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Enjoyable movie, 12 June 2004

A few years ago, I was channel surfing one weekend and saw this movie about to start on TCM. I think I was in 7th grade at that time and didn't really know much about Andrew Jackson and the ugly presidential election against John Quincy Adams in 1828. Anyway the movie is quite romantic and the two leads have great chemistry together. The ending was so sad. I know it's just a movie but it gave me a warmer interpretation of Jackson. And after learning more about in U.S. History, I understand his position in the Peggy Eaton affair. See who says you can't learn from watching movies? I certainly do. Oh and another poster asked if Rachel really died before Jackson entered the White House and to my understanding, she does.

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Great movie! *some spoilers*, 16 November 2003

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Just knowing that Colin Firth was in this movie was enough to make me go and watch this film. There were some storylines that I could have done without (e.g. the going to America story and body double) but overall it was a great movie.

My favorite storyline was the Colin Firth one. It was really cute although I know it's unrealistic. It was cute how they didn't understand what each other was saying yet thinking the same thing. Jamie: "It's my favorite part of the day driving you home." Aurelia (in Portuguese): "It's the saddest part of my day, leaving you." And how cute was it seeing Colin Firth speaking broken Portuguese. It was much better than having him speak perfect Portuguese after only a few weeks. And he was so cute in the beginning of the film saying "I love you" to his wife three times... only to come back and learned she's cheating on him with his brother! I don't think I was the only one in the theatre going "how can you cheat on him?!"! AND Colin Firth is in a pond again...

My other favorite storyline was the Emma Thompson/Alan Rickman one and Liam Neeson son. Emma Thompson truly astounded me with her performance. The scene where she is so excited about opening up her Christmas present only to find out it was a Joni Mitchell CD instead of the necklace was heart-breaking. I was hoping that Alan Rickman's character had come to his senses and decided to give her the necklace instad. Then when she goes inside the room and cries while listening to the CD broke my heart. She didn't want to break her children's heart during Christmas but her heart was breaking. Then the scene where she embraces Hugh Grant's character at the Christmas pageant was so sad. She was obviously hurting (you can tell by how hard she hugged him) but trying to put on a good face for the children. The storyline was kind of unresolved at the end leaving it up to speculation and that drove me a little crazy. They need to make a whole movie just on this one storyline! The Liam Neeson storyline was cute too and the little boy was too precious for words. Yea the whole running through the airport scene and learning how to play the drums in 5 weeks was unrealistic but how cute was it?!

The Hugh Grant storyline was okay but was anyone else confused by all the fat jokes about Natalie? It was enough coming from her ex-boyfriend but from the other office assistant and her dad. She was not fat at all! I'm glad they took out the "fatso" card for Keira Knightley character too because if you're calling Keira Knightley fat, then that is just wrong! I was kinda of "eh" about the Keira Knightley storyline because while it was cute; I felt sorry for her new husband who was totally oblivious to what was going on.

The singing guy was HILARIOUS. Loved him. The Laura Linney storyline was good too although unresolved at the end. The guy that she liked was HOT! (the bedroom scene... wow!)

The body double storyline I could have done without and the useless nudity. However all in all great movie!

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A heartwarming, delightful film, 5 April 2003

First off, if you go watch this movie don't expect to be "wow". It's pretty predictable but it's still a good film. I have always liked to compare books and movies. This is certainly not "The Great Gasby" or even "Pride and Prejudice" but is more like those entertaining Baby-Sitter Club books or R.L. Stine mysteries that young teens have always liked to read. I'm a teenager myself but I disagree that only young people would enjoy this movie. I was pleasantly surprised to see some 16 and 17 year old teenage boys in the theatre watching this film and they seemed to enjoy it too! Imagine that! Anyway I am a huge Colin Firth fan and although I didn't expect much from this movie, it was much better than I expected it to be. I was wary of seeing this movie because I was so used to seeing Colin in more serious roles but it provided the CF fans to see him in a role he is rarely ever in. (Sure Bridget Jones's Diary was a romantic comedy too but CF was still pretty serious). I had to laugh at Anna Chancellor's role as Henry Dashwood (Firth) fiancee. For any P&P fans, you might remember her as Miss Bingley. Is she ever going to have a role where she isn't the "bad" person who doesn't get the man in the end, LOL. I have never seen the Amanda Show so this was my first time seeing Amanda Bynes act and she's not that bad. She's young and still has a lot of learn but she can act circles around Tara Reid and Sarah Michelle Gellar. She also had great chemistry with Colin and their scenes together were touching. Colin also had great chem with Kelly Preston and I was disappointed that there weren't too many scenes with those two. Colin totally stole the movie away too (and my bias towards him is not clouding my judgment either since my friend who never seen or read P&P agreed he was the heart of the movie). This is a fun movie and although there are some corny parts, overall it's a feel good delightful movie. Definitely a chick flick though!

