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Absolutely Blown Away, 8 August 2011

So having loved music videos from India for a long time & seeing bits & pieces of Bollywood style films I was not surprised that after seeing the trailer for this film last fall that I made it my mission to see it. Literally I tracked this film to several theaters & then finally to DVD. Waited "Patiently" for netflix to get over the rush of so many people wanting this video & finally got to see it. It was amazing on so many levels. The chemistry alone from Maneesh & Ranveer was so enjoyable to watch. They just fit so well together on screen like their characters do in the film. The music which I now own as of five minutes ago (DVD soon to follow) is amazing because you get a little bit of everything. Dance, Rock, some slow but quickly picks up tempo. I am still reeling from how much I loved this movie but I knew I would from the second I saw the trailer. If you love a good story, great music, wonderful acting, beautiful weddings & just a really good film then you will love this one. The director right from the start has you pulled in to this film. The shots he gets in this film are just nothing short of amazing. I really like his style & the way he did his montage scenes. Recommended for anyone who loves an amazing musical style film!~!

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Oh my Gosh...Incredible!~!, 11 February 2011

At first I wasn't sure where the movie was going. I knew the tiny bit of synopsis. Josh is upset about losing her girlfriend ten years ago. His buddy Russ comes back in to town and then you see how things unfold. The story was great, so many things now make sense after seeing the ending. I was not expecting the cast to be this good. It really added to the story so by the end everything makes since. Of course my true motive to see this film was Chad Lindberg & it only took me three years to see it but it was definitely worth it. The entire cast made it, and the story at first will seem a little confusing but the cast flows it right a long. The soundtrack was great a lot of awesome music to be heard through out the film. I recommend this film to anyone who loves a great cast and a great story!~!

"Alice" (2009)
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Did not expect to love it!~!, 7 December 2009

Yet I did. First and foremost Andrew Lee-Potts. That is all that needs to be said. Just take one look and the beauty and utter gorgeousness explains it all. Plus his amazing acting talent. Caterina Scorsone I have seen in numerous things but it was awesome to see her in a role like this. She was so phenomenal as was the rest of the cast. You could have expected more because the roles were casted wonderfully and everyone so believable. Matt Frewer shocked me in this role because Honey I shrunk the kids is what I best know him from and he was surprisingly great and wonderful to watch. Philip Winchester was not on scene enough but the time he was, was terrific and he had you questioning him the whole movie. Kathy Bates, Harry Dean Stanton, Tim Curry, Timothy Webber and Colin Meaney all lived up to their wonderful talent and long standing careers. Zak Santiago was awesome and this was a great role to see him and was surprised when I first saw him in this kind of film but loved how well he portrayed the character. The storyline was wonderful. I did not expect any less from director Nick Willing (Tin Man). What I did enjoy though was the fact it was not as dark as Tin Man. This film went more storyline and was creepy and kind of dark without over doing it. Also the lack of makeup and costumes which were used more in Tin Man and less this one helped by not taking away from the story. All in All great film definitely a family film but some scenes may be a little scary or confusing to young children say under 13. Wonderful film recommended to those that are a fan of the 10th Kingdom or just any fantasy type of stuff. Once again Andrew Lee Potts!~!

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Very Good, It's like being at a show!~!, 28 February 2009

So going in to this film I really did expect the same format and Miley Cyrus's film. Behind the scenes and concert footage, but the boys did it differently by mostly giving you an inside look in to one of their shows. The behind the scenes stuff its mostly montage and there are a few scenes that are "behind the scenes". I think with this film it was more show though and that's what made it enjoyable, if you love the music and have not been able to attend one of the concerts you get a front row seat. It was just a lot fun to watch and the boy's are amazing and their career is well deserved and the haters exist because they are doing so well. This film shows that they are normal and like to have fun and put on one hell of a show. I can't really explain it but this film was just a treat and I came out thoroughly pleased and wanting to watch it again. If your a fan definitely go see this film and enjoy it, or if you kind of like their music then just go check it out to see them and what they are like live. If you don't like them, then why are you here? Recommended for OJD, The Fans, and anyone who realizes these guys are amazing!~!

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Such a Sweet Film!~!, 23 January 2009

This was such a genuine film with a lot of heart. I loved the story line for one. It was not over the top or extremely dramatic. Not only with the script but I did not expect those performances from either one of the main actors. Dustin Hoffman who I within the last few years have discovered his genius and wonderful acting talent. His smile just lights up the screen and you feel so sad for his character because its like you want to fix everything for him because within 48 hours you see things for him fall dramatically. Emma Thompson can do no wrong. Every film she does she plays her character to fullest whether it be a house wife, nanny, or crazy teacher she can do it all. This role for her seemed like it was a fun one and with a lot of heart. I especially love her line "Shall we walk" because I think to find someone who you can walk with and talk for hours and you don't care where you are going because you are so caught in the conversation that nothing else matters. That to me is so romantic and its not overly done, its simple and sweet. All that was missing was a song from Benton Paul called I only see you at the wedding. That would have been so wonderful. The cast though small was great I especially loved all scenes with the mother because I seen her and several of the cast members in many films and television. The daughter was great and she is like me, I want to make sure I am not hurting anyone's feelings and that everyone is OK and happy. The end was perfect and it ended it simply and sweet. Just go see it and enjoy, I recommend for those who are in the movie spirit!~!

