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The Kids are alright, 28 March 2000

Brain Candy is my favorite movie. It's the Kids in the Hall at their best! Brain Candy is not only a hilarious movie, it has a terrific message. Brain Candy tells the story of Dr.Chris Cooper (Kevin McDonald),a nerdy scientist who invents a wonder drug that cures depression. The drug, called Gleemonex gets released without proper testing, and soon the public is hooked. But they find there is a terrible side effect. And now it's up to Chris to fix his mistake. The message in Brain Candy is that you can't just buy happiness. The great thing about this movie is it's not preachy. It gets its point across and entertains at the same time. The cast, Dave Foley, Kevin McDonald, Bruce McCulloch, Mark McKinney and Scott Thompson are excellent! This movie is dear to my heart, because I went through a period in my life where I was depressed. I wanted to take a pill and make everything better without putting out any kind of effort. This movie helped me realize that I couldn't be happy all the time. I had to do something about my life and not just expect a miracle drug to cure everything. Now I'm off the medication and I'm finally comfortable not being happy constantly. Like Dr.Chris Cooper says "People are supposed to be sad sometimes." I recommend this movie not only to Kith fans, but to all fans of intelligent comedy.

Lost & Found (1999/I)
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David Spade plays nice., 14 November 1999

Unlike most romantic comedies Lost and Found is truly funny. Other romance/comedies tend to focus mainly on the romance and kinda forget to put any comedy in. Lost and Found is very funny, plus it has genuine emotion and romance. David Spade is great as Dylan, and unlike most of his roles, he plays a really likeable guy. He plays the hero you root for,instead of his usual sarcastic jerk character. The jerk in this movie is Patrick Bruel as Renee, Lila's sleazy ex-boyfriend. Sophie Marceau is likeable as Lila,but lacks personality.Artie Lange is hilarious as Spade's unwanted sidekick, Wally. But the true star of this one is David Spade. I loved this movie and highly recommend it to anyone who loves a great comedy w/ a little romance.