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Good, but..., 27 December 2000

I really liked this film, but I hated most of the people in it. Brendan Fraser and his lover were very likeable, but I found myself wishing the other family members would go bury themselves in a hole. I especially hated the father, what a jerk. It is, however, a movie worth seeing because it is an interesting topic. But as I watched it, I found myself thinking, "Kid MIGHT be gay? Who cares? Does it really matter?!" Stupid homophobic family, I thought they'd be more accepting with David in the family.

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Intense emotions, 15 February 2000

This is, without a doubt, the ultimate Christmas classic! The holiday season would not be the same without at least one viewing of It's A Wonderful Life. I watch it year round and I always enjoy it! It makes me cry every time. Frank Capra once said true drama is when the audience cries. Ladies and Gentlemen, this film is true drama!

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Fabulous!, 21 January 2000

It was incredible... so romantic and funny. Sparks flew between Joseph Fiennes and Gwyneth Paltrow. Great surprise scene with Rupert Everett. Basically, the movie was really good. One of my favorites!!!

I really recommend it to everyone... There were sex scenes, but otherwise it wasn't too inappropriate.

So basically, see it. It's WONDERFUL!