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These are my favorite films. A great big list of them. I have not sat down to put them in any particular order as yet. Some day soon - but for now this is them, just in a big, giant stew of awesome.
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In order of awesome. This list, as they all are, is subject to change.
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I'm stuck on a desert island with a Blu-Ray Player, Widescreen TV, Home Theater System, La-Z-Boy, Food and a Power Source. These are what I want with me.
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My ongoing list of my favorite films from 2013, ranking from "Best/Favorite" to "Worst/Crapsicle".
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Best? Favorite? Whatever. For my money - these are the flicks that most resonated with me during the year. Sometimes, movies that I gave a lower rating sneak above higher ratings due to how I feel they have resonated with me over the year. And I have NO problem recognizing comedies, action films and animated flicks right along side dramas. By the way... the WORST movie (I saw) in 2011 was Albert Nobbs, hands down. Ten Word Review: Stupid. Boring. Pointless. Fake. Bad script. Dumb logic. Contradictory. Awful.
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This is every film 2012 release that I've seen this year, in order from Best/Favorite to Worst.

There are a couple of films that I really want to see that are missing from this list, and it will be amended as I do.

Last Update 01/12/13