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Fight Club (1999)
o.k. , but not thát good
8 July 2000
I've read too many too positive reviews on Fight Club. The 'great plot twist' was not a big surprise for me and the ending left me unsatisfied.

Fight Club is NOT shocking..... ok?

Many people will like Fight Club. I enjoyed it , but absolutely nothing more than that. There are some cool jokes and Meatloaf is great as a big breasted testicular cancer guy on hormones. Brad Pitt and the rest are good too. Also the message is ok : we are consumers...

Fight Club is original , unusual and pretty weird. BUT WHERE IS THE CLIMAX ??

6.5 out of 10
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Vertigo (1958)
VERY boring
28 June 2000
I really don't understand all the positive reviews. I was curious before watching but also critical (I've read all the positive reviews on 'Psycho' : one of the worst movies of all time and a big disappointment for me). Don't think I hate "all old movies". For instance ; I watched 'Citizen Kane' and 'Casablanca' after reading all the positive comments. That ARE two very good classics I'm positive about.

Now VERTIGO : NO SUSPENSE !! NOWHERE NEVER NEVER NEVER !!!! And just a dull story about Judy 'possessed by her grandma' (hehe) and Scottie , who suffers from vertigo (hehe) , who's 'obsessed' (with her). It's 'love at first sight' (hehe) when they meet. I have to admit that one plot twist was unexpected (NOT : surprising , (understand....?) ) and that the story of Psycho is worse. There were also some nice (1958) visuals.

The plot is NOT hard to follow , please.......

The ending is SO predictable. TOO predictable. EXTREMELY predictable. Also stupid. And NOT dramatic.

The fact that Vertigo is an unbelievable story doesn't bother me. I have no problems with unbelievable stories. I'm not saying the acting or directing is bad , that's not the problem. The problem is VERTIGO.

Watching it in 1958 I also wouldn't have liked it.

I really tried hard....

(I remembered the "beautiful setting in San Francisco" and "Judy stepping out of the bathroom" after reading some reviews........ thanks for reminding me , hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
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I didn't have enough "imagination" , damn.....?
7 June 2000
I won't be too negative about this one. The BWP is an original movie and its cool if it really works for you. Obviously it didn't work for me. Why?

--> Because I could see that the actors were actors.

--> Because I am too rational. (I really tried not to be during the film , believe me , but there was not a single moment of suspense)

--> Because the ending was disappointing.

--> Because I vaguely knew what kind of film the BWP was ??? Nah , I don't think so. I DO agree that for some people this DOES matter.

You have to be VERY imaginative to like it. Kids will be scared for sure.
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Good , exciting but....
31 May 2000
The story is too unbelievable. I was not able to put that thought away during the whole film. But when it would be a realistic , brutal war-story the masses would not like it.

The story is maybe too superficial BUT I LIKED "Saving Private Ryan". This is a very nice and professional movie , 'fun' to watch.

A must see. (Oh yeah , forgot to mention : Everyone outside America SKIP the last ten seconds. You will see some stupid flag. I didn't understand that part.....;))
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before watching : buy an EZ-crunch and train a lot
27 February 2000
This is the funniest movie I know. It's even better than Dumb and Dumber.

Oh boy , this film is extremely satirical. I like that. As a Dutchman I laugh at the American masses. Fortunately there are also intelligent Americans who produce films like Beavis and Butthead do America.

Beavis and Butthead are very very stupid. Thanks to that stupidity they manage to escape from the police many times. The police thinks that they are dealing with very smart professionals. Beavis and Butthead aren't even aware of the fact they are being haunted. >>>> that's brilliant !!

I admit : you have to like it. If you think you do : come to Amsterdam , experience liberty with me ;) and then we'll watch B&B. I will invite Quentin Tarantino too.
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o.k. , the root
18 February 2000
This will be my only comment on the Star Wars saga. George Lucas started with movie IV. Do you all believe his motives ? I don't......

There is no such thing as luck or coincidence. And remember Obi-Wan's (and Yoda's) view on concentration and reality.

Pure objectivity.

>>>>The answer has been given. WHAT IS THE QUESTION ??????

That's what Star Wars is all about.

The ancient Greek philosophers >> the renaissance >> Star Wars.
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Jerry Maguire (1996)
too sentimental
16 February 2000
Its not fair to call this film bad. I've seen worse. It's not a very intelligent movie , that's for sure. It's too sentimental. It's not crap or something. Tom Cruise is a pretty good actor , but the others........hmmmm........ The story is o.k. The message is good; don't think about money all the time and don't abuse people for making money. Did I already mention it's too sentimental ?
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it IS good
4 January 2000
I'm usually not a fan of 162 minutes during romantic drama's. But with all the oscars and positive reviews I took the risk : I was impressed.

It is a VERY nice love story , very well acted and it never bored me. The ending surprised me and was touching.

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Definitely worth watching.
4 January 2000
Hence the agony of foreknowledge combined with the impotence to do anything about it.

This line is characteristic for Twelve Monkeys.

Twelve Monkeys is a well thought out movie mainly about time traveling. For me it proves (again) that time travelling is impossible. But that doesn't make the movie not fun to watch. The acting , directing and plot are good and the atmosphere is a bit weird but cool.

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Akira (1988)
Akira : religion.
4 January 2000
This movie is só cool......

Brutal action , the BEST film music , superb animations , extremely intelligent and complicated story , philosophical deeper meaning........

We , humanity , will NEVER be able to understand the TRUE meaning of life. We must die first : than we will understand. So scientists (or : reductionists) : watch out with what you are doing >> don't push it too far......

There's more.

Watch Akira more than once : the first time is hard to follow.

I also STRONGLY advise you to buy the original soundtrack (not the original Japanese soundtrack) by Geinoh Yamashirogumi. It will suck you into Akira universe deeper and deeper. It adds so much to the film........

Buy this video , or DVD , English subtitled.
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science , religion , humanity : philosophy
30 December 1999
Warning: Spoilers
This is probably the best science-fiction film ever made.

The music is superb. The visuals are cool (in 1968 the best).

Some people say this film has no plot or ending. I do NOT agree.

This film is pure PHILOSOPHY.

(possible spoiler here) It warns us for the future : we MUST control science carefully. And the world doesn't end after death..........

The only part that irritated me a little was the first part with 'human apes'.

In 1968 this film was pioneering. In 2001 it's still extremely viewable.
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the FX are good : the rest :( :(
27 December 1999
The first movie was very good and exciting. This one definitely NOT. It disappointed me. I think it would be better to watch this movie in a theatre and not at home. There's no story and there's no suspense.

It might be interesting for CHILDREN.
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Showgirls (1995)
you have to understand it........
27 December 1999
Paul Verhoeven definitely is one of the most intelligent directors around.

People who like this movie understand that it is a SATIRE of American culture (like other Verhoeven-films....). The story is well thought out and the acting is very good.

It's nice to see the average vote given by more than 3000 people : 3,5

I think that says enough (in my opinion.....).

10 out of 10
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Hamlet (1996)
Shakespeare is GOD
1 December 1999
Branagh understands Shakespeare's brilliance. That is clear. If you want to know the true meaning of life watch this movi , at least try to watch it (and understand).

This movie explains when something is ethical wrong/right. I always thought Shakespeare was a very smart but very BORING drama writer. I WAS WRONG. This is not just drama.
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