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One of the better T V movies, 24 June 2000

I accidently came across this movie while surfing the satellite channels the other day (in England the movie was called Narrow Escape) I wasn't going to watch it but nothing else was playing at 7am so I settled down to watch. I was glad that I did. I'm a bit of a sucker for a soppy tear-jerker (especially about kids)and I thought that some of the performances would have done justice to a big budget blockbuster. Of course Hollywood dressed up the truth a bit and added a bit more sap than was necessary, but the story shone out and I was deeply touched by it.

So touched in fact that I began to search the internet for details on the ship, the men and young Danny. I was a little disappointed that I couldn't find any sites with a reference to them. I hope someone rectifies that situation soon.

I loved the movie

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One of the best movies ever made, 24 November 1999

I first watched this film as a young boy and fell in love with it straight away. I think that part of it's enduring appeal is that all audiences young and old can relate to this movie, I introduced my daughter to it last christmas and I look forward to sitting down to watch it this year with my baby boy.

O.K as you grow older you realise that some of the dialogue is perhaps a little corny but there can be no denying the strength of the acting, especially Stewart who in my opinion gives the performance of his life.

Some scenes take your breath away especially the bridge scene when George Bailey begs for his life back when the harsh wind dies away and snow starts to fall again, pure brilliance!

The ending always makes me fill up.

I don't think a movie as good as this will be ever made again