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Wrong (2012/I)
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Avoid!, 28 July 2013

You know what? I will start to post this comment for all pseudo- intellectual rubbish that overwhelming us in the last decade. It is time to be honest about this kind of movies and say that "emperor has no clothes": boring to death, confusing, force you to try to find sense in stupidity. In the first half of movie you are expecting that something will eventually happen, just to realize that you are wasting ~two hours of your lifetime. Some time ago I was suspicious that maybe I'm too stupid to find a hidden message, but seems it is just a simple junk and I do not care any more. When I'm watching Hollywood blockbusters at least I know what I can expect!

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Mesmerizing pleasure, 8 June 2006

I'm really surprised with fact that my comment is the first one for this excellent Peters concert. The show is pure audio/video pleasure and I just can regret 'cause I didn't have chance to be there. The Peter and The Pink Floyd are the only two bands who can make such kind of show: fascinating visual experience and excellent quality of music performance.

If you like music of Peter Gabriel and if you have opportunity to watch this show, don't miss it. If some concert deserves highest recommendations, this is the one.

So, my vote: 10/10.

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A lot of fun!, 26 January 2005

OK, definitely this is not very smart movie and it has many holes in the storyline, but if you like this kind of movies you will got a lot of fun! I mean, you should know what you can expect of this kind of movies. If you like movie "Independence Day" you will know what I mean (BTW good recommendation from IMDb team!). If you want art or some wisdom message or you are searching for holes and sanity in the storyline, forget it. Go and watch some European authors. But if you are looking for fun, want to relax yourself, to see some amazing and very realistic computer effects go and watch it! You will not regret. For true impression big theater screen is mandatory!

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The best Serbian TV-Series by my opinion, 5 September 2002

I think this is one of the best TV-series that I ever seen. Unfortunately, I think it will be interested only to people from ex-Yugoslavia. All episodes are connected in one story about life and growing of a Belgrade guy named Bane Zivkovic in period 1960-1970. The series has bitter-sweet taste, sometimes very funny but sometimes bitter and sad, just like real life is. There is also a very good movie (with very dark atmosphere) "Jagode u grlu" made 10 years after series, which terminates this story.