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They Don't Make 'em Like This Anymore, 3 February 2003

I am a sucker for movies where a mastermind rounds up a bunch of other ragtags for a heist. Unfortantly when a movie like this is attempted today it usually always fails (see Heist). Kubrick masterfully directs this "small" masterpiece with excellent performances all around. I do however caution that you use the subtitle button on your remote when the wrestler appears on the screen. The "Dragnet" style narration is stupid and is the only flaw of this wonderful movie. It is also significant to note that when Sterling Hayden enters the store to buy a suitcase you can clearly read on the marquee of the club next door that Lenny Bruce is appearing at the club.

Traffic (2000)
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Predictable and Overrated!, 7 February 2001

In my twenty years of movie going this movie is the first I have ever walked out of. I am convinced that critics are given a payoff to rave about some movies, and this is one of them.

The back and forth camera action from city to city was very annoying. It made me dizzy! I have seen many other movies execute this directing skill in a much better way.

The movie was so predictable that I am convinced that I know the ending of it, without ever staying to see it.

If there is one thing that could be praised about this worthless piece of garbage is the performance of Benicio Del Toro. Benecio is really coming into his own as an actor and in a short time he should be a major Hollywood player.

So what is the conclusion. Let the drug attics go see this movie maybe it will do them good. I don't think the average clean-cut citizen will have a good word to say about the picture, especially the sex scene that Douglas's 16 year old daughter engages in!

Car Wash (1976)
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It might not be Hamlet but It's a Classic, 6 December 2000

I am only 21 years old and have lived in New Jersey all of my life. I never experienced the 1970's nor have I been lucky enough to live in southern California. This movie gives me the best of both worlds, to me this movie represents southern California during the 1970's as it truly is meant to be. It's not about young rich white guys going surfing, or the limelight of Hollywood it just shows you a common everyday struggle of a man trying to make an honest buck in sunny southern California in the 1970's. The movie uses both humor and realism to make it's point. One thing that is a mystery to me about this movie is that for some reason as time has passed Danny Devito's role in the movie has vanished. A great movie that will stand the test of time!

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The Greatest Series of All-Time, 7 March 2000

Some might say the greatest television series of all-time is I Love Lucy, or The Honeymooners but for this recliner critic it has to be The White Shadow. The White Shadow focused on urban problems of high school kids while at the same time teaching the viewer ethics and morals and how to shoot a jump shot. It's sad to see that The White Shadow has fallen out of television's limelight, it is almost impossible to find an episode anymore. I believe if The White Shadow was seen by the kids of today it would be more popular than ever before. The NBA has probably taken over football and baseball as the most popular sport in America so why not let The White Shadow in on some of the exposure. It's a really great show and it will live in this viewer's mind all the way to the boneyard. I also want to answer the lifelong question that this show has posed, Tim Van-Patten(Salami) is actually Dick Van-Patten's brother and not son.

The Best Football Movie Ever!, 29 November 1999

I want to be the first to post a postive review for this film, because it definely deserves one. Before seeing this movie I was under the impression that North Dallas Forty couldn't be topped as the best football movie ever. This is a roller coaster of a movie, brilliantly directed by Oliver Stone. Al Pacino adds to his legendary acting career by giving another over the top performance. Great cast, I'll even throw LL COOL J a bone by saying that he was fantastic in the film. This is certainly a wonderful movie to end the century with. SEE THIS MOVIE!