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Rogue One (2016)
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Mind blown. I thought I'd never experience Star Wars this way again since 1977, 21 December 2016

...when I was 3 years old.

This movie had me literally at the edge of my seat, hands sweaty. I couldn't stop staring at the screen. I felt I was, once again, piloting an X-Wing. I felt the excitement I thought I'd never feel again. I felt fear when the most famous bad**s of all time was back. I was exhilarated. I cried. I cheered. I had a new hope at the end of it all.

This is what the prequels should have been, instead of the garbage Lucas dumped on us. This is what we deserved all along. This is Star Wars, all grown up. And it's better than it ever was.

I'd consider this as good as Star Wars; better than every other movie, and quite frankly, far better than I could have ever expected.

Thanks Disney. You have definitely saved the franchise.

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A movie can be good or bad, but it should never be boring. This one is., 21 November 2016

You can enjoy bad movies (Manos, Plan 9). You can enjoy good movies (too many to mention).

But one thing a movie cannot ever be is boring. That never works for anyone.

This movie is a major bore. Nothing interesting happens (that you haven't seen before, with way funnier actors). It's a Ghostbusters rehash, with far worse acting. That's it.

The leads have NO chemistry whatsoever. The original Ghostbuster actors were a team inside and outside the set, and it showed. These actors have nothing going for them.

Dialog is boring, acting is boring, everything, everything is boring. It's just a waste of time.

It could have been bad, and it would have been a better movie than this.

Don't even download it from somewhere. It's honestly not worth's anybody's time.

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This is "The Phantom Menace" of the Independence Day franchise, 2 July 2016

Yesterday, I watched ID4 (the original) just to make sure I wouldn't ignore any references on the new movie.

I shouldn't have. Because I was reminded of how silly great the original movie was. It was like a serialized comic book, everything made sense, the pacing was great, the characters were awesome, etc.

The new movie is like a boiling pot of good ideas that fail to impress. I went to see it with my son. When we came out, we started discussing which part was our favorite. We kept scratching our heads - and we couldn't remember a single scene!

The original is full of silly epic moments. The President's speech. The doctor being attacked by the Aliens. Will Smith punching the alien and screaming "WELCOME TO EARTH!"

The new one? My son said "dad, they made the aliens look stupid. They used to be so scary".

That was pretty much the extent of our conversation.

I couldn't imagine how they'd be able to make a bad movie out of the franchise. But they did.

No wonder the movie theatre I went to was basically empty!

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Awful. For all their money, DC can't seem to make a likable movie about Batman or Superman lately, 26 March 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

First: we all knew Henry Cavill would suck. He sucked before, it was just a matter of time before he was absolutely unlikeable as Superman again.

Second: the minute Ben Assfleck was cast as Batman, we knew we were in deep trouble. He can be a good actor, but here's one word: Daredevil.

Third: Zack Snyder. Need I say more?

While Robert Downey Jr. and the rest create likable characters in a likable universe, with interesting settings and issues, this movie is all about big explosions, bizarre relationships and... well, not much more. Where did the third major player come out from? Why was she there? Where's the rest of the Justice League? Why was it all dumb explosions? Could they have found a dumber Lex Luthor? Why on earth would Batman care so much about what Superman was telling to him in the end?

Why did I waste 2.5 hours, when this movie was so absurd, so empty, so stupid?

Really, Ant-Man is Oscar material next to this. Guardians of the Galaxy is a thousand times better. And those are the small Marvel Universe movies.

Why did they insist on casting Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck is beyond me. They destroyed the franchise before it started.

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Is this the best Star Wars movie ever?, 19 December 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I was absolutely sure this was going to be an epic failure. Disney. Star Wars. The horrible taste the prequels left us with.

I watched the prequels before watching the movie. They were even worse than I remembered them. Atrocious. Unwatchable.

The best thing that could ever happen was Disney getting Lucasfilm off George Lucas' hands. There. I said it. George Lucas, thank you for not being involved AT ALL in this movie. You almost destroyed Star Wars with the "prequels".

But JJ Abrams and Disney... they created a masterpiece. This is movie is so stunning in so many levels I can only compare it to when I was 3 years old and watched Star Wars in a huge movie theatre. Goosebumps, chills, the whole deal. This movie feels real, looks real, just like the original trilogy did. This is amazing - I couldn't imagine Disney topping "Episode 4" - but in my humble opinion, they did.

Disney, JJ Abrams, everyone involved - feel proud about yourselves. You made me forget the prequels ever existed, and made me feel like a 3 year old kid for 2 hours.

If these guys do Episode 8 and somehow state that the prequels were "some sort of mythology that never happened", I'll be happy for the rest of my life.


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Terrible, horrible movie. Make sure you know what it's about, then avoid it at all costs, 8 November 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

First of all - I'm a fan of The Little Prince. I've read it ever since I was a very young kid, and now that I'm a middle aged adult, it still holds tons of surprises and things to thoroughly think about. It may as well be my favorite book ever.

So, when I saw there was going to be an adaptation of the book, I hoped for a somewhat true to the book story. Anything close to it would have been fine by me, really. I mean, the book just doesn't lend itself to a movie, IMHO. It's just too deep and complex, and too simple and sweet at the same time.

The book, to me, it's the sweetest and most delicate balance of what being a human being is all about. What moves us, as seen from the eyes of a wise, sweet, innocent child.

The movie, therefore, is an atrocity and an insult to Antoine De Saint-Exupery. Period. It's the grossest, vilest insult to The Little Prince I could ever imagine.

First - I should have known from the ads. The Little Prince is a little icon, far away from the main characters - The Aviator, The Fox, and... The Girl???? Where did the little girl come from? Apparently, the movie makers thought they just couldn't make a movie without adding extra characters. And then, I suppose, they thought making a movie about the original story would have been too difficult, so they just tossed it all away and wrote an original story about a little girl and her mom.

I wish I was kidding. I'm not. The Little Prince story is just an excuse to move along a primary story about something else. It's treated as an extra, as something superfluous, as something - I guess - they had to do because the movie was named "The Little Prince", If you went in, expecting to watch something related to the real story, you are going to be very, very disappointed.

Second - the story never goes into what makes The Little Prince so special. You get to see the Little Prince traveling through asteroids, talking to his rose, taming his fox. Is any of this explained or explored in detail? No. It is treated as a distraction to the main story. The filmmakers never even bother to explore the symbolism behind the story. It's merely treated as an excuse for telling an alternate story.

Third - and this is where the spoiler goes. The Little Prince is all about love, tenderness, anger, happiness and ultimately, sadness. It's a moving story, told in the sweetest way possible - through the eyes of a small child. What on EARTH were the filmmakers thinking when they threw in action scenes? WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?!?!?!? I won't spoil it all, but when I saw scenes straight out of a video game, with violence, planes zooming in and out, adventure, etc., I almost walked out of the theater. The only thing that made me stay there was my child.

Fourth - another spoiler. The aviator was a child with a wonderful imagination, who grew up to become a jaded person. The Little Prince helped him question his beliefs and rediscover a sense of wonder he had lost. In the movie, the aviator is a childish old man. Not "child-like", or full of wonder. The whole point of the book was how an adult can become responsible, knowledgeable, yet retain his sensibility and sense of wonder throughout. Nowhere is this to be seen - the aviator is just like a spoiled, irreverent, incoherent child. Which is even more absurd when you see the real Little Prince's sequences, and you realize how different both versions of the aviator are.

Fifth - another spoiler. If you ever want to see part of your childhood ruined and torn to pieces, go watch this movie. You'll see where The Little Prince ended up. And believe me, you'll want to shout your lungs out at the filmmakers for destroying your childhood image of what his little Majesty would end up like. It's a travesty. It's depressing. It's false. And it's absolutely, completely wrong.

This is the most misguided, insulting and infuriating book adaptation I've ever seen. It's as if Star Wars: Episode 7 was about a kid watching Star Wars: A New Hope 30 minutes at a time. It's just... wrong.

Shame on everyone involved in making this travesty. 2 stars, because the animation showing what The Little Prince was really about was actually very well done.

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Yet more proof Steven Spielberg is a hack who should be kept away from a camera, 28 June 2015

Sure, the action scenes are fun. Let's get that out of the way, because that's pretty much everything that is right about this movie.

Certain people did one or two things right. George Lucas, for example. Steven Spielberg is another. But every single piece of cinema he has done after, say, Jaws, or Indiana Jones, is simply terrible.

Take this movie. Jurassic Park had a certain charm, but once you get past the couple of minutes of CGI, you notice how terrible the movie is. Bad acting, bad plot, terrible acting, ham-fisted approach to storytelling, horrible acting, you name it.

All of this - and more - is in this movie. It's basically a remake of Jurassic Park - it's the exact same premise, with mostly the same characters. Can Spielberg think of anything else other than child geniuses? The story is laughable - you get this feeling that the characters need to do something, fast, and they stop and try to drive the story... slooooowly. The ham-fisted approach is there - characters won't only tell you what is going on, but what exactly is going to happen.

The whole movie feels like a mega-million dollar school project.

Once, I thought Spielberg was an amazing presence in the movie business. But that was 30 years ago. Right now, I can't imagine why people flock to watch his movies. Perhaps because the alternatives are even worse.

Save your time, watch it on video. Better yet, avoid.

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After a surprising Part I and II, we get The Bore Games, 14 June 2015

Most people have already said what is wrong with this movie. But I'll just add - NOTHING happens during the movie. Nothing. I was expecting SOMETHING, anything - all I got was hesitation and doubt from every single character.

That, and the fact that the main character (Katniss) looked scared 100% of the time. She had a single facial expression: OMG. No smiles, no strength, no nothing. For a movie that is supposed to set her up as a hero, this is a disaster. All I could think of what "JEEZ, I get it! You are troubled! MOVE ON!!!".

Terrible. Should have listened to my friends, who said just to skip this one and read the books.

Gloria (2014/II)
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I can't believe anyone would make a movie out of a rapist and murderer, 10 December 2014

For those who don't know - Gloria Trevi was part of the Andrade - Trevi clan, who recruited young girls and basically made prostitutes out of them. Gloria Trevi and Andrade raped these girls repeatedly and had them get abortions. Trevi killed her own son with a pillow. Both were caught and tried in Brazil. When they came to Mexico, Televisa miraculously got her freed an is now a star again. Most of Mexico knows who she is and what she did, but somehow, some people still like her.

To make a movie about her life, presenting her as an innocent victim, is a shame and a disgrace to all of her real victims. I hope everyone boycotts this movie.

Don't take my word for it. Do some research. This is pretty much like making a movie glorifying Ted Bundy.

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Stunningly bad, 30 August 2014

I can't believe Disney tried to do a movie like this.

Attempted rape. Murders. Sexual overtones everywhere. A story far too complex and mature for kids filled with talking gargoyles and "funny" characters. It's too boring and scary for kids, and too dumb for adults. What's

But worst of all - the fact that the whole story is acceptance, and the fact that beauty is found within - and yet Esmeralda falls in love with the beautiful stranger, completely ignoring the main character of the film - because he's deformed.

So, I guess the lesson here is - you can be a hero and have a heart of gold, but unless you are handsome and cool, it really doesn't matter.

Easily, the worst Disney animated movie ever made.

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