Inkheart (2008)
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Shows just how amazing Books can be!~!, 23 January 2009

The first question I was asked after I saw this movie. "What book would you bring to life?" I just started books left and right and the thoughts and possibilities are endless. Brendan Fraser is so well known with of course action films and what not that seeing him doing family films is really enjoyable not only because he is very believable and talented but he chooses very good scripts. This film especially brings out the most fascinating and wonderful things like just all the books with Library and the old fashion bookstores. I honestly wanted to just go and pick a book after this and get swept up in to their world just like I always do. Paul Bettany I never expect anything less from him and he is just brilliant with everything he does. Rafi Gavron added the comic relief to this film along side Jim Broadbent and Sienna Guillory was just a phenomenal actress. Helen Mirren is just fun and a delight to watch on screen. She played her role perfectly as did everyone in this film. The special effects were beyond belief and all the stories brought in to this film, it was so neat to see characters from them. I would really love for them to continue on and maybe shoot the next two films back to back and give us InkSpell and Ink Death. InkHeart as a book looked amazing and I really wish I could have known what that story was about. This is really just a feel good family film and you can't go wrong with it or even a book.

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Such a Great Movie!~!, 16 January 2009

Aside from Kevin's stand up comedy being hilarious this movie definitely showed his true comedic talent. The storyline was believable and the cast was perfect. The little girl who played his daughter Raini Rodriguez was so cute, very talented and believable as his daughter. This movie had so many twists and massive amounts of great comedy. It was so cool Mike Vallely had a cameo and of course I recognized his skateboarding skills and then who he was. Jayma Mays was so fantastic and hysterical. The bad guys were so believable and moved like it was nothing. The mall was perfect and extremely cool for shooting this movie and gave a lot of room to play around with the film and expand shooting scenes. I am so buying this when it comes out on DVD and I love Paul's Cell Phone!~!

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Really Good!~!, 14 January 2008

I was really impressed. At first I was a little skeptical but I kept thinking I have been wanting to see this. It was really funny and just enjoyable. I just kept wanting to see what was going to happen next. I love this kind of comedy because its not forced down your throat to where you choking on it or totally disgusting with crude humor or jokes. They really put a lot of fore thought into this and the appearance by Williem Dafoe made it just perfect. I loved how everything fell in to place and how the story just flowed. I really enjoyed Max Baldrys character and him and bean were just perfect. I really like Rowan Atkinson since I saw him in Johnny English and I always saw the previews for Mr. Bean and thought they were funny but this movie was just funny and a real delight. Recommended for the Family!~!

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So Amazing and Murderer of Love!~!, 21 October 2007

My sister and I both wanted to see this but were debating on going to the sneak preview or not. We were so glad that we went because it was really laugh out loud funny and it's one of those romantic movies that really is just wonderful. It's not all gushy and boring. It is really romantic and funny. There was a couple next to me and her boyfriend was laughing out loud and enjoying it because let's face it, It's Steve Carell's year and he can do anything and do no wrong. I'm not a big fan of Dane Cook but I really enjoyed him in this movie. He was so good in it. Norbet Leo Butz who's my sister's favorite and the other members of the family were casted perfect and they all did a wonderful job especially Diane Wiest and John Mahoney who looks great by the way. The daughters I was extremely impressed with. They casted them perfectly and Alison Pill who I've seen in so many movies is so talented and Brittany Robertson and Marlene Lawston were both wonderful to watch and were perfect. No characters were overlooked or two small but Steve was in his element and came through so amazing. Juliette Binoche who I loved in Chocolate was amazing and this was no exception. She did so well in her role and Emily Blunt was a big surprise but she was fantastic. The movie is really a family movie, there's nothing bad in it words, sexual content etc... but it's one where you would enjoy at home or in the theater and with the people who you love and like to spend time with. Recommended for anyone who loves a good movie!~!

Gracie (2007)
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One girl fought back and won!~!, 15 October 2007

Judging by the trailers you know this movie is going to be a tearjerker. It did not let down. They did not though dwell on certain subjects forever meaning the story progressed and in doing so kept you locked and wanting to see the rest of it. I was really impressed and shocked to find out the family aspect behind the creating of this movie. The story was just brilliant and I've watched Carly Schroeder grow up on T.V. in Lizzie McGuire. Mean Creek is a movie that showed she can do dramatic and can do something different then Teen Television and this movie sealed the deal. Dermot Mulroney as the father was by far one of the best castings in this film. You saw his give and take and his struggle to either help or be against the obstacles in front of him. Elizabeth Shu can do no wrong. This was a the perfect role and she did not over play it. She really did have the believability of a concerned mother in the 70's. Weighing everything around her. The siblings especially Johnny were casted great as well as Kyle and Peter. They gave such a believability to their roles that you loved and hated them at the right times and you really struggle for Gracie in the since where putting yourself in her shoes and saying well I would have done this but your not Gracie and you have to stick with her and watch her triumph. I recommend this to Anyone and Everyone especially families or just mom's and daughters to watch and enjoy!~!

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