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The Oscar (1966)
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Horribly awful flick...bottom of the barrel. worst thing I've ever seen on TCM. Glad I never paid to see it., 8 March 2010

What a dreadful stink. And TCM had the chutzpah to put it on vs. the 2010 Oscars, which weren't much better than the flick itself. A horrible production, garish color, dopey plot. I could go on and on. TCM really did run some great films I'd never seen before during its "31 Days of Oscar" series, such as "Five Graves to Cairo", with Von Stroheim as Rommel and Franchot Tone as the counterspy.And it was good to see the AMC reran the Godfather series once again, topped off by Scorcese's "Goodfellas" and "The Gangs of New York." I never before realized that the actor who played "Uncle Junior" in "The Sopranos" also had a role as the Meyer Lansky character's aide de camp in "Godfather II".

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Actual 'Historical' Connection to the plot:, 22 November 2008

If there actually were a King Arthur and The Round Table, one of his adversaries while the court was at Camelot is said to have been a warrior chief named Cerdic (sometimes referred to as 'Cedric'). Cerdic's origins are disputed. Some say he was a Cornish Celt invader, others say he was from Celtic Brittany, and others say he was actually a Saxon. And still others say that Cerdic was actually the legendary King we now call 'Arthur'. Whatever and whoever he was, the character of King Mark of Cornwall in this film is evidently based on Cerdic. There are, even today, a number of places near the southeast coast of England that are named after Cerdic. And by the way, although this film is a bit corny and low-budget, it is indeed a Ripping Yarn!!!

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Cromwell Made This Show, 20 October 2006

I don't know...I thought that it was a great TV show, and would like to see all 13 episodes again. The cast was magnificent, particularly James Cromwell. I had only seen him during those days as 'Stretch Cunningham' in several episodes of "All in the Family." There was also a very stout actress in the show whose role was as an appealing character, and a phlegmatic black fellow name of Al Freeman, Jr., also starred in it with Richard Masur and others. Criticism that this program was left-leaning in terms of its politics is well-taken and probably true. Interestingly enough, Cromwell went to high school and played football on the same team in Pelham, NY with Michael "Mickey" Schwerner, one of the three civil rights workers from the north who were killed in Mississippi. Cromwell's father (by adoption), the director John Cromwell, was on the Hollywood blacklist from 1951-58.

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One of the best of the 40's Musical Horse Operas I've ever seen...., 11 March 2004

Saw this for the first time the evening of March 11, 2004 on TCM. Lee "Lasses" White is a bit hard to take, but Hobart Cavanaugh is great! It was also nice to see Roy Barcroft and Tom London again, doing their thing together, too. When you think of Tim Holt going on to play in "Treasure of Sierra Madre,", Tom London with a role in "Twelve Noon", and Barcroft as the Sheriff in the film version of "Oklahoma", and the radio performer Janet Waldo, all of whom are in this one... along with great music by Whitley, it is very entertaining...and quite witty, too. The only other movies like this, from this time and this genre, that are as entertaining are the Gene Autry films of the early 1940's. But I liked this cast better than those used in most Autry flicks.

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streep captured the essence of her role perfectly, as did keaton and dicaprio. i really liked this movie, and saw it for the first time on 'starz' today., 8 May 2003

i saw this movie on 'starz' for the first time today. it was kind of soapy and depressing, but streep was excellent in her role, as were keaton and dicaprio. diniro didn't have too much to do, but he played it well. i liked it a lot.......

Indochine (1992)
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Praise for the Film, seen frequently now on BRAVO, 19 June 2000

One of the ten greatest films of the last 25 years. I could watch it again and again for the nuances and the scenery and the recreation of an age and a place. Right up there with the best! DeNeuve deserved the Oscar she didn't get.

Enjoyment of this movie., 22 May 2000

Haven't seen it in many years, but remember it as being very funny, and based on a Damon Runyon story. Someone should remake it, although it would be tough for a contemporary actor to portray the Broderick Crawford character as well as he did. did.played by Broderick Crawford

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Great as historical reference. Saw it on TCM., 3 May 2000

Terrific historical document of Hollywood 1935. Not to be regarded for its entertainment value, necessarily, but a real 'curio' from MGM. It almost is a home movie, in a sense, and the close-ups of Randolph Scott and Cary Grant are priceless.