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The Cure (2014/III)
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Cure for cancer(s), 25 July 2014

First, this film is based on a false premise to anyone who had a family member with cancer. It is actually over 100 diseases, most of which the causes are unknown. That's why chemotherapy is so hard on the body. It has to kill both healthy and unhealthy cells. In addition, many of the drugs are dozens of years past their patent. Now imagine that in fact a drug did exists that would cure everything from the ranges starting at childhood leukemia progressing to prostate and breast cancers. Any company in their right mind would want to make the trillions a drug like this would be worth. Not to mention that in 7 years they could release an extended form like Ambian did with Ambian CR to avoid secondary cancers from the initial chemo and so on to extend the patent.

The acting is sub-par, only the female lead shows future promise. This is the first full length feature by Gould who wrote/directed/produced this film. With the pounding music I wonder if he also did the sound editing as well.

Could not stop laughing, 21 January 2014

It was the first cool day since the record breaking heat here in Southern California's January. I decided to take a risk and watch this on Amazon Prime. I'm not sorry I did.

You have a narrator who purposely can't narrate his own story (Downey Jr), Val Kilmer (underrated in my opinion), and the female lead. In the woman they did not make her a bimbo except when it was in her best interest to appear this way. The sexual themes were there but didn't slow down the plot long enough to get that soda refill in the theater.

So many things had me laughing out loud but the scene of the dog taking an item from the ice was one of my favorites.

This isn't a full laugh out loud movie, although it has its times. What it is is a film that makes your insides smile.

Sicko (2007)
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Just poor all around, 13 October 2013

When this film came out I was attending one of the most liberal universities in America. In a required course for those of us planning on a basic Liberal Arts degree we were assigned to see it. None of us found it informative past some basics and all of us questioned the facts as they were presented in such a biased tone. This was a critical thinking course that bought Inconvient Truth hook, line & sinker.

When handing back our papers the teacher noted only one of us graded it above a 5/10. Interestingly the woman who graded it a 6 was our classes token member of the Religious Right.

Without spending hours breaking down the details this film never dealt with the forced separation in Cuba of those with HIV (great health care though) and the portion about Canada does not match what I've heard in antidotal stories.

Unlike Bowling for Columbine which although as much a propaganda piece, this wasn't even entertaining.

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Doesn't age, 15 August 2013

Until yesterday I hadn't seen this show since it originally aired when I was a teen. When I found season 1 on line I am in heaven. This dark comedy was far ahead of its time so like WKRP it's so good I'm happy to have a crappy streaming copy from an aging VHS tape.

The fact I've kept looking all these years later speaks volumes as I'm not a sitcom fan. Season 1 is a gem. Sadly like Dirty, Sexy, Money they made too many changes in an attempt to reach the main sitcom audience. Season 1 was so excellent I still give the series an A. If you are like me keep an eye out for this dark comedy. You won't be disappointed

The basic premise is a man decides he's going to stop drinking and begins a New life as a manager of an inner city bus terminal. This is an ensemble cast despite the name

Excellent film, 4 August 2013

After watching this film for a second time, I still don't feel I've watched the same film as the other reviewers. Generally I'm more critical then other people that have viewed certain films. Not in this case.

This film discusses the influence of Lenny Bruce on the free speech as it pertains to comedy, and our reactions to it.

This film is never lost in what it wants to be. Élan Gale knows and he drives is from point A to point B until the credits finish running at the end. It's available on Netflix Streaming. It's definitely worth your hour and ten minutes.

Raised questions but no answers, 21 June 2013

This short film probes a subsection of the homeless population in Ventura City on the riverbed. They were to be evicted in September 2012, after the film was made.

This documentary short interviews people on all sides of the spectrum from the Surftider Foundation to the chronically homeless. The basic question of where these people will go was not answered. Instead we see the many obstacles in their way to reintegration into society. Also many if not all of the homeless on the riverbed chose this lifestyle.

This film doesn't bite off more than it can chew in discussing the issue but you can bet I'm going to Google once I finish this review to see how it is turning out.

