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Courage (1986) (TV)
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Great drama, 16 April 2004

Based on a true story and what a story that is!

Sophia Loren stars as the mother in a family of four. One of her two sons are a drug addict -more and more Loren is drawn into a world completely different from what she known. Suddenly she is in the middle of the drug trade in New York. Loren acts beautifully and believable and together with a great supporting cast with actors as Hector Elizondo "Courage" comes out as a very realistic drama. Director Kagan handles the story with respect. As it is a true story it also should be this way, and in the end "Courage" is a great drama about courage, a drama about an ordinary family caught up in a grim reality.

Great acting, great story. Recommended!

Great actors but no great movie!, 10 March 2003

Marianne Linner, daughter of police chief Linner, tries to catch a thief in the building where she lives. Mistaken identity, double jeopardy and love are the main parts in this movie. Even though "Bruden kom genom taket" stars great swedish actors like Stig Järrel, Karl-Arne Holmsten, Annalisa Ericson and the superb Gunnar Björnstrand the movie is neither funny nor exciting.

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A stirring account of of a women in Iran, 1 February 2003

A truly stirring account of a girl and her struggles told through Taraneh Alidoosti.

This rich drama tells us a story of love, humor, joy and despair in a marvelous way. Director Rasul Sadrameli paints a simple yet profound picture of Taraneh and the world around her. The characters are very well acted and Taraneh Alidoosti is truly fantastic. A unpretentiousness imagery puts the focus on the story itself, a drama which is so strong and absorbing that "Man, taraneh, panzdah sal daram" leaves no one left untouched.

A fascinating film!

Boat Trip (2002)
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Roger Moore is great but the rest..., 7 December 2002

What shall one say? "Boat Trip" is both a disaster and comedy that works. The idea of Cuba Gooding and his friend getting aboard on a gay cruise is fun, it also works that Cuba falls in love with a women and so on, but the rest, except Roger Moore who really is great, is bad, really bad. The worst part is the Swedish sunbathing team.

The movie is not good at all but could have been, worth seeing though for the part with Roger.

4/10 (close to 3/10)

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Worst Bond ever!, 27 November 2002

Worst titlesong, worst directing, worst story, worst gadgets... I could go on, the list is long. is there anything good about "Die another day"? Yes, but those exceptions are made up by scenes borrowed from other Bond films. I really don´t know what "die another day" is about, the story is that messed up.

John Cleese is good in the role as "R", but the rest is better left alone. This movie is an insult to the work done by the people behind every other Bond film, and the sad part is that this is not just a bad Bond film it´s a really bad film!

Please don´t make an insult like this again!


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Never really gets to you, 15 July 2002

The story itself is good, based on a novel, but this adaption for the screen does not cope in keeping the tense, the dramatics, the love that are ingredients in the story. "Sins of Rachel Cade" plays for two hours -but feels like an eternity. Overall the acting is good but something is missing and the movie ends up as a flat, little interesting and almost boring movie. This is a shame because the story itself is interesting and should have been handled better.

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Fascinating epic, 19 March 2002

Made for television in 1974 but non the less rather well-made and supported by great actors. Richard Burton stars as Sir Winston Churchill in this epic which spans the pre-war years of 1936-40. Following Churchill from being both ignored and ridiculed to the point where he is asked to lead the British nation, The gathering storm is interesting, fascinating and a great document of history. Richard Burton gives a powerful and fully believable performance, one of his better in the 1970s. 6/10

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Great fun, 11 February 2002

One of the better movies in the Jönssonligan series. This 1984 adventure is the third movie and great fun. The plot is alright and the acting (as always) great. Jönssonligan får guldfeber is mostly recommended for its thrilling scene at the city hall in Stockholm. High up in the tall building Jönssonligan is trapped climbing on to the large clock outside the tower. I rate it 5/10 close to 6/10.

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Nice little spy flick!, 16 January 2002

The movie is based on a true story. Rommel has planted two German spies in Cairo. They are his "ears and eyes" in the British eight army. Rommel is looking for information which can help him plan an attack on Cairo. The plot is good and interesting and the film holds the story together. It is quite clear that the budget is low, most of the scenes are shot in studios. The story is told in a slow pace, sometimes to slow- it never gets exciting! The acting is quite good all over, despite a few minor roles. Actor Michael Caine acts in a minor role as a German; Hans. Foxhole in Cairo is a nice little film, nothing more, and add up to 4/10

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Assassination of a story, 15 January 2002

For the major part Assassination of Trotsky moves with a very slow pace and makes the movie even boring from time to time. Some scenes are over dramatized and creates an uneven tempo. Richard Burton:s character Leon Trotsky is minimized an old man walking around his villa speaking monologues, not enough to save the movie. Alain Delon acts Frank Jacson, the assassin, with bad judgment. The character is overplayed and not convincing. You even have trouble hearing what the man says when English not is his native tung! The story is very interesting and with burton in the lead one suspect that Assassination of Trotsky is a good film. Sadly this is not the case and the movie cannot be recommended. This is not a bad film but it suffers to much from an uneven tempo, bad direction and bad acting. It adds up to 3/10

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