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My idea of sexy. Full stop.
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Anyone who's seen my list "The 25 Sexiest Celebs" knows that I'm not big on blonde hair. So, to compensate, here's my affirmative-action list of ten female celebrities who look alluring (at least to me) as blondes, natural or otherwise:
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Was my list of “10 Favorite Films” too art-housey for you? Okay, to make up for it, here is a list of ten films whose carefully honed, audience-tested craftsmanship has won a place in the sprocket holes of my heart, oldest to youngest:
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Twelve celebrities who died on their birthdays
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My ten favorite films, based on 50 years of viewing. Since art films are my favorite kind of movie, this list reflects that.
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Ten tantalizing short films. Live action and animation. Oldest to youngest.