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"The Best British Musical/Comedy Film Of 1964 - All About A British Musical Pop Group Called...The Beatles!", 2 December 1999

"The first 60's film to ever waken my musical interest in pop music and electric guitars...not to mention, I wasn't even born then!" The film is full of great music and British humor by the Fab Four. It stars The Beatles themselves - John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr in their first acting debut. The music they perform in this 'black and white' film are 7 'Lennon & McCartney' classics - from the title song, "A Hard Day's Night", to "Can't Buy Me Love" and "She Loves You". In the comedy skits of the film, The Beatles' drummer Ringo Starr, definitely leaves the other lads in a so-call 'run against time'. It's a fun and exciting film...a pop film on what 'Beatlemania' was all about back then in 1964. This classic is a must see for all upcoming Beatle fans from all around the world, as well as people and kids of all ages. "And for those of you who never felt the magic and excitement of The me, I promise that you will by the end of this fab film!"

"The Best Sci-Fi Film Of The 70's...& Of The 20th Century!", 2 December 1999

The first film to ever fuel my then active imagination! I was '11' years old when I first saw this film and 22 years later, I still love watching it! With the heroic Luke Skywalker, the beautiful Princess Leia, the space pirate Han Solo, and not to mention the two helpful robot droids, R2-D2 & C-3PO...there are no other characters in the film world today that can make you feel as if the world (or should I say, their world) was in good hands! And Lord Darth Vader, enemy of Luke and his friends, was sure to be a household name by the late 70's. 'Star Wars' to me was way ahead of it's time and there's no other fantasy/sci-fi film, in my opinion, that can ever come close to what George Lucas has unleashed on us in the 1970's!