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Don't Believe the Hype, 19 December 2008

I don't get the high ratings and glowing reviews this has received. Yes, Heath Ledger's performance is better-than-average. But this is a badly-flawed movie, largely because of its tedious conglomeration of plot points, all of which collide in mostly unsatisfactory ways. I was prepared to be blown away. Instead, I was squirming in my seat before the half-way point. And I have two questions: First, is Gary Oldman too big a star for someone to tell him to speak up and stop mumbling the ends of all of his lines? And second, how did Maggie Gyllenhaall get this job? She's a fine actress, but is woefully miscast here. OK, I lied, three: whose idea was it for Christian Bale to do the voice he uses when he's Batman? And how did the other actors keep from laughing whenever he spoke? I think that if Heath Ledger had not tragically and stupidly lost his life, this movie would have flopped like a live fish on the pavement. All that money and talent, and a script that should have been cut by about 30 minutes, after it had been rewritten for coherency. Thank goodness for Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman.

"Whiplash" (1960)
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Peter Graves' Hat Rocked, 8 July 2008

I loved this show, and it turned me on to Australia at a very young age. This was my first exposure to the trademark "Aussie" hat (aka "Akubra") with one side of the brim up, attached to the side of the crown. In Peter Graves' character's case, I believe it was some kind of animal tooth that held it in place.

I pestered my mom and dad for YEARS to find me one, and finally we found a rough approximation in an Army surplus store, with a chain that would clip one side of the brim to the side of the crown. I wore it every day, and even after I got older I would wear it on camping trips.

I too wish at least one or two episodes had survived. I'm sure it would be terribly dated, but I think it would be fantastic.

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Before He Was Shultz, 28 May 2008

Kirk tries really hard, and has some amazing scenes of non-verbal acting greatness, but quite often he's a two-note nutcase, going from really nice to really angry and violent. There's not much more to the film than this. Seeing it again recently makes me wish they had taken a few more risks with non-formulaic elements.

I enjoyed seeing a young John Banner playing a Dutch tourist who helps the police pursue Kirk. He's far more pleasant than the caricature we all remember him as: the bumbling Sgt. Shultz from "Hogan's Heroes"

The kid from "Hans Christian Anderson" is here too, playing Kirk's sidekick instead of Danny Kaye's. And Paul Stewart, the guy who was Kane's valet in "Citizen Kane" is the cop. He was in a TON of television in the 60s.

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Great Lawyer TV Shows, 3 February 2007

My mother was an attorney, and when I was growing up we always watched "Harrigan and Son" and "The Defenders", two of the better-written TV shows of the 1960s.

It was the first time I heard the phrase "Non Compos Mentis", (which was an episode title) and prompted a talk with my mother that I still remember 45 years later.

Helen Kleeb, who played Miss Claridge was later a regular on "The Waltons".

At the end of the show, the regulars would sit around a table in a bar and sing the old Irish tune about Harrigan; "H, A, double-R, I, G-A-N spells Harrigan"

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Formerly a Favorite - Now I Will Cease Watching, 18 November 2006

I used to watch "Huff" on cable and fast-forward through all the scenes with the wife, played by Paget Brewster, because I found her so unappealing and such a very bad actress. In my opinion she ruined the show.

Now Brewster has appeared on an episode of "Criminal Minds", and it looks like they will be bringing her on to replace Lola Glaudini. I guess I will no longer watch one of my favorite crime shows.

Another Kim Delaney, an actress who is so out of Andy Patinkin and Thomas Gibsons' league it defies belief is about to destroy yet another crime drama. Delany ruined "NYPD Blue" and tried to ruin "CSI Miami". Brewster seems to be getting her shot at ruining "Criminal Minds" and I will not suffer one more nanosecond of her.

Aloha "Criminal Minds" - call me when the gal with the enormous eyes who overacts more than Nic Cage has left the building.

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Adorable Scottish Accents, 25 March 2006

My siblings and I would always call babies "the bah-bee" because of how the boys pronounced that word with Scottish accents that could charm a stone.

Continuing the tradition, my wife and I have used "the bah-bee", or "the bahby" as our secret name for our daughter (now 15).

I have not seen the movie since I was a child, and it is tragic that I and others cannot see it now, due to the lack of DVD or video availability.

I guess it doesn't have enough explosions in it...and the actors mostly act, rather than fight or have sex.

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Ages Well, 3 January 2004

This is still (in the 21st Century) a pretty good thriller. Maharis and Basehart are top-notch, plus Ann and Dana are very good. The plot is still very topical (as in Weapons of Mass Destruction). Would be a good remake candidate.

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Trite and Already Done to Death, 21 December 2003

I would love to give encouragement to more Maori movies, and the actors were all very good, but this movie should have been called, "The old man is a conservative jerk repeatedly until you have to stop watching." I enjoyed the glimpses of Maori culture and all of the dances and songs. But after the old guy was an insensitive, tradition-bound, stubborn buffoon the seventeenth time, even the novel setting and good acting could not overcome my pervasive irritation with the movie. If you want unloving dads, rent "I Never Sang for My Father." If you want great Maori characters, rent "We were Warriors." "Whale Rider" has a very charismatic and photogenic little girl as the novelty, but she can't save this turkey.

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Pretty Good, 14 July 2002

A pretty good movie. Outstanding performances by everyone, but a kind of "so what?" articulation of Nash's story. I think it would have had more impact if we had seen more of both his genius (not the BS with him doing nonsensical stuff, but actually doing math relating to his theory that won the Prize) and his illness. The movie at a minimum should have given more information about Nash's unique contribution to Mathematics. All told, it got about 2 minutes, as compared to the amount of time given his hallucinations.

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Great Movie, 6 July 2002

After reading (and loving) this novel at least 4 times, I was SOOOO disappointed by the first movie version. The newest version, while making some changes from the book, is a top-notch actualization of the book. Matt Damon and Franka Potente are perfect, and so is Chris Cooper, one of the great supporting actors working.

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