Different from other Khmer Rouge Films, 3 May 2013

For me, there are other films that deal with the full atrocities of the Khmer Rouge I would have watched one of them. Instead I wished to view the first hand accounts of guards and survivors, and this is what the film gave me.

It doesn't make this a good or bad film on this basis alone, I'm simply explaining on the criteria which I'm judging it.

Bringing together 2 of the 3 surviving prisoners, a few guards, and a doctor from the death factory of S21 to show one of several face to face encounters they have shared, we get the chance to have a front row seat to what they experienced. There were several mentions of these gatherings, plural, that it is clear this is not something the filmmaker took upon himself for the sake of the audience.

We hear of the punishments, the torture, and most upsetting to me the fact the they were coerced and beaten, sometimes treated medically so they would survive the torture until they would give a confession. Yet all admit the confessions were for the simple reason the prisoners were executed. This sent shivers down my spine.

The beginning scene to me was like a scene in a modern motion picture: it frames how we will view the rest of the footage. It succeeded very well on this extent.

I marked this film slightly lower than perfect for two reasons. The first is that there was no outside footage, except for a Kampuchea Loyalty song. Since this was the only outside influence I recall, it threw me out of the context when it played. Second a few scenes would have been handled better in a longer, slightly shorter single scene. The two separate daytime examples one guard gave of his behavior to called prisoners would have really benefited from this treatment. It also would have allowed the single nighttime example this guard gave of his treatments to these walking-dead men and women an added punch.

Overall, still an excellent film, as was Shoah which took the same technique. Don't expect a primer on the Khmer Roige, there are plenty of good ones around.

Life changing film, 3 May 2013

I watched this in between Crossing The Line and National Geographic Explorer: Inside South Korea. Now I'm viewing Camp 41: Total Control Zone about life in one camps. I want to know more about the places these poor people went. In every interview I think of the North Koreans forced back by China.

I chose this film on another's recommendation in the users comments in Crossing and I'm not sorry I did. It is not, however, a film you want to go to sleep right after. Nothing is tied in a pretty bow. Just the opposite in fact. This film studies the North Koreans who escape across the border with China. China, fearing a refugee crisis, sends them back although the punishment is abusive at best, fatal very often as defecting is a capital offense in their home country.

As a consequence an Underground Railroad of sorts is run in China between it and Mongolia. This film follows two of the groups. One to Mongolia, another who attempts to defect via the Japanese consulate. Through the filmmaker we follow the results, as best we can. It's heart wrenching. I read on the message boards one IMDb member jointed Annesty International after viewing this and is active a number of years later. This is that kind of film. You will be changed in someway once you've seen it. Even if it is only to perk up your ears when North Korea is mentioned on the nightly news

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Surprisingly good, 22 December 2011

This is not as much of a who-did-it as it is a profile of Sid and Nancy. If you take it as that, its very good. I've seen several films that detail their lives, but this one is the best.

Clocking at about 100 minutes, this film has an excellent soundtrack that will take you back to the time of Sid Vicious and the Sex Pistols.

After viewing this documentary, you may not know who killed Nancy but you will feel this need to take a shower after being exposed to a lot of seedy people who knew Sid and Nancy at the time of their deaths.

If you are interested in Punk Rock or just looking to pass a couple hours, you'll be pleased with "Who Killed Nancy?"

Black Swan (2010)
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Good for what it is., 1 March 2011

Saw this film tonight, and was impressed. This story of a woman (Portman) who is overtaken by the evil black swan as she prepares for her first performance as a principal dancer was quite frightening at times.

Barbara Hershey (botox and all) did a great job as the stage mother in this film.

Although this is by no means a Oscar level film (I was very surprised to see it nominated) Portman does give an Oscar winning performance in the lead.

A little above a popcorn movie I highly recommend this film to all lovers of dance.

In many ways it captures the behind the scenes look and feel of what I saw with women who trained with the hopes of a professional dancing career with the twist of a woman who has gone beyond the normal stressors of someone under this type of pressure.

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