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Dark Star (1974)
Plenty to Entertain, 3 September 2006

A interesting idea for a Science Fiction film and one that should be praised for it's innovation and boldness. The look of the film is obviously low budget which will definitely put some viewers off and the special effects may be rudimentary looking back but it would be harsh to criticise the film in any way for that.

It's the little things about the film that I liked the most. The astronauts displayed as hippies and slackers was a great idea and a world away from the clean-cut, professionals from the bulk of most science fiction. The humour was okay, perhaps not laugh out loud funny but amusing nonetheless. The beach ball alien scene bordered on slapstick and was a well filmed routine. However I think some scenes dragged at times which isn't a good sign for a film clocking in under 90 minutes.

There's themes of isolation and loneliness in there, makes statements on male relationships, questions life itself, carries the torch of HAL from 2001 and adds a new spin on it. There's all kind of readings that can be made and because of this I think it's a film that stands up to repeat viewings and deserves it's cult status. It will require a patient viewer but is well worth a watch.

A question of forgiveness, 10 August 2006

An interesting film that asks a lot of questions of the viewer. Kevin Bacon puts in a decent performance and plays it ambiguously enough to make you unaware whether he is likable or not. I'm not sure he shakes off his fame though and perhaps an unknown actor could have made the performance more effective. He strives to be 'normal' as he says himself in the movie and tries to re-adjust to life outside of prison. The relationship between Walter and Vicki however is disappointing and not very convincing. The scenes between the two are slow at best and dull at worst.

One of the surprises for me from the film was the performance of Mos Def. The few scenes he are in are some of the most powerful in the movie and he plays the role with just enough emotion. Again the relationship between him and Bacon's Walter asks more questions of the viewer. Do we support the police harassment of Walter or do we sympathise with Walter? If the same situation happened in real life would we react any differently? The ending was a little too comfortable for my liking but the scene on the park bench was very impressive and brilliantly written and performed. Considering it was a play, it has been adapted for film easily and though the running time is just under 90 minutes it's about the right length. There were avenues that the film could have gone down and I think it shied away from certain debates at points. However this is a film about forgiveness more than anything else and how the characters deal with forgiveness (even Walter himself) make for a provoking and important film.

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Much better than the first one, 14 October 2000

I thought Wayne's World 2 was much funnier than the first one. The jokes are much better as is the storyline which is unusual for a sequel. I think this is one of Mike Myers best ever films and probably the funniest he's ever been in. The great thing is, you don't even have to watch the first film to understand what goes on in the second film either. A fantastic film full of great jokes and if you don't laugh, you can't be human.

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Great show that was stopped too early, 14 October 2000

They used to put this show on in the middle of the night in England but it was well worth staying up for. With great storylines and some brilliant onscreen chemistry between Peter Horton and John Glover, this deserved another series. It is not often a show comes along which is action-packed, funny, serious and intriguing all at the same time but Brimstone was. If they ever repeat it, keep an eye out for it, you won't be disappointed.

A brilliant film, 14 October 2000

I thought this film was brilliant. You can always trust the Coens to make great films and they don't let you down with this one. A nice little adventure with great acting from all involved. Also has a good soundtrack with many catchy little tunes on it. One of the greatest films of the year.

Road Trip (2000)
Pretty good but Tom Green stole the show., 14 October 2000

A pretty good film with quite a few funny moments but Tom Green was without a doubt the funniest person in it. Though he's not in it much, when he is it's hilarious. A good young cast however who all did well with a storyline that's impressive. Worth seeing if you're into American-college-teenagers type of movies and want a good laugh.