, and Amy Smart's marginally decent acting are the only saving graces.

Keanu is the best thing in this movie, 29 December 2003

Keanu's total gorgeousness is really the only attraction here. Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson tried their best with the lackluster material, but in the end the shortcomings of the screenplay were way too much for them to handle. This is one of the few movies where an older woman is supposed to be attractive and interesting - and it's terribly sad that the lines Diane Keaton was forced to utter created an entirely opposite reaction.

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horrible, 30 July 2003

Unfortunately this was one of the worst movies I have ever seen in my life. The script was awful. This movie felt like it had been completely recut at some point, because it didn't even make any sense. Two many characters, too many tragedies, not enough connection with the characters. I felt bad for the good actors trapped in this bad movie. Except for the male lead who was a very, very bad actor, though extremely cute.

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Brilliant and Subtle, 5 February 2003

When I first saw Walking and Talking, Nicole Holofcener's previous film, I didn't realize at first what a brilliant piece of work it was. My experience with Lovely and Amazing was exactly the same. It is only later that it becomes clear how expertly the relationships between the characters are illuminated and with what originality she has constructed a story. Lovely and Amazing is an examination of a family of women and their complex relationships with themselves and the men in their lives. The women in Lovely and Amazing are real people. They are frequently horrible to each other and sabotage themselves just like real women. They are also capable, like real women, of moments of intimacy and insight with each other.

I believe Nicole Holofcener is the most talented indie filmmaker out there at the moment. Walking and Talking is one of my all time favorite films, and Lovely and Amazing just confirmed her status in my eyes as an insightful storyteller. Audiences deserve more films that achieve this level of excellence, and I hope Nicole Holofcener has the chance to deliver them.

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Great!!, 28 November 1999

This documentary is such a wonderful example of what an entertaining and amazing experience a documentary can be, if done so well as this. The subject, Mark, is smart, funny and very driven, and this story of his personal fight to live his dreams will be inspiring to anyone who knows what it is like to harbor an "impossible" dream. See this mov