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the meaning of life., 11 December 1999

Frank Capras film is the best film i've seen.The movie captures the sprit of humanity and gives us an insight in the human soul. George Baily a man who always done his best is shown what his world would have been like if he'd never been born. The film has humour and until wit and i think is remeniscent of a christmas carol to some extent. A classic christmassy film that leaves a lump in you're throat, one to watch if you're feeling low.

Oliver! (1968)
The greatest musical ever made, 10 December 1999

As a lover of musicals this has to be the best musical ever made.The songs are fantastic and it captures the Dickens novel so well that if you read it after watching the film you get a better understanding . Fagin(Ron Moody) gives an excellent performance and is very beliveable as the back street thief who employs children to do his dirty work.As for Ollie Reed well i think he was born to play the roll of bill sykes and Shani Wallis played the best verson of Nancy that i've ever seen.I think that Mark Lester >played a weak Oliver but Jack Wild really is the Artful dodger. The songs are fabulous and you can't help but sing along the scenary is excellent and everything just points to why it collected an oscar. If you hav'nt seen the film i suggest you do so,this film shows British Film making at its best.

Goodfellas (1990)
comedy blood and gore., 10 December 1999

Henry Hill small town gangsters errand boy who makes it big. Great film plenty of blood and guts and full of great wit, love the bit about the wife who turns a blind eye when things are good then can't understand when things go wrong. The film is frantic and fast moving and you are never board. I suggest you watch and find out for yourself just how good it is. Not just another gangster film.

all time classic of british cinema., 29 November 1999

Good bye,Mr Chips shoes you a brief glimpse of how the stiff upper lip was istilled in to our younger generations. Which held them in good stead for the trials and adversarys that would come in their near future. This should have one many oscars but was never selected,the story is about Mr Chipping or chips as hes known by the pupils and how he teaches 3 generatons of the same family. Great black and white movie,be prepared to be drawn in to world of teaching.