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One of the best adaptations ever!, 5 April 2003

I believe that if Jane Austen was alive to have seen this; she would have enjoyed it. This is by far the best adaptation of "Pride and Prejudice." I enjoyed the 1940 version with Laurence Olivier and Greer Garson very much but I enjoyed it as a movie not as an adaption of one of the most well known books. However in this version, they follow the book and even the extra scenes seemed to flow so well that one would think it was also included in the book (although I don't think Ms. Austen would have had Mr. Darcy jump in the pond and have Elizabeth discover him in that way). Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle were perfectly cast as Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett. While I enjoyed Laurence Olivier's performance as Mr. Darcy, Colin Firth IS Mr. Darcy. Now whenever I read the book, I have Colin's face as Darcy and Jennifer as Elizabeth. These two have such awesome chemistry, the scenes where they first dance at the Netherfield ball is one of my favorites from the mini-series. The moment their hands touch to begin the dance and the delightful music in the background just made that scene so.... electric. It's nice that the wardrobe department had the right style of clothes during that time period too (even though I enjoyed the 1940 version of P&P, their clothes were totally off in that movie. I was ROFL at those huge skirts they had the girls wear). I have to applaud whoever participated in the music for this movie because the movie wouldn't have been the same without it! Some of my other favorite scenes is the already famous wet shirt scene and the long look between Darcy and Elizabeth at Pemberley. The only complaint I have about the mini-series is that they skipped a few of Jane Austen's last chapter. I would have love to see Darcy and Elizabeth interact more after their engagement like in the book Elizabeth asks Darcy when he first fell in love with her. But aside from that, this adaptation is great! You won't be able to watch just an hour of it; I bet you will watch the whole 5 1/2 hr. miniseries in one sitting! Everyone I know did!

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Once a great soap opera..., 30 December 2002

All My Children is the first soap opera that I watched so I will always have a soft spot for it in my heart. That is why it pains me to see what the show has now become. In the past, we had character driven storylines and where villains paid for what they did. Now we have plot-driven storylines leaving viewers wondering what happened to their favorite characters and characters that deserve to be punished for their misdeeds are still roaming around town acting self-righteous. And I cannot get over how Tad and Dixie fans have been screwed over and over again because after 13 years, they still do not have a child. They are the only supercouple in daytime that I can think of that does not have a child together. How incredibly unfair is that David and Anna (a couple that has been together for barely a year) get to have a child while Tad and Dixie have been trying forever yet prove unsuccessful. When talking about AMC, I guess the name that will be most associated with it is Susan Lucci. She is an original cast member and have been in front burner storylines. Anyone who is an AMC watcher knows Erica's long line of men whom she has married and/or dated. I will always prefer Erica with Jackson, who I think is the love of her life. It's funny that a lot of fans think that Erica and Jack have been married. They haven't. They've been engaged though. So everytime the powers that be throw a new love interest into Erica's storyline, they are ignoring what could be a great storyline for Erica and Jack. I still have hopes that they will rekindle their love though! The Martins have been a prominent family of Pine Valley since the show started so it's sad that they are barely on now. Ruth and Joe only come out during the holidays. Tad has been acting like a moron ever since Dixie died. Why he defends Liza for every misdeed she does yet criticize Adam for everything he does I never know. That just really irks me. The way Tad was acting all self-rigteous towards Brooke for sleeping with Adam. Hey Tad you shouldn't be the one talking; you slept with Liza remember? And why everyone in the town blames Adam for every single thing is just plain wrong. Liza is the one who embezzled money from Chandler Enterprises yet it's Adam's fault? I don't understand the logic. I think I should just stop ranting about what has become of AMC and reminsence about the good times. The first storyline that Tad and Dixie had together will always be my favorite storyline. The way that Tad Martin, formerly known as Tad the cad, helped Dixie when she was being manipulated by Adam. Their courtship was so sweet. Michael E. Knight and Cady McClain have one of the most natural and electrifying chemistry in daytime. They play off each other well and their scenes can be humorous or a total tear-jerker. Who was not laughing their butt off at the Tad love test yet who was able to have a dry eye after watching the scene where Dixie is being hauled off to the looney bin? They also had good friends, Nico and Cecily, to help them with their wacky adventures. *sigh* The good old days.

They (2002)
Expected more..., 28 November 2002

I walked into this movie with really no expectations... I just wanted to see a movie that was entertaining. This movie started off all right with that cute little boy but it all went down hill from there. The plot was just stupid, and the movie so predictable. I gave this movie a 2/10. Can't believe I wasted my time to watch this when on FCM they are showing "The Innocents" a great horror flick with Deborah Karr.

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Like sands through an hour glass..., 26 November 2002

...these are the days of our lives." These famous words spoken by MacDonald Carey and the hourglass. The history of Days is rich with great storylines and not so great storylines, couples that are multi-dimnesional, unique, fun-loving, dramatic, funny and couples who are just a bore. The history of Days of Our Lives is similar to other soap operas in existence but in my opinion, Days has one of the richest history. It has some of the best cast in daytime and some of the most memorable storylines.

How can I talk about Days and not mention my favorite couple on that show? Jack Harcourt Deveraux and Jennifer Rose Horton portrayed by the brilliant and gorgeous Matthew Ashford and Melissa Reeves respectively. Their love story is unique, dramtic, poignant, funny, sexy, romantic, and enduring. Matt and Missy portray these characters so vividly and the viewer knows exactly just what they are going through. (note: I am talking about J/J during the late 80's, early 90's right now their storyline is kind of shaky. We don't know what Jennifer feels although I have a pretty clear idea) Anyway the chaste and "good girl" Jennifer falling in love with the "town pariah" is just one of the best love stories, if not the best one, in daytime history. These are two characters who have flaws and fears yet they overcome some of them and have dreams with the help of one another. With the help of Jennifer, Jack realize that he is worthy of love. Jack pushed Jennifer to be the best of journalist that she can be and guided her. To quote a fellow Jack and Jennifer fan (Jennifer whose werbsite "No Ordinary Love" is just wonderful) "They were an unlikely couple from the beginning--the young, innocent girl next door and the town pariah who everyone thought was irredeemable. But what unfolded was a love story that was poignant, funny, sexy, romantic, and most of all, enduring. In Jennifer, Jack found redemption from his past sins, and in Jack, Jennifer found her strength and spirit. Together they faced numerous obstacles and adventures that only made their love stronger."

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A predictable film but cute..., 26 November 2002

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

*contains some spoilers*

First off Mandy Moore and Shane West had chemistry. I admit that. The storyline is pretty predictable though. Cute high school guy falls for dorky school girl. Teeny-bopper storyline with a slight twist because Mandy Moore's character has leukemia. The part that I don't like is that we don't actually get to see her character die. What's up with that? Plus I think they could have gone a little more in depth about the whole leukemia thing. Like what treatment did she try? Why didn't she try chemo? (I'm supposing she didn't since she still had her hair unless that was wig.) Anyway I liked the songs in this movie though and they didn't annoy me like those damn songs in Crossroads. Over okay movie although predictable. Definitely a chick flick.

Crossroads (2002/I)
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One of the worst movies ever!, 26 November 2002

Dude I wouldn't watch this movie again if somebody paid me! Okay I watched this movie at my friend's sleepover, and I can't believe that some of them actually liked it! It was so horrible and the plot was so unoriginal. Britney Spears cannot act at all! Look I like some of her music but I think she should just stick with dancing and singing. Maybe she is a good actress but the script just stink. I don't know. I just know that I couldn't stand this movie and my friend kept on saying that it was going to get better. Didn't get better at all. I can no longer stand any songs associated with this movie especially "Unprotected" and that other one, the title escapes me. The only part I liked was Kim Cattrall's part and I know the part where she like totally disses Britney's character and Britney like looks all sad is suppose to be dramatic, but I couldn't help but laugh at Britney's "hurt" expression. Anyway hated this movie with a passion, heck A Walk to Remember was so much better. Mandy Moore can at least do drama! Just my humble opinion.

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Great movie!, 31 October 2002

I just saw this movie today, and I loved it! I have read the book numerous times but was wary about watching the movie. Even though the movie adaptation is very different from the actual novel, I still enjoyed it nonetheless. I was surprised that the Pemperbely scenes were not in the movie since I think that really was the turning point of Elizabeth and Darcy's relationship. However I enjoyed the new ending very much and liked that Lady Catherine secretly liked Lizzy after all. All in all this is a great romantic movie!

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