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It is a very, very good Movie, 12 December 2005

But it is no "Lord of the Rings", more like "Harry Potter". I love the books and I think Disney did a good job but I feel they made a serious mistake in ballyhooing the "allegory thing". People who come to the movie particularly for that will be disappointed, it is so subtly done that If you hadn't been told about it in advance , you probably would't register on it Those people who stay away because of the ad stress on the allegory, miss a very good movie. Since this is a fantasy{ aimed toward children?} the battle scenes are clean, no gore. Exciting but not frightening. I hope they will continue with the rest of the books in the series. I don't recall any additional allegory in the rest of the books. Hopefully ,those children seeing the movie will be encouraged to read the books and see Narnia for themselves

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You know what they say about "Payback"!, 12 November 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie completes the Patton story.

SPOILER!----- that is if you didn't know this already! This is what I mean about 'pay back"-------for a man like General Patton to die in bed as the result of an automobile accident is the most humiliating thing that could ever happen to him. It certainly was "payback" and more--- for anything he ever did wrong.

He was "a born warrior".

As we learned in the first movie, the General believed in reincarnation------ believed that he had fought in many places," in many times and many guises"-maybe he fought in Viet Nam, maybe he is in Iraq today!

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A pretty good little movie!, 15 May 2004

I don't see why comments are so negative on this film. Before movies got so "pretentious", and ticket prices so high-----this would have been considered a very good 2nd feature on a double bill. I wouldn't buy it--- but it is certainly well worth renting. It is very well done. The actors play their parts well and the story is quite exciting.

It was nice seeing some actors I haven't seen for awhile. Nicely crafted and very well done. Take a look!

The Alamo (2004)
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very slow, but has it's moments, 7 April 2004

I really saw this by accident, as the movie I had intended to see was not showing. Mainly, everyone just sat around in the Alamo, "jawing" while Santa Ana's men were camped outside. The person who played Travis seemed awfully young for the role. Both Davy Crockett and Jim Bowie were well done although I miss the traditional scene where the "line is drawn in the Sand" to divide those who want leave and those who want to stay and fight ,and dying Jim Bowie begs them to carry him over to the "stay and fight side'! The scenes of the Alamo being stormed were good, but somehow to me the movie lacked pazazz! Instead of ending with the deaths of the defenders, we went on to see Sam Houston defeat Santa Ana on the banks of the San Jacinto River and no credit was given the defenders of the Alamo for the 5 days that their defense had given Houston to prepare. Santa Ana was portrayed as something of a cartoon figure.

It's not "Somewhere in Time"!, 2 May 2002

A pleasant film, a wonderful way to spend a hot afternoon in an air conditioned theatre. I enjoyed it very much but it doesnt match up to my favorite, "Somewhere in Time". If you liked "Kate and Leopold, You'll love "somewhere in Time".

Surprisingly good, but long!, 21 December 2001

I love the books so I approached the film with some trepidation! I was happily surprised. To me the beginning seemed a bit "hokey" but as the film went on it really hit it's stride. The section on the Mines of Moria was excellent and I liked the character developement. You could feel the power of the Ring to corrupt good men! I felt sorrow for Boromir{ as I did in the book}

I think the film might be hard to follow for those who haven't read the book. I saw the film in english with Spanish subtitles and I think it most be very dificult for those who don't speak fluent english.

It's not a film for children, unless they are old enough to have read the book.

A happy surprise!, 21 December 2001

I saw this movie on Tv, it had already started so I knew nothing about it, not even the title, but as I watched I grew interested. It's a good story and I would highly recommend to anyone who hasn't seen it. I had to track it down through IMdb using only the lead characture's name.

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An Australian spaghetti western!, 17 August 2001

I had no ideas about the film---a friend merely recommended it as worth seeing! I enjoyed it---just your basic "Cowboy" set in Australia, The plot was a bit thin but that is normal for the genre. After all it is strictly fantasy! I did notice that except for the worms the Aborigines gave them, Tom and his lady friend neither ate nor drank during the desert sojourn. Nor did the horse!

The scenery is beautiful.

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A real Surprise!, 21 July 2001

This is one of the best movies I have ever seen! Even though I don't speak Spanish well, I could follow the story just fine! I wondered at the "C" rating posted in the lobby. Many families brought their children with them. This is not a movie for little children, I'd say 14 years and up. When the film ended you could have heard a pin drop! We all just sat there while the credits rolled. See it, if you have the opportunity, it is a great film!

Our Town (1940)
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I thought that I had mis-remembered!, 15 June 2001

I saw "Our Town" as a play, put on by our local community college, in the mid 1960s. I never saw the movie until today, and I was somewhat surprised by the difference in the story line. I thought my mind must be going!

I am happy to see from the other comments that, yes, indeed there was a change! If I recall correctly, in 1940, it was believed that a movie "wouldn't sell" without a happy ending!

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