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No Razor's Edge
24 September 2005
I have the deluxe Live Album of the same concert and I watched this and was greatly saddened to see that the Live version of Razor's Edge was NOT included on the DVD.

I was crushed but overall, one of the best concerts I have ever seen. You can feel the audience's reactions the best during the opening of Thunderstruck.

Anghus Young plays the true axe-man role here and you can just see his seemingly endless energy here over and over again during every song! Amazing performance overall!

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9 January 2004
From the opening scene of seeing Jack, Kelly and the mysterious Aimee Osbourne as they were before the days of *&^%, *%$&%, *&%^%$, this documentary has it all. A true glance at seeing Ozzy, before his shaking and slurring and seeing him tackling personal issues, such as the "Suicide Solution" controversy, the death of Randy Rhoads, the biting of the bat, the biting of the dove, p***ing on the Alamo etc... There are a lot of celebrity faces in this show and some great insights given from Alice Cooper, Motley Crue and one or two members of the original Black Sabbath. Also contains rare Sabbath footage (Nativity in Black sung in Paris), a few television appearances... As a real treat, at the end of the documentary, you get to see the long-forgotten music video for "No More Tears", a truly amazing video which features a cameo by Kelly Osbourne. So definately check this out! You won't regret it!
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See this film on it's Soundtrack Merit only
26 August 2003
I saw this film when I was a teen living in Great Britain and for some really odd unexplainable reason, the soundtrack has still stuck with me. The song played during the credits, "Ice-House - Great Southern Land" is by far one of my all time favorite songs. I found the soundtrack on Amazon a few years back and i play it regulary. The film itself isn't the greatest but I do enjoy watching the "Journey to the Mainland", not just for the song but for the amazing camera work and scenery. Yahoo Serious' career never really took off and he's kinda like Carrot Top. You either love him or you hate him.
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A Masterpiece that I fear will be overlooked!
16 July 2002
Warning: Spoilers
Contains Spoiler There was a sneak screening of Kathryn Bigalow's "K-19 : The Widowmaker" at the North Island United States Naval Air Base in San Diego, California last night and today and I was privileged to watch this film.

First of let me say this, I was very weary to go into a film with both two fine actors (and both Star Wars Alumni) Harrison Ford and Liam Neeson doing their best to hide Irish and American accents respectively, with Russian ones but I must admit the following...

"K-19" is an amazing film. Sure it has it's plot holes, I mean heck what movie doesn't these days but as a Naval Submarine film acting on material that has been done before (Crimson Tide, Hunt for Red October, U-571 and Das Boot), it is a stand alone excellent film with lots of heart and patriotism, (for Russia I must add).

Harrison Ford's character is a complicated one as you don't know where his true intentions and loyalty lie from time to time in the film and maybe that worked in the roles favor by adding mystery?? But Harrison played the crucial moments very well and I was most impressed with his job in this film. This sounds very early now but for the first time i think Ford may have actually found a film that could get him that Golden Dude that he has deserved for so long! I hope the Academy does not shy from this film or his performance. To do so would be a crime.

Liam Neeson seems to have been given the 'Star Wars - Episode I - I am Obi-Wan Kenobi and I am your servant standing in the background' treatment as his character really has trouble finding a piece of the pie to really hold on to. He really needed some gripping dialouge to keep his character interesting. Only at the end does he add some mystique of his own to the film. All through the film he talks of mutiny and his crews loyalty only to himself and how Ford's character is not as good as him but at a crucial part in the film, he for some reasons defies all logic and does the opposite of what we would have expected. This I did not understand. The scenes with him and Ford facing off, (ala Denzel Washington and Gene Hackman) give the film serious punch when some is needed!

The Special Effects were awesome and the soundtrack was moving but I must give props to one part of the film in particular and that was the final closing scene..***SPOILERS*** with Harrison Ford and Liam Neeson re-uniting with his surviving crew after 28 years of silence. I don't say this often but there was not a dry eye in the house.

Overall I give this film 8 stars out of 10. Kudos to Ford and Bigelow for making my Sunday afternoon enjoyable.
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Coyote Ugly (2000)
Interesting. A PG-13 Table-Dance!
5 August 2000
Well to put it quite plainly, I've seen better but I was amazed mainly by the leads storyline. While the other Coyote girls were not really given a backstory, I was rather impressed at how the Director just chose to stay focused on Violet's character and her relationship with her dad (a rather impressive Blue-Collar performance by John Goodman), her boyfriend, and the other Coyotes. All in all I'll just say this....Not bad for a Bruckheimer film.
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Gladiator (2000)
One of the most Realistic Depictions Ever of Tyranny and Heroism
8 May 2000
First let me say this. Russell Crowe kicked serious butt in this film. From his excellent Sword-work to his well-tuned voice, he more than accuratly portrayed a man tormented by the loss of his Emperor, the loss of his family, and the loss of his freedom, both to Slavery and a Tyrannical Dictator.

The film looked very authentic, ranging from the gruesome but realistic battles and Gladiator matches to showing what Ancient Rome might have looked like at the height of it's power and glory.

If I sat on the Academy, I would have to definately give this film a lot of nominations for Best Picture, Director, and Actor. I loved the script and that should be given a lot of credit if not a Nomination.

My hat goes off to director Ridley Scott and Russell Crowe. Well Done.
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Never in my life have I tried so hard not to cry.
13 December 1999
Of all the films I have saw this year, (Episode I set aside) this had to be the most powerful, moving cinematic event of the year. It had humor, a strong cast, moving script, sweeping score, and of course, a tight plot!

Tom Hanks. Let me just say this. Give him the Best Actor Oscar and say thanks to everyone else who was nominated. The only other actor who could come close to beating this performance was Kevin Spacey.

This truly made my top ten favorites list of all time. It's a shame that the voting scale only let's you go to ten.

Well done to the crew and cast.

Out of 10.............15/10.
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Wild Things (1998)
Very, Very twisting!
2 December 1999
I saw this film for the first time a couple of nights ago and I felt that although this film did drag at certain parts, it was truly justified with it's sexy scenes of intrigue, suspense and down-right cruelty.

Very, Very interesting!

Out of 10..........7/10.

Denise Richards was actually good for once.
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American Pie (1999)
Very Original. You'll never look at Apple Pie quite the same way!
30 November 1999
Of all the movies I saw in the summer of '99 (Austin Powers 2 aside) the most funniest film I saw had to be American Pie. It was definately the `There's Something about Mary' of 1999. The young cast pulled it of nicely with great one-liners, original jokes and of course.....the apple pie scene. That scene will go down in history as being one of the funniest comedy pieces ever.

I am definately going to buy the DVD-Unrated version for even more laughs for I am not a strong believer in editing.

Out of 10...........9/10
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Notting Hill (1999)
One of the best romantic comedies in years!
30 November 1999
Let me just say this. I thought that Notting Hill WAS the best romantic COMEDY in the nineties. It was original, it was genuine, and it was heartfelt. I think that it was a major score for both the lovely Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant, a man I wish I could be. Excellent supporting characters helped make this film even more original.

Riddler's note: The Welsh are not like that at all! I should know!

It was good to see some of London again and I think that the Director did a fantastic job with the script, the location and the all around movie.

A definate 10 out of 10!!!
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