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Nostalgic motorcycle documentary in same vein as "On Any Sunday"
10 November 2004
This movie is a fun look back into a bygone era of motorcycling. More than the ubiquitous "history of Harley" type documentaries, this move looks at the entire culture of motorcycling from the 60's & 70's and covers road racing, motocross & desert racing, drag racing, trials and more. The viewer gets to see in action the famous racers we had only previously seen in photos and even ride along with Mike "The Bike" Hailwood on a 190 MPH lap of the Isle of Mann.

If you liked the requisite motorcycle movie "On Any Sunday," you'll LOVE this one. The soundtrack, with songs by Foreigner and Arlo Guthrie, is nostalgically cool too.
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Long Way Round (2004– )
A fine adventure and a refreshing change from the "norm."
4 November 2004
Two buddies (Ewan and Charlie) are taking the long way from London to New York on a pair of BMW motorcycles... they are going east across Europe, Russia and then down through Alaska and Canada, before crossing the mainland US.

The actors and their bikes are outfitted with cameras and microphones so we get a candid opportunity to ride along on their exciting trip through far away places most of us will never visit. See the great scenery, watch them fall down in the mud, meet interesting people and eat exotic (and scary) food.

It's fun to see another side of motorcycling getting attention instead of the standard chopper-building, wrench-throwing, and grouching of American Chopper and the other clones of that show.

I never score anything a 10. I gave this one a 9.
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Faster (2003)
Awesome footage and interesting insight into a season of Moto-GP
16 April 2004
I got to see a sneak peek of this film at a little motorcycle rally in Texas in Nov. 2003. The soundtrack, opening credits and racing action in the first half the film are excellent. As the interviews go on in the latter part of the film it drags a bit, but the insight into the strategies and politics of racing at this level still made it interesting. The action-packed editing of all this racing, sliding, flipping and crashing crammed into one film is unbeatable.

Because of the European flavor of Moto-GP, the choice of using Ewan McGregor (with his British accent) as narrator was appropriate. I hear he is an avid rider as well.

Definitely worth seeing on a big screen if it shows near you and renting once available. As soon as it goes on sale, I'm buying the DVD!
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Brazil (1985)
This is the weirdest movie I ever loved!
29 March 2000
The first time I saw this movie was while flipping through channels on late night TV. I became engrossed by the nightmarish, bizarre depiction of the future. By the time the movie ended I sat in shock trying to absorb what I had just seen. After a few minutes, I realized that although it was utterly preposterous, I LOVED the movie. I continued to think about it for days after seeing it.

The end may not be what you expect, but is the only ending that is really appropriate.

The one copy of this video at the big-name video store around the corner is ALWAYS checked out. This movie is THAT good.
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Not as bad as you might think.
2 December 1999
It's been several years since I saw this film, but as low-budget as it is, I remember it was still kinda fun to watch. A guilty pleasure. Should've become a cult classic along with others like "Night of the Living Dead" and "Critters